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200 Harley Street 200 Harley Street #4 Summary ¶ 108 Ì ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ 200 Harley Street 200 Harley Street #4 Author Lynne Marshall – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Mitchell Cooper had it all – a beautiful wife and daughter and a glittering career in Hollywood as a sought–after plastic surgeon But as his careMitchell Cooper had it all Street 200 PDFEPUB #193 – a beautiful wife and daughter and a glittering career in Hollywood as a sought–after plastic surgeon Bu. Lynne Marshall is one of those authors that has always been able to truly speak to me through her books She takes ordinary everyday stories of romance and turns them in to the extraordinaryIn her latest read we meet Micthell Cooper once he had it all a beautiful wife adorable daughter and a high class living it up Hollywood career then reality came crashing through the golden doors and he moved to London with his little girl to try and rebuild their lives He meets fellow surgeon Grace and after one magical night together he falls for her hook line and sinker only Grace hides a painful secret and she is in no way ready to reveal the scars But Michell has his heart set on winning over the one and only woman that has given him a reason to live again and there is no stopping until he wins her over The characters in this read were so powerful they captured my attention from start to finish From the first introductions I was completely obsessed with them all I craved the insight into their minds aches and hurts so badly and knowing this author has the ability to give it all with amazing flair I knew all I had to do was keep reading and I would walk away with everything I craved I not only walked away with it all I got so much a stunning blossoming romance a message so powerful it will forever remain with me and the magic of being blessed enough to have this author's books in my lifeThrough the character of Michell I learned that when life gets you down and all that you had seems lost to the perfect existence you carved out for yourself it really is not the end of the world it is simply a chance to rebuild your life into something spectacular then what you had It might seem that everything you had was perfect but when you look back you will see it was simply a mirage of perfection the true life of wonder lies in the secret of knowing when you find the true perfect things in life Through the character of Grace I learned that hiding our scars will only make the hurt fester into something that we will never get away from Stand up and face it head on it will be hard and for most it will take years to see that just being you with scars and all is not all that bad somewhere out there is someone that is going to accept you for you And just because you are able to heal other's problems but not your own does not mean you are damaged or a failure it just means that just like those you help you also reuire the help of others to help you through a problem I am taking away a message of everything in life happens for a reason bad or good it is all part of the plan to shape us in to the people we need to be I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads it was passionate heartfelt and so wonderfully emotional it will remain with me for all my life55 star review The magic of learning to live again all starts with a kiss

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Olleague fellow American Grace Turner Mitchell finds himself daring to live again Only the beautiful reconstructive surgeon is hiding a painful secret of her ow. loved the flow of this story It had a realistic feel Grace and Mitch are both damaged but I I loved how they made each other stronger Mia added to the story too Lynne Marshall is a very talented writer and I always love her books Great addition to the 200 Harley Street Series

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200 Harley Street 200 Harley Street #4T as his career soared his personal life collapsed Now he and little Molly have come to London to rebuild their lives But after one sensational night with new c. This was my first time reading a Harleuin Medical Romance and I am so happy I did Being that it was based in London this story reminded me of Betty Neels books which were my first and favorite romance stories The character development was rich and made these two come to life for me I can't wait to find of the 200 Harley Street series I highly recommend this book