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Read & Download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á George Pelecanos Short stories and a novella from one of crime fiction's most revered writersGeorge Pelecanos gets inside the minds and hearts of a cast of indelible characters from the adoptive parents of Spero Lucas trying to expand and redefine their family to a young boy involved in a drug deal gone bad to a s immigrant dishwasher facing down a corrupt Pinkerton agent In the novella The Martini Shot Pelecanos takes readers behind the scenes of a cable TV cop show where a writer gets caught up in The Martini PDFEPUBdrama real than anything in a script Crackling with energy these stories bring readers to a new understanding of humanity modern life and cir. Pelecanos is undeniably one of my favorite authors so of course I had to jump headfirst into this newly released collection of his short fiction although I was already familiar with some of the stories Fellow fans of the author will find many of his usual strengths on display here his knack for creating flawed but sympathetic characters his way with dialogue and the potent atmosphere that he's able to convey in his urban DC environments One of the best examples of this is the first story in the collection and possibly one of Pelecanos's best pieces The Confidential Informant It's about an aging nobody who still lives with his parents and becomes a CI for a local detective It's a tale filled with an air of sadness as the main character is still desperate for his parent's approval and he believes that he's finally found his calling as a snitch Another story that's just as good String Music follows a teen streetball player who struggles to find a balance between being tough and being smart on the street It was also refreshing reading String Music during the current atmosphere in the US between the public and police officers The character of Sergeant Peters is everything that a good cop should be He's in touch with the community that he polices and has a relationship with people there So instead of seeing the neighborhood as a place to flex his power and bust heads he sees it as a place to protect So kudos to Pelecanos for writing a cop character that can stand as an example for the real ones These two stories feature some of the best writing that he has doneOne of the things that's always struck me about Pelecanos is the fact that he's probably the only non black novelist who has a talent for constantly writing complex honest and fully realized black characters from the inner city This can be credited not only to the fact that he's lived all of his life in Chocolate City but to what seems to be an acute sensitivity to the people and world around him It's something I've noticed in all of his work He can be described the same way the social worker in the short story Chosen describes Van and Eleni Lucas Spero Lucas's adopted parents who adopt two African American boys he never feels over earnest or trying too hard to be multicultural His work feels genuine unlike someone like uentin Tarantino who always seems to be trying too hardMost of the stories are solid with the title novella being the weak link The story is filled with tons of unnecessary detail about the inner workings of a movie set to the point where most readers would lose interest I got a kick out of it because I work in that industry and it was fun to see it written very accurately but it did make the story much longer than it needed to be At first I couldn't understand the main character's motivations for looking into the death of another crew member but by the end his motivations are revealed and they're pretty interesting The ending was satisfying but the novella would have made a better short story I wouldn't recommend readers new to Pelecanos to start here but it's a great necessary addition to his work and would definitely recommend it to fans I took the ball and dribbled it up I knew what I was gonna do knew exactly where I was gonna go with it knew wasn't nobody out there could stop me I wasn't thinkin about Wallace or the stoop of my mom's shoulders or which nigga was gonna be lookin to fuck my baby sister and I wasn't thinkin on no job or college test or my future or nothin like that I was concentratin on droppin that pill through the hole Watching myself doin it before I did Out here in the sunshine every dark thing far away Runnin ball like I do

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Read & Download The Martini Shot ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [KINDLE] ✽ The Martini Shot Author George Pelecanos – Short stories and a novella from one of crime fiction's most revered writersGeorge Pelecanos gets inside the minds and hearts of a cast of indelible characters from the ad Miami to Brazil only to be thrown off his game by a kid from the local slum An aging loser takes a last stab at respectability by becoming a police informant A Greek American couple adopts an interracial trio of sons and then struggles to keep their family together giving us a stirring bit of background on one of Pelecanos' most beloved protagonists Spero Lucas In the title novella which takes its name from Hollywood slang for the last shot of the day the one that comes before the liuor shots begin we go behind the scenes of a television cop show where a writer gets caught up in a drama real than anything he could have conjured for a script. Have I said before that I love Pelecanos I might have That aside this book was somewhat disappointing Most of the short stories were pretty good with a couple being well above average However the novella THE MARTINI SHOT was just a step above awful Pelecanos should not write sex scenes He's not good at it His sex scenes actually make me laugh He writes noir mysteries like nobody's business In fact I'd go so far as to say he's one of the 5 or 6 best doing it today but PLEASE leave the sex alone

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The Martini ShotCumstances that stack the deck against people who are just trying to make a decent life for themselves Gritty sexy fast paced humane THE MARTINI SHOT is Pelecanos at his very bestWhether they're cops or conmen savage killers or creative types gangsters or God fearing citizens George Pelecanos' characters are always engaged in a fight for their lives They fight to advance or simply to survive they fight against odds against enemies even against themselves In this his first collection of stories the acclaimed novelist introduces readers to a vivid and eclectic cast of combatantsA seasoned claims investigator tracks a supposedly dead man from. George Pelecanos has been on my radar for a short time now seeing his name mentioned off and on as being a screenwriter for ‘The Wire’ and also a crime novelnoir writer of many novels so when GoodReads offered this short story collection with the title novella The Martini Shot included as an ARC giveaway I thought it would be a good introduction to his catalog Being his first published collection of short stories I must admit that I was enad by the uniue narratives and open ended style that I enjoyed so much from my trek into the world of Raymond Carver earlier this yearThroughout each short story there seems to be an underlying darkness not necessarily transparent in the beginning but brought to light as it comes to a halt with the writer’s punctuation mark; you are left to your own thoughts of why how or somewhere in betweenAs I have praised the short story collection I must also share my antipathy towards the titled novella The Martini Shot It comprises nearly 13 of the contents of said collection and fails to show any type of skill that the previous shared whether it be with creative context underlying message etc It uses just about every cliché when it comes to a story that’s perhaps part noirpart drama and tries to make itself into a harleuin romance from time to time If this is Pelecanos’s version of taking the piss he’s done a damn good job of it The best thing about it is that it’s the last story and not the first It’ll sell much better that wayWith that said it’s extremely hard for me to rate this collection as a whole considering what I’ve already said If I were to break it down the stories would receive a solid 4 star rating but I would hate to give this anything remotely so high to deceive the reader In regards to publishing this distinctive work of his would’ve been much better as a book of short stories and if someone wanted to make a few extra bucks feel free to dole out ‘The Martini Shot’ by itself Highlights include The Confidential Informant String Music and When You’re Hungry