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The Contingent Object of Contemporary ArtAn exploration of transformations Object of ePUB #180 in the nature of the art object and artistic authorship in the last four decadesIn this book Martha Buskirk addresses the interesting fact that since the early s almost anything can and has been called art Among other practices contemporary artists have employed mass produced elements impermanent materials and appropriated imagery have incorporated performance and video and have created works through instructions carried out by others Further works of art that lack traditional signs of authenticity or permanence have been embraced by institutions long devoted to the original and the permanent Bu. This was one of the most important books I used for my second ualifying paper for my MA on authenticity and authorship issues in artist contracts for contemporary sculpture This book is one of few that address these issues specifically Buskirk includes several anecdotes and examples that I hadn't read elsewhere

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Conventions the impact of new materials on definitions Contingent Object of MOBI #183 of medium the role of the document as both primary and secondary object and the significance of conceptually oriented performance work for the intersection of photography and the human body in contemporary art Buskirk explores how artists active in the s and s have recombined strategies of the art of the s and s She also shows how the mechanisms through which art is presented shape not only readings of the work but the work itself She uses her discussion of the readymade and conceptual art to explore broader issues of authorship reproduction context and temporalit. Very thorough and concise break down of how the discrete object is losing its position at the center of contemporary art

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The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art Characters ↠ 6 ↠ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art Author Martha Buskirk – An exploration of transformations in the nature of the art object and artistic authorship in the last four decadesIn this book Martha Skirk The Contingent PDFEPUBbegins with uestions of authorship raised by minimalists' use of industrial materials and methods including competing claims of ownership and artistic authorship evident in conflicts over the right to fabricate artists' works Examining recent examples of appropriation she finds precedents in pop art and the early twentieth century readymade and explores the intersection of contemporary artistic copying and the system of copyrights trademarks and brand names characteristic of other forms of commodity production She also investigates the ways that connections between work and context have transformed art and institutional. Definitely not for everyone but Buskirk's insight into contemporary art has shaped a lot of my own opinions and beliefs I find myself returning to it over and over as my explorations of art arch off in different directions