Read & Download Ultra Maniac Vol 1 ☆ eBook ePUB or Kindle PDF

Read & Download Ultra Maniac Vol 1

Read & Download Ultra Maniac Vol 1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Ultra Maniac Vol 1 Author Wataru Yoshizumi – Nina Sakura isn't exactly your typical teenage girl She's actually a transfer student from a witch school in another dimension Now living in Nina Sakura isn't exactly your typical teenage girl She's actually a transfer student from a wit. Review for the complete seriesAyu is regarded as the cool girl at school an image she'd like to maintain But once she meets the bumbling exchange student Nina she seems to stumble from one embarrassing incident to the next Not only is Nina clumsy but she also turns out to be a witch One missed spell leads to another and soon Ayu's school life is in chaosUltra Maniac is the only fantasy story this author has written so far And it's a shame too This author likes adding some crazy things to her stories which I always find hard to swallow Adding magic to the story is a simple but clean way to deal with that issue this was one of her few works where I did not feel as though I had to ignore my disbelief Ayu and Nina are both great characters Nina was particularly cute and the way she always wants to help people is very loveable I loved how their friendship developed Ayu was uite stand offish in the beginning and one can see how she grows to really care about Nina throughout the story even to the point of giving up something that is dear to her for the sake of her friend While the author did a great job with portraying their friendship I found the romance less convincing I actually liked that romance took a backseat and that the main focus was on the friendship and magic Nonetheless I wish the romance was handled differently It starts off uite nice and natural I like how the characters slowly notice each other rather than falling in love too fast But while the romance was really slow during the first few volumes it turned fast very suddenly in the final volume I could see the romance budding but then it just took off like a rocket and I found it hard to comprehendSeeing as the romance was really not the main point though I can't complain too much The magic system was never explored all that much I think it would have been nice to know a little about the Magic Kingdom The comedy is much in the style of Yoshizumi and very enjoyable the art is also adorable and just nice to look at

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Ch school in another dimension Now living in Japan Nina is hoping to improve her GPA make Ultra. Wataru Yoshizumi's Ultra Maniac Vol 01 is beautifully illustrated The protagonists Ayu and Nina are both likable and endearing There is a lot of humour in this volume which I enjoy and I hope this carries through to future volumes which I look forward to reading I think fans of the Pixie Pop series would probably enjoy this series as well I know I did but I'm kind of into all of that too sweet might give yourself a toothache cuteness

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Ultra Maniac Vol 1Maniac PDFEPUB or some new friends and spin a few love spells for her unsuspecting new classmate. This is a review on the entire seriesI have read this manga a long time ago but it was so awesome I decided to review it I love magical girl manga as they almost always promise to be cute and fun reads Ultra Maniac did not disappoint This manga was cute funny and uick read that I enjoyed very very muchThe characters are all very cute funny and uniue They all had their own funny personalities Nina and Ayu were really fun to read about and Nina's magical mishaps and the situations she got the two girls in were hilarious and sometimes just strange I love the contrasting personalities of Ayu and Nina Nina is carefree awhile Ayu is shy and cares about how she appears The two boys in the manga were good characters and had their own flaws as well I really enjoyed reading about the growing relationship between the characters throughout the storyThe story was very silly and cute Ultra Maniac focuses mainly on the friendship between Nina and Ayu and the awkward situations Nina gets them into This was really surprising to me as most shojo manga I have read is mostly about the relationship between the boy and the girl There are boyfriends involved still and the way the relationships were done were pretty darn good I loved how the manga did not have a love triangle like most shojo manga I read and focuses on the relationship between one boy and girl The couples were all cute and pretty perfectalthough not perfectly perfectThe art was amazing The art was not as cutesy as I expected for a shojo but it is still detailed and cute I was surprised about how different the characters looked from each other as I am used to struggling finding out who is who in a shojo They all had their own distinct character design and I could recognize the characters easilyUltra Maniac was a very enjoyable and cute manga that I would recommend to anyone who likes the magical girl genre