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SUMMARY Carry Me Home Birmingham Alabama The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution

FREE READ Carry Me Home Birmingham Alabama The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub õ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Carry Me Home Birmingham Alabama The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution By Diane McWhorter – Johns-A few months later Ku Klux Klansmen retaliated by bombing the Sixteenth Me Home Birmingham PDF #180 Street Baptist Church and killing four young black girls Diane McWhorter journalist and daughter of a prominent Birmingham family weaves together police an. Terrorism bombings murders assaults sabotage and other forms of mayhem is a coward's business Only a coward would assemble a group of men to assault a single victim Only a coward would blow up a residence or church where children were present Only a coward would wear a white sheet over his face to conceal his identity while committing these crimesA coward would also support these atrocities without actually being involved in itA coward would also observe this madness know that it is wrong and then look the other way A coward would hope that even though he wasn't willing to do anything about it the atrocities would stop There's no shortage of cowards in Diane McWhorter's Carry Me Home From the perpetrators to the supporters to the enablers to the deniers the parade of cowards has no endBut there are other role players as wellTo be fair McWhorter paints a complex picture of a complicated town Birmingham Alabama in spite of its reputation is not one dimensional The bad guys don't all wear black hats The good guys don't always have pure motives Good intentions often produce unintended harm Thoughtful plans backfireThe wealthy Birmingham bulls exploit the hourly wage workers They stoke their fears and prey on their insecurities A lot of the violence is a conseuence of keeping wages low and jobs scarce The uneducated laborer doesn't hate his neighbor because of the color of his skin he's terrified by the threat of losing his livelihood to himFirst they'll take our schools then they'll take our jobs is the mantra that leads the fearful to acts of violenceTerrorism is a coward's business indeed

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The Year of Birmingham was Home Birmingham PDF #8608 a cataclysmic turning point in America's long civil rights struggle That spring child demonstrators faced down Carry Me MOBI #233 police dogs and fire hoses in huge nonviolent marches for desegregation. Carry Me Home is a thorough account of the history of the fight for civil rights in Birmingham Alabama McWhorter gives detailed background on the politics behind segregationist groups Dixiecrats and the Freedom Movement Also covered are the Freedom Rides local marches led by Martin Luther King and Fred Shuttlesworth and the various bombings in the area culminating with the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four young girls during Sunday School McWhorter wraps up with a follow up on what happened to the major players and the trials of the two remaining bombers that led to their convictions Interspersed throughout the book are the author's own recollections of these years and the part her father may or may not have played in any nefarious actsThis was a very good book and worthy of its Pulitzer Prize It was exhaustive and is very dense but very much worth the read It definitely takes you to that time and helps the reader to understand the climate and tense atmosphere of Birmingham Alabama from the early 40s through the 60s and beyond

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Carry Me Home Birmingham Alabama The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights RevolutionD Me Home Birmingham Alabama The Kindle FBI documents interviews with black activists and former Klansmen and personal memories into an extraordinary narrative of the city the personalities and the events that brought about America's second emancipation. It’s always good to be reminded of the titanic struggle bravery and courage shown by average people to achieve extraordinary results Unlike those who fight for god or country the people of the Movement fought for dignity and rights basic to every human I often think their efforts are monumentalThere were many excellent sections of this very long book The author successfully brought the Children’s March to an emotional climax She gave over do praise to hero’s like Bevel Nash and especially Shuttlesworth She provided important background to understand the City of Birmingham Unfortunately the power of the story was too often overcome by the copious details It was if she couldn’t help share every single fact she dug with obvious hardworking from the mines of history How much detail does a reader really need about the comings and goings of the slack jawed drunken yokels that made up the Alabama KlanThe story of the Civil Rights Movement is inspiring painful and necessary to hear over and over again I appreciate this perspective on one city and the part it’s varied inhabitants played in history I’m saddened to be reminded that it took the fire hosing and bombing deaths of small children to bring a majority of white Americans not likely a wide majority to the place they should have arrived 200 years before