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FREE DOC ☆ READER The Darkest Prison ☆ ´ C.S. MCCLELLAN ¶ [Epub] ➟ The Darkest Prison Author C.S. McClellan – 12000 word short story Psychological horror When Brian Carstairs is convicted for a murder he didn't commit he is left free to walk the streets if he 12000 word short story Psychological horror When Brian Carstairs is convicted for a murder he didn't commit he is left free to walk the streets if he dares But first he 4 crazy horrific yet gripping starsThis book is definitely NOT for the faint hearted The darkness and depravity involved in this story is beyond any depraved thoughts I ever care to imagine actually occurring in real life Murderers face the penalty of people treating them as if they don't exist The life of a Null as they are called is to become nothing no face status or value in society To even imagine an existence like that is beyond anything we as humans want to think about Even as a form of punishment we would admit to not wanting the disturbing things which happen in this book to happen to a human being no matter what they had done view spoilerI found it harder the fact that he was innocent of the murder yet nobody believed him and he suffered immensely as a result hide spoiler

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Will have no rights He will become prey hunted for sport To the rest of the world he'll no longer be human; he will be the thing used to frighten naughty children A Nu This wasn't the standout for me that it was for others I did think it was written well but the ideas in here weren't anything new for me Nicely done though

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The Darkest PrisonMust undergo the process that will turn him into a man without a face For the rest of his life for however long he manages to live he will be hiding in the shadows He Wow this shorty packs a punch The gist here is that violent criminals are now dealt with by turning them into Nulls This transition is done over the course of a few months where the prisoner's identity is completely erased Everything is taken away All facial features removed and a permanant mask installed to name just a few of the alterations The Nulls are then set free where most citizens are armed with devices that can painfully shock the prisoner Unfortunately homeless people and the other Nulls are not willing to help either for the most part So it is only a matter of time before the prisoner's life is somehow extinguished either due to starvationmalnutrition or by the hands of Hunters who are citizens who go out hunting for Nulls This story is about one such Null Brian who was wrongly incarcerated for murdering his wife It tells of his ordeal and what he endured through his transition It is short but tells so much in that short time The details are vivid and put you right into the cell alteration rooms and streets with Brian It was difficult not to feel for him and his plight and very hard not to be happy about the ending