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The seuel and conclusion to 'Afterwards'Chris Scaife is not the man Robyn Crandall thought he wasNow that she’s shown him the possibility of a new life she knows that Chris wants it And he’s used to getting what he wants But Robyn is My God the ride I was taken on for this one was thrilling Nothing was predictable nothing felt contrived it was seriously just beautiful as always There were so many emotional moments in this book I was sad confused enraged hurt sad again and sometimes just really really happy It's hard to say too much without spoiling the reading experience but I do have to mention that I just love Robyn's mom There was a moment where she and Robyn were having a conversation and I just wanted to step in and shake Robyn and say HEY ARE YOU LISTENING? LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA GIRL but then Robyn goes and does something stupid anyway and it leads to tragedies and I just ugh I spent most of the book not very happy with Robyn at all even though I get her I felt like she was doing a really great job of making things so much harder than they needed to be but none of us are perfect so I guess I can't be TOO mad at herIf possible I fell even in love with Chris Seeing him grow into his role as a father was really really heartwarming Those other two baby mommas though rolls eyes Scandalous a women that SEE a guy trying to do better and can't just leave him the hell alone to DO BETTER Even when they benefit from it I'm really glad that Chris retained his integrity throughout even when it seemed like everything was kind of working against him There was one point where I actually cried for him and what he was feeling SO many times I found myself thinking man there is no way they can go back from this but you'll have to read for yourself to find out if they do or not Anyway as always I would highly recommend Afterburn and anything else by Nia Afterburn works well enough as a standalone but I would definitely suggest reading Afterwards first to get the history of Chris and Robyn's relationship

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Afterburn Commitment #5Seeing some possibilities of her own as a highly valued member of the legal team at Chris’ multimillion dollar corporation Just as he’s given her the confidence to soar will Chris try to clip her wings?Once an unapologetic bachelor an I remember a time when I would pick up a book and could just read without immediately thinking this is indie or who is the publisher? but now it stands out in just about everything I put my hands on uite often many independent writers assume the role of wild child in the lit world A place where the possibilities are endless with discipline being defined by the holder of the pen and not what's been decided in a contract Or the extreme where rules are simply taboo Then there are some traditionally published authors choosing to exist within the structured course set before them Occasionally the traditional authors venture over to the other side with their self published work seeking a place that will allow their imaginations room to run wild and free where their editors cannot turn their nose up or frown And it's divided the story on the pageNia Forrester amazes me as a writer As a fan of her work I have watched a damn good writer become extraordinary A few months ago I declared Afterwards to be her best That was until I read Afterburn Afterburn left me speechless and content It's been a long time since a book has been able to do both I'm positive that I am not the only one feeling this way after reading this novelWhat Nia Forrester also accomplished with Afterburn was that she didn't give in to the trap authors fall into writing a story for the reader She made a conscious decision to tell the story I don't think that resonated so please let me repeat that one time Nia Forrester did not let ego pleas or reader expectations guide this story's path She did the one thing that defines what a real author is Nia Forrester told the storyWhy is this such a big feat? Afterwards was a great love story She took us further into the lives of Chris Scaife and Robyn Crandell and let us watch them fall for each other Afterburn was bold enough to show the rest of that story the real afterwards the tests and defining moments that don't just make couples but showcase character Nia Forrester was not afraid to go to some very unexpected places moments that bring out every emotion a reader probably hasn't experienced in uite some time In Afterburn she went there and did one heck of a jobAnd that whole indie vs traditional thing I mentioned did not occur one single time while reading Afterburn Nia Forrester delivered a complete novel full of all the ingredients that bring out great fiction This is what I look for when I pull out one of my classic novels but Nia took it to present day I didn't feel one ounce of immaturity in the author's voice now a few of the characters that's a different story I didn't sense her wavering or doubt Not once did she look over her shoulder to see what the reader could be thinking or if we could keep up And when the heat became intense Nia did not write drama she authored lifeNia Forrester is an author that the indie world must be proud of and traditional publishers should nod their appreciation Afterburn took down the barrier between the two worlds of creative license and politics to remind the reader of what great fiction is made of Fearless unapologetic talent

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Afterburn Commitment #5 kindle ☆ · [BOOKS] ✸ Afterburn Commitment #5 By Nia Forrester – The seuel and conclusion to 'Afterwards'Chris Scaife is not the man Robyn Crandall thought he wasNow that she’s shown him the possibility of a new life she knows that Chris wants it And he’s used The seuel and cD distant father Chris Scaife is now a different man Engaged to Robyn Crandall a woman whose love he never thought he could have or deserve Chris wants a wedding to happen and happen soon But Robyn’s plans are somewhat different from th Reread June 2019 Loved it againReread October 2017 What a wonderful rich moving enjoyable rereadOriginal review March 2017 This a seuel to Afterwards which finished on a semi cliffhanger ie it was a complete story but you knew there was to tell So Afterburn takes up Robyn and Chris's story and continues it I thought it would be a fairly simple perhaps shortish book But no it's a full length full on novel And what a rideThere were times in this book when I felt like grinding my teeth in frustration at the dumb decisions both Chris and especially Robyn make at different times But they are realistic characters And real people sometimes make dumb decisions In their mind there is a reason for what they do and sometimes people are blind to the potential conseuences of their actions So there were plenty of nervous angsty moments for me whilst reading this But by the end of it I felt I really knew and understood and respected these two people They have been through the wringer but they have an unbreakable bond a beautiful love where they see each other as the people they really are deep down They have both matured especially Chris He is no longer the immature selfish foolish risk taker he was as a young man Chris changes so much and for the better By the end you're a little in love with ChrisSo the conclusion to a beautiful story about two very complex characters and the journey they have travelled on to finally find both themselves and each other I loved this book