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Murder in the Garden of GodIthin minutes of his election the mild mannered doddering old man becomes a wrathful spirit unleashing a torrent of revenge across Italy on all those involved in his nephew’s murder Rich in the descriptions of contemporary sources this riveting true story transports the readers into the beauty and brutality of a lost era and an intriguing tragedy of Shakespearean proportio. The UK publisher released an updated paperback version of this book last May and they kindly sent me a copy in the mail for review All opinions written here are my own and in no way compromised by receiving a free copy of the bookI will keep this spoiler free because I think it's a really interesting book about a small part of history very few people may have heard of before I love history and historical fiction especially about royals and authority figures like the Pope This book follows a young woman Vittoria Accoramboni who makes the bad decision to leave her kind and loving husband to become a duchess instead This mistake leads to many forms of punishment and restraint but along the way we also learn a lot about Cardinal Montalto who later becomes Pope Sixtus V I had actually never heard of this Pope until reading this book but you'd probably be surprised to learn that he had a large part in making Rome the way we see it today Read my full spoiler free review here

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Ted eight years for Pope Gregory XIII to die so that her husband’s uncle Cardinal Montalto could become the new pope and bring the family untold power and riches But Pope Gregory seemed like he was never going to die Had in the Garden PDFEPUB #195 she grown tired of waitingWhen the pope finally does die in Cardinal Montalto indeed becomes the new Vicar of Christ Sixtus V W. I really enjoyed this Sixtus V is a fascinating person and the people in his orbit are enough to fill several books The author has a fantastic way with words and the book is immensely readable It follows on neatly from Caroline P Murphy's Murder of a Medici Princess here is the truly awful Paulo Giordano Orsini again but this time he gets his just desserts The women in the story are less 'complete' than the men due mainly I suppose to a lack of historical record of them but Vittoria and Camilla have a full life here nonetheless This is well worth a read

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characters Ð Murder in the Garden of God ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð [PDF / Epub] ☉ Murder in the Garden of God ❤ Eleanor Herman – On April 17 1581 shots ring out in a Roman garden and a young man falls dead in an ambush Within days a powerful baron weds the loveOn Aprilshots ring out the Garden PDF #201 in a Roman garden and a young man falls dead in an ambush Within days a powerful baron weds the lovely widow Everyone knows the baron ordered the hit But how much did the victim’s wife know Vittoria Accoramboni the most beautiful girl in Murder in PDFEPUBRome chafed under the financial limitations of her husband’s family She wai. Wow what a read what a story Ms Herman's previous works provided me with many hours of entertainment and some learning so i knew I wouldn't be 100% disappointed if i picked this one upand I'm very glad I didFor sure the story and characters themselves are than half the reason why this is a great read Madness Passion Greed Love Religion Power Money and ultimately Life and Death populate these pages in the same of aahemjuicy story frankly way better than any modern day soap opera taking the reader on some time travelling to Rome and Italy mid 16th centuryEleanor Herman here is the story teller of old picking up the people whose deeds guaranteed them a infamous spot in history and made them absolutely larger than life and weaving together all known facts and some degree of speculation to make this an engaging book and a thoroughly fascinating readI highly recommend this one to fans of Ms Herman's work and any history buffs out there that like their facts with just the right modern day interference to make the read flow seamlessly and the enjoyment even greaterHappy Readings