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Outline By Rachel CuA woman writer goes to Athens in the height of summer to teach a writing course Though her own circumstances remain indistinct she becomes the audience to a chain of narratives as the people she meets tell her one after another the stories of their livesBeginning with the neighbouring passenger on the flight out and his tales of fast boa Damn you Rachel Cusk This book was absolutely infuriating As I was reading it I kept telling myself that I hated it And so I burned through it in a a little than 24 hours It bears little resemblance to any other novel I've ever read The characters seem vague and unformed but they come through with periodic startling observations about life and human nature that hit me like a punch in the stomach The star system here on Goodreads is totally useless for this book Yeah it's probably completely useless for every book in truth but that's another discussion I gave it four stars What does that mean? Nothing I hated it and loved it Full of wisdom and completely meaningless Irritating and boring but a page turner And just like the book my review makes no sense

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Certain themes begin to emerge the experience of loss the nature of family life the difficulty of intimacy and the mystery of creativity itself Outline is a novel about writing and talking about self effacement and self expression about the desire to create and the human art of self portraiture in which that desire finds its universal fo 5 “pristine refreshing clear” stars 2016 Bronze Award Third Favorite Read Tie I am a man that resides in the world of emotion They are here with me always and are always acute not in the background Emotions often make me soar to the heavens or shiver in delight but other times they make me flounder weigh me down like the experience of walking in the cold snow with a hole in my boot that leaves my precious foot frigid and lonelyI am unsure why the last paragraph came to my consciousness as I write a review of this sparkling intelligent and mesmerizing book This is an unusual novel that very successfully describes the process of thinking that in many ways is antithetical to my own psychological processesThis is a book about thought in its clearest and purest form Emotion is not experienced really but rather described in a way that uenched my thirst and helped me navigate my inner wildernessI had to read this book in such small sections as I wanted to savor each and every sentence that was so carefully crafted and became a miniature portrait of beauty in its simplest forms Ms Cusk is a photographer of thought and insight and she captures stills that really are too uick for the human eye or the rather the mind’s eye to see For the person that is thought based this would lead to interest and enlightenment but for somebody that is emotion based it leads for me to the heights of passion a sense of wonder and at other times brief despair Ms Cusk’s prose however rescues me and makes me shake in wonder with respect that her creative mind can distill with such clarity and wisdom many truths about relationships personal histories and the everyday minutiae of life Minutiae and details that really should not be overlooked but relished for there are so many and in each one there is a profoundness that can lead a thoughtful person to create a work of philosophy and an emotional one to either spiritual fervor or the elicitation of rarer emotions such as ecstasy and wonderAs I write this I almost feel that I am channeling part of Ms Cusk in an alternate form as the words are whirring out faster and faster onto this page Her work makes me feel lighter beautiful and that my own personal story is important not just to myself but also perhaps to you the reader I cannot expect to be understood but through small conversations I can connect to you and clarify and see the world in its lightness its darkness and its momentary illusionsI know by reading this review that you do not know what this book is about but I hope that these sentences convey my immense respect my desire for insights and my thankfulness that this novel has been created This is not only on my familiar emotional level but also through my written thoughts and reflectionsThis book is not about conversations as many reviewers have stated but a series of solilouies that interact merge expand and sometimes dieThank you Ms Cusk I want so much of your prose that I am aching with longing I am thirsty for thought already and again

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PDF ✓ BOOK Outline By Rachel Cusk ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY è ❴Reading❵ ➷ Outline Author Rachel Cusk – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A woman writer goes to Athens in the height of summer to teach a writing course Though her own circumstances remain indistinct she becomes the audience to a chain ofTs and failed marriages the storytellers talk of their loves and ambitions and pains their anxieties their perceptions and daily lives In the stifling heat and noise of the city the seuence of voice begins to weave a complex human tapestry The they talk the elliptical their listener becomes as she shapes and directs their accounts until Mellifluous with a beautifully honed thematic core The tone nimbly alternates between black despair and forlornness and subtle humor If EM Forster excelled at intrusive narrators always commenting on events Rachel Cusk’s narrator here might be called unintrusive for the way she hangs back and let’s others speak One of the walking wounded herself her damage manifests itself in a kind of unuestioning passivity She’s going through the motionsThe narrator is an unnamed divorced woman English a writer of middle age who is in Athens one hot summer to teach a writing workshop A key motif here is of looking back and seeing that for many years you lived your life almost unconsciously that time then simply elapsed and in retrospect you see it as freedom yes but you also see it as unfocused almost rambling free style in essence—and this is something a mindset a way of being you could not adopt today if you tried such being the indelibility of experience “When I looked at the family on the boat I saw a vision of what I no longer had I saw something in other words that wasn’t there Those people were living in their moment and though I could see it I could no return to that moment than I could walk across the water that separated us And of those two ways of living—living in the moment and living outside it—which is the real?” p 75Later we meet a woman Elena who says “Very often I have felt that my relationships have no story and the reason is because I have jumped ahead of myself the way I used to turn the pages of a book to find out what happens in the final chapter I want to know everything straight away I want to know the content without living through the time span” p 191 Here too is someone living outside the moment rather than in it Since reading the book is the moment we live for Thus Elena deprives her relationships of their essence so busy is she trying to head off any surprises any pain This is a brilliant novel It’s astonishingly fresh It reminds me in its compression and economy—not its style nor its themes—of a few other exuisite books including Ernest Hemingway’s best novel The Sun Also Rises Per Petterson’s stark Out Stealing Horses and Willa Cather’s terse frontier fable My Ántonia