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Darkness Darkness Resnick 12 Free download Á 100 ´ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Darkness Darkness Resnick 12 By John Harvey ➤ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The final DI Charlie Resnick novel from the Cartier Diamond Dagger winner and Sunday Times bestselling author of Cold in Hand Thirty years ago the Miners' Strike threateThe final DI Charlie Resnick novel from the Cartier Diamond Dagger winner and Sunday Times bestselling author of Cold in Hand Thirty years ago the Miners' Strike threatened to tear the country apart Darkness Darkness PDF or turning neighbour against neighbour husband agains. I have clear memories of 1984 and seeing scenes of carnage as the police and miners clashed I was a child at the time The miners' strike is such a wonderful setting for a crime novel and I completely applaud authors who use it as a backdrop The political and social tensions of the time and the sad decline of the coal industry and mining communities was the end result A different time when the country was dividedThis is the first John Harvey novel I have read It's a shame when you read a novel featuring a rather interesting detective character to see its the last in a series I felt very drawn to Charlie Resnick and got a little insight into the man he wasThe plot was just brilliant with the narrative alternating between the present day and 1984 A skeleton was found and identified as a woman who had gone missing in 1984 She is mother and strike supporter Jenny Hardwick Slowly Resnick and DI Catherine Njoroge the lead on the case find out the truth Gritty sad and beautifully written I just loved it Social history and crime merged into a lovely impressive read I will have to read the rest of this series now

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T wife father against son enmities which smoulder still Resnick recently made up to inspector and ambivalent at best about some of the police tactics had run an information gathering unit at the heart of the dispute Now in virtual retirement and still grieving over the viol. The last of the series 6 years have passed since Lynn Kellogg's murder and Charlie has retired only to be taken back as a civilian investigator Then a skeleton is uncovered during the demolition of some disused miner's houses The body is identified as that of a woman who disappeared during the 1984 miner's strike At the time the thought was that she had run off from a loveless marriage Charlie is co opted as a helper onto the team tasked to investigate as he had been involved in the very emotive and at times bitter strike which was a full on clash between Margaret Thatcher's government and Arthur Scargill the miner's leader Throughout story follows the investigation with Charlie calling in favours from old time colleagues most of which are retired Jenny's story as the victim which finds her becoming involved in an active role with the unions which involved speaking at rallies and couriering money being distributed to the strikers after the union bank accounts had been frozen this did actually occur and her relationship with her husband and a young miner down to Nottinghamshire from YorkshireA side story is the new Detective leading the investigation and her abusive boyfriend Charlie is just a sad shadow of the man in the previous stories and he rather drifts through the book mostly looking on as a bagman Something of a come down The story itself was good enough and the blend of fact and fiction over the strike was good but the ending came abruptly and lacked continuity of plot felt as if John Harvey had had enough at this pointI could only give this one 2 stars

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Darkness Darkness Resnick 12Ent death of his former partner the discovery of the body of a young woman who disappeared during the Strike brings Resnick back to the front line to assist in the investigation into the woman's murder forcing him to confront his past in what will assuredly be his last case. All good things eventually come to an end And unfortunately that time has come for the excellent Charlie Resnick series as well In this last novel in which the superb detective and jazz enthusiast appears he is of course retired as an active cop and is sitting behind a desk reviewing cold cases Then a skeleton is found and the SIO enlists Charlie to assist in the investigation because he was present on the scene 30 years before during the historical coal miners’ strike and could provide the team with background knowledge and then someCharlie’s guess which is soon confirmed is that the remains are those of a woman who went missing at the time The inuiry proceeds along several lines none of which seem to pan out But Charlie and the SIO continue on doggedly following each dead end lead After 30 years this is not unexpected and the higher ups would not be disappointed if the investigation would end without a result just fade away But that’s not Charlie’s way or that of the SIOThe author lived and worked in the area during the strike observing the lives of the workers and their families lending a strong authenticity to the background of the story which alternates between that time and the present “Darkness“s a fitting conclusion to one of the best crime series ever to appear and is highly recommended