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review ´ Operation Rhino Animal Healer #5 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ [Ebook] ➫ Operation Rhino Animal Healer #5 ➪ Lauren St. John – The final African adventure in Lauren St John's award winning WHITE GIRAFFE seriesWhen the rhinos at Sawubona Game Reserve are aHiding a precious secret one that must be guarded from the poachers at all costs When the secret gets out Martine and Ben find themselves in the fight of their lives to save one of the rarest animals on earth But who can they trus. TouchingThis book is so amazing and heart warming Just sad that it is the last one in the series 😢

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Astated but determined to help Martine and Ben agree to take the rhino baby to a sanctuary near the mysterious Golden Gate Highlands National Park Rhino Animal Healer PDF #186 a place where dinosaurs once walkedBut the sanctuary is. Fabulous story for the 9 12yo set Mystery adventure emotional turmoil sadness with a hint of animal preservation information I was team facilitator for a reading competition that included the book so I had to read the book However I'm glad I did because now I recommend it to our year 5 7 students who have been enjoying it too

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Operation Rhino Animal Healer #5The final African adventure in Animal Healer Kindle #213 Lauren St John's award winning WHITE GIRAFFE seriesWhen the rhinos at Sawubona Game Reserve are attacked the poachers leave behind a Operation Rhino PDFEPUBterrified calf Dev. Lauren St John's wonderful Operation Rhino is the fifth book in The White Giraffe series a welcome return for young conservationist heroes Martine and Ben It's an astounding feat of storytelling for children a book that deals unflinchingly with rhino poaching but is palatable for younger readers and a real page turnerFirst and foremost it is a love letter to an ancient species on the brink She shows rhinos to be not only highly sympathetic victims of man's greed but also loveable creatures that are existing an terrifyingly small numbers by grace of a few honourable individuals in the face of almost over whelming odds Her narrative on poaching is well researched and intelligent and obviously comes from the perspective of a long time wild life campaigner who cares passionately about her subject It is an unblinking portrayal of the brutality and tragic absurdity of the trade in rhino horn At the same time fans of Martine's particular combination of charming flawed very human child super hero won't be disappointed There is a subtle narrative about being influenced against your better judgement by fame and beauty that most younger readers will find it easy to identify with Ben and Martine's maturing and complex relationship as they worry about their transition to high school is also beautifully played out And there are new interesting friends tooThis is a flawless piece of writing for 8 12 year olds and a perfect addition to a classic children's series