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Munich Airport Free download Ý 0 Ó ❆ Munich Airport kindle Epub ❤ Author Greg Baxter – An American living in London receives a phone call from a German policewoman telling him the nearly inconceivable news that his sister Miriam has been found dead in her Berlin apartment — from starv An American liviGbound Munich Airport where Miriam's coffin is set to be loaded onto a commercial jet and returned to AmericaGreg Baxter's bold mesmeric novel tells the story of these three people over the course of three weeks as they wait for Miriam's body to be released grieve over her incomprehensible death and try to possess a share of her sufferi. Dismal Adrift Self destructive Nearly All the characters are depicted this way in the book but why Not explained I appreciate the new experience of the writing The story is told or revealed by the main character’s continual consciousness; wherever his meandering mind took him zig zagging between thoughts and stories both past and present Usually I say go ahead it’s different see what you think In this case I say it’s bleak enter at own risk You’ve been warned

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An American living in London receives a phone call from a German policewoman telling him the nearly inconceivable news that his sister Miriam has been found dead in her Berlin apartment from starvation Three weeks later the man his father and an American consular official named Trish find themselves in the bizarre surroundings of a fo. I was given this book for free by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review for the publisherI love a depressing book and if you are looking for a read that makes you feel empty and depraved this is it Munich Airport takes place entirely in the setting indicated by the title where the main character and his father are waiting for a delayed plane The family is in Munich to pick up the body of the sister who has died of starvation an illness that becomes a central metaphor in the novel While in the airport the main character continually flashes back to experiences that occurred during his childhood and throughout the several weeks that they spent in Munich while waiting for the body to be released One primary strength of the novel is the writing Well written with imaginative and clever prose Munich Airport is skillfully composed At times however it read a bit like an MFA thesis too many devices compiled one after anotherAnother strength of the novel is the depiction of the main character’s thoughts Although another reader may perceive this entirely differently in my opinion the main character arrived in Berlin as a rather normal professional adult Although grieving he appeared sane educated and practical However the longer he spends in Berlin with his father the he seems to lose his mind By the end the main character strongly resembles the character from American Psycho I couldn’t stop comparing the two characters and the I read the the resemblance increased His thoughts are erratic and his actions are unpredictable In this way the theme of starvation or perhaps deprivation is a better way to think of it arises throughout the novel The sister has literally starved herself to death dying of malnutrition after admitting that she enjoys the sense of control that not eating affords her While the reader grapples with the sister’s physical starvation the minds of the other characters are examined and found wanting Starved of happiness and comfort the characters experience existence as painful and agonizing I’m not sure if the formatting of the novel was faulty due to it being an ebook and not the final version at that but the flashbacks were not clearly indicated in the text Normally a novel that contains flashbacks especially this many would designate these memories by white space; however this book moves in between time periods without any visual indication of the change I found this confusing at times although I was able to find my way so long as I paid close attentionLike I said I love a depressing book and this one gets a B in that arena But it gets a C for development of plot I don’t need an action packed read but this was a bit too slow at several times

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Munich AirportNg and her yearning and grace MUNICH AIRPORT is a novel for our time a work of richness gravity and dark humor Following his acclaimed American debut MUNICH AIRPORT marks the establishment of Greg Baxter as an important new voice in literature one who has already drawn comparisons to masters such as Kafka Camus Bernhard and Murakami. Just finished this book Initially I found it hard to get into this book but once I got into it it became compelling The author's writing style is unusual in that there are no chapters and he does not use inverted commas to denote speechI think the way I view this book is that it is like a slice of the main protagonists life and at times his stream of consciousness There is not clear structure with many flashbacks The end is abrupt with no real sense of resolution or ending Nonetheless I found this to be be a thought provoking read with themes such as family identity mental health and ultimately the meaning of life to the fore I think I liked the concentration on seemingly mundane events and interactionsthe characters were well Drawn not always likeable and the motivation behind their actions not always clear Overall I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it but be prepared to stick with it and go with the rather unusual flow The point of the bookI feel is the detail of day to day stuff and the uality of human relationships rather than a conventional story with a beginning middle and an end