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The Forgotten An American Fairie Tale #2 Summary ä 0 ↠ ➡ [Epub] ➛ The Forgotten An American Fairie Tale #2 By Bishop OConnell ➫ – Across the United States children are vanishing Only this time faeries may not be to blame Dante Regent of the fae's Rogue Court has been receivinN the run fleeing from a dark and unknown enemy But when her companions are taken by the snatchers Wraith is their only hope Her journey to find them will test the limits Forgotten An American MOBI #239 of her magic and her trust A dark force is on the rise and it could spell the end of our world as we know it. A great story This book evidences great story telling and Janey Wraith the protagonist is well drawn The problem is the book can't stand alone As second in a seuence the reader really needs to read book one to clearly understand book two I had to go back and review O'Connell should have done that for me Also there are threads left hanging Avenues not clearly explored I got a fuzzy feeling from the narrative like the author wasn't uite sure where he was coming from or going to sometimes

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Across the United States children are An American eBook #10003 vanishing Only this time faeries may not be to blame Dante Regent of the fae's Rogue Court has been receiving disturbing reports Human children are manifesting magical powers in record numbers Shunned and forgotten they live on the streets in ragta. 355Mon avis en FrançaisMy ENglish reviewI really loved the first book and I was eager to read on to discover about this world that the author had presented earlier I think that I have a little less adhered to this new story perhaps because we focus on other characters but that does not change the fact that I still had a good time with the novel Indeed while we followed Caitlin Edward Donovan and Dante in the previous volume we are this time focused on Dante’s history and a whole new character encountered here WraithI enjoyed Dante in the first volume and it is true that it was a pleasure to have him here and learn about him As I said we alternatively follow the two characters but I was always carried away when we were on his side of the story and I was curious to learn While this was less the case with Wraith I took great pleasure in knowing and discovering this out of the ordinary girl Indeed she has some uite extraordinary abilities and the fact that she does not remember who she is is very intriguing as well I was very curious to know the reasons for her amnesia she hides many secrets and I wanted to see what impact it would have on her lifeAs explained in the summary children disappear from all sides and Dante is determined to understand what is happening and if the fae are responsible This story will take him further than he thought though This will help us to discover the past of Wraith and to see Dante in action throughout the story and to realize what is happening with the children living in the streets We will also have at the same time the chance to see the characters of the first volume even if they remain set back and we meet some new players that I let you discover by yourselfSo I had a good time even if it is true that I preferred the first volume We don’t have much action but it was interesting to find out about Bishop O’Connell’s universe and I am curious to read up again

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The Forgotten An American Fairie Tale #2G groups with the already booming population of homeless changelings But the streets aren't a haven someone or The Forgotten Epubsomething is hunting these children downWraith a teenage spell slinger has no home no family and no real memories of her past She and her friends SK Fritz and Shadow are constantly o. Entered in date of completion and nominal rating on 091716 I hope to fill in laterOne note for this book is that it lost a whole star for its poor use of Seattle landmarks specifically the Seattle Underground and the Fremont Troll The article which sent me to these books heavily stressed the research the author had done about the cities that were the settings for each of these books with this one being Seattle Honestly I don't buy it for this one for the simple reason that it is the FREMONT troll not the Freemont troll as written in the book Additionally the Seattle Underground is just that an area underneath downtown Seattle and specifically the Pioneer Suare neighborhood whereas the author has it set several miles from the city where when you exit you can see the skyline NOPE This irks the everloving shit out of me especially as apart from these two things and a scene or two set at the Pike Place Market this could've been in any city anywhere for all the local flavor that was actually used Authors either actually accurately research your locations or don't advertise your novels as being heavily researched and set in the location stated