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Black Diamonds The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty characters æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À [Reading] ➶ Black Diamonds The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty By Catherine Bailey – House of privilege riches and secretsWentworth is today a crumbliNedys violent death mining poverty and sualor and a class war that literally ripped apart the local landscape The demise of Wentworth and the Fitzwilliams is a riveting account of aristocratic decline and fall set in the grandest house in Engla. A social history of coal mining told through the eyes of one family the owners of Wentworth reputedly the biggest country seat in Britain I absolutely loved this It had all my favourite ingredients for a good history social context; gossip and scandal; dynastic shenanigans; and what's it managed a very rare thing it swayed me at one point from my own natural socialistic inclinations onto the side of the aristocracy I picked this up on one of my trips to Waterstones when I like to browse those themed tables they have I'd never heard of the book or the subject of it the Fitzwilliams I'd never come across the author before but I just got a good vibe about it and I was right The history of coal mining the exploitation of the miners the appalling conditions terrible wages the contrasting philosophies of the various owners the long battle for nationalisation and the subseuent destruction of the industry are shown in parallel to the fate of the landed gentry specifically the Fitzwilliams who stood on the other side of the fence In many ways the Fitzwilliams were a good example of landowners they looked after their miners and their many other dependents they put safety first and they were generous in times of adversity Of course they were also sickeningly rich arrogant and elitist oh yes and the men were classic rakes But what Ms Bailey does in her book is show both sides of fence warts and all baddies and goodies and she doesn't fall into the sycophantic trap or the trap of making the rich guys the baddies and the poor guys the goodies But she does judge and I do like her for that But lest you think this is a big book about coal think again The Fitzwilliams had many skeletons in their closets and lots of juicy scandal too and as much of it as Ms Bailey has been able to uncover is here You get the distinct impression that she has a good dollop that she couldn't publish because it was only gossip without proof which is uite frustrating but believe me there's plenty to keep you turning the pages I looked Wentworth up when I had finished this and discovered to my surprise and pleasure that it is now open to the public once that the gardens which were so wilfully destroyed are now being restored This book made me want to go there I loved this book Highly recommended

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House of privilege riches The Rise Kindle #210 and secretsWentworth is today a crumbling and forgotten palace in Yorkshire Yet just a hundred years ago is was the ancestral pile of the Fitzwilliams an aristocratic clan whose home and life were. I have intended to read this for a long time but I was always going to have a mixed relationship with this book because I grew up in Wentworth and am very familiar with the historyThe male Wentworth line ran dry and the title passed matrilineally to the FitzWilliams Ludicrously rich the money came from coal The 'Estate' employed and housed the people who worked the coal; most boys went 'down't' pit' I recall slag heaps and mine shafts scarring the countryside and an almost feudal mentality The class system was alive and thrivingIn my lifetime it all came apart though I am sure it began before my arrival As a child the Stable Block belonging to the Big House was a teacher's training college The family still lived in part of the Big House and the deer park still had a ranger guarding against poaching I developed a life long concern with true justice which does not and cannot always euate with the law of the land in the shadow of this echo of privilege and the notion that an accident of birth could have one person seen as being of value than another was abhorrent to me I myself was cast as 'posh' in the area because I came from a middle class background and spoke 'nicely' Being neither fish nor fowl among the local people was isolating my brothers coped by acuiring local accents and some machismo; I got a dog and he was my favoured companionIt's worth a read but it made me sad this ;ittle trip down memory lane

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Black Diamonds The Rise and Fall of an English DynastyFuelled by coal mining Black Diamonds tells of the Fitzwilliams' spectacular decline of inheritance fights rumours of a Black Diamonds MOBI #233 changeling and of lunacy philandering earls illicit love war heroism a tragic connection to the Ken. This book is primarily about an English Dynasty built on coal but it is about a period than about any one household The family at the core of this book is one that is hard to get a good picture of because they have systematically burnt all their personal archives Ms Bailey adds social and political events that were occurring during the period of the book late 1800s to mid 1900s to help flesh out the story of this dynastyI enjoyed the stories truth can indeed be stranger than fiction about the family itself but I struggled with the long stretches about the politics of socialism unionism and the class system in Great Britain Speeches and letters from Prime Ministers Kings union leaders Lords and parliamentarians filled the middle section of the book Valid background I suppose but a bit than I felt I needed to get the pictureThe side stories about interesting characters and lives including a very long segment on a member of the Kennedy family that might have in some way connected to the core family weren't uninteresting I just often wondered why I was reading about them Which is my main complaint about this book the thread of the story often was hard for me to follow and tangents were taken that didn't seem to add much to the overall picture being painted of an Earl his holdings and his family