Free download Biography of Linus Torvalds é PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download Biography of Linus Torvalds

Free download Biography of Linus Torvalds é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [BOOKS] ⚣ Biography of Linus Torvalds By Abdul Montaqim – ABOUT THE BOOK Linus Torvalds is considered in Europe the United States and beyond to be one of the most important people of the pastOd restaurants He also loves gardening fishing and going for long walks EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Linus Benedict Torvalds was born on Decemberin Helsinki Finland His family was part of Finlands Swedish speaking minority which represents around percent of Finlands million population Both his parentsAnna and Nils Torvaldsare journalists who were radical activists during their student days at the University of Helsinki in the s Nils who was a communist in the early days has since somewhat moderated his views he now combines politics with journalism and won election to Helsinki City Council for the termNilss father Ole was a poet who won literary awards for his work during the s and then later in the s The family is believed to have named their computer genius progeny Linus after the American Nobel prize winning scientist and peace activist Linus Pauling But Torvalds himself once said I think I was named eually for Linus the Peanuts cartoon character adding that this makes him half Nobel prize winning chemist and half blanket carrying cartoon character Its likely that this is yet evidence of Torvaldss modesty and self deprecating nature.

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ABOUT THE BOOK Linus Torvalds is considered in Europe the United States and beyond to be one of the most important people of the past years Some people even call him a revolutionary hero Why Because Torvalds is the inventor and chief architect of Linux a computer language that has gained worldwide acceptance and popularity Linux forms the basis of a computer operating system in the same respect that DOS forms the basis of Biography of ePUB #9734 Microsoft Windows or UNIX forms the basis of the Apple Mac operating system Torvalds is also credited with other inventions such as the Git system for revision controlwhich he developed as a way to keep track of all the changes happening to Linux which has become way too massive a project for one person to manage Git is essentially a file system for large software projects according to Torvalds MEET THE AUTHOR Abdul Montaim is a journalist based in London and has been working in the media since Among the well known titles he has written for are The Guardian newspaper Time Out magazine and the International Business Times website He has edited a number of local and community newspapers ma.

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Biography of Linus TorvaldsGazines and websites and has over the course of his career worked for some of the largest publishers in Europe including Emap LLP and Mirror Group Newspapers Abdul has also worked outside of the United Kingdom moving to Abu Dhabi for a year to work on the first national daily newspaper in United Arab Emirates The National and he has consulted for media companies in Bangladesh where he was born Abdul briefly worked for a New York headuartered cable television channel called AsiaNet as a news editor and realised that although he loves researching writing and other technical parts of a journalist's job he does not like presenting preferring to be behind the camera or back in the studio He also realised that although reporting a story through the medium of television is obviously different from telling it through a newspaper or magazine the heart and mind of every media company is researching and writing In his spare time Abdul likes to spend time with his family cooking eating watching films listening to music reading and writing When he goes out he likes to watch movies at the best cinemas see live music performances and eat at go.