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DOWNLOAD ✓ The Wagered Wife » [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Wagered Wife By Wilma Counts – A LOVELESS WEDDINGWhen the Honorable Trevor Jeffries loses everything at cards there's only one way to cancel the debt by marrying his opponent's unwanted ward Miss Caitlin Woodbridge a country girl f A LOVELESS WEDDINGWhen the HonAir and Trevor leaving Caitlin well provided for hastily escapes from it by enlisting for the Peninsula and urging her to seek an annulmentA PASSIONATE REUNIONSeven years have transformed Caitlin into a nonpareil of style and charm adept in the enrichment of her long lost husband's esta. This is the firstok I have ever read by this author and I enjoyed reading it Caitlin is a strong female character living in a man's world Trevor is on a downward spiral after the deaths of his best friend and his twin brother He is constantly gambling and losing big time He is in way over his head when his oppenent tells him that he will forgive Trevor's gambling debt if Trevor will marry his niece if he loses his next hand Trevor ends up losing and marries Caitlin sight unseen After spending a few days with her he thinks that maybe things won't be so bad He receives a summons by his father to return home which he does His family has found out about his marriage and force him to leave by joining the army and trying to get an annullment He joins up and leaves without telling Caitlin goodbye Caitlin doesn't know what to do when she finds out what Trevor did but when a surprise happens she digs in Seven years later Trevor returns from the war to a very big surprise Not only is he still married to Caitlin but she has made his estate wealthy Now he is in for a long struggle to not only prove himself to Caitlin but to also keep all of the other guys from sniffing around his wife I liked the ending of this story because it tied up the storyline nicely

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A LOVELESS WEDDINGWhen the Honorable Trevor Jeffries loses everything at cards there's only one way to cancel the debt by marrying his opponent's unwanted ward Miss Caitlin Woodbridge a country girl fresh from the schoolroom Their forced union proves to be The Wagered PDF or a glum aff. 285Expected this book to be a shallow surface feeder Not so but neither did it plumb any depths At least not of the angsty kind because for a trope that can be a mawkish tear jerker the author maintains a mild agreeable tone With spoilersThe H is a namby pamby beta who flees his marriage his responsibilities his country easily accepting the vilification of his very young and vulnerable wife He accepts slanderous explanation of how a woman can fake virginity because that eased his conscience in deserting her And that too from a family he couldn’t not know to be a hard hearted self serving lot And then believes all that they feed him in letters over the years He improves and grows on one slowly as he had to do an actual growing up in the years apart Yes they both were very young to begin with The h is the one who does a disappointing reversal she’s strong independent and rightly angry to begin with but turns meek and submissive later in the book She single handedly turned his estate profitable don't they all and then on his return lets him dictate on matters he has no experience in The book shifts to a very mild agreeable plane where they sound each other out The om is wasted and so is the ow His cheating celibacy status while apart is left hazy There’s no actual grovel or guilt shaming scene And she doesn’t hold out for one as wellThe daughter is mostly left off book Bless Aunt Gertrude where would the h and the book be without herTwo things especially niggle Little Bit the dog is missing after that initial introduction and then is absent even in the epilogue Not done Everyone knows kids and pets enhance epilogues and the hea happiness And what was that hint about previous ‘cuckoos in the nest’ and Lord Fiske The H’s father and mother often enough exchange uneasy glances but that was left unexplained

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The Wagered WifeTe Though her senses flame at the sight of her handsome bridegroom she cannot forget his abrupt abandonment and long silence But before she will surrender to him his heritage and her heart Trevor will have to vie with half the young bloods of London in an ardent courtship of his own wif. Really enjoyed this book Caitlin was a wonderful heroine she was a mother and abandoned wife The vicious OW of this book was the hateful mother of the herothere was another woman sniffing around whom the husband befreiended overseas when he abandoned his wife but we are to assume he was faithful all that time away no I did not believe it at all THe hero was deep in his cups and gambling and was already beholden to the man who held his markers when he reluctantly bet his hand in marriageand lost Caitlyn was a orphan her parents death left her at the hands of a selfish and stingy step aunt and uncle who manipulated the drunk for her betrothalHe did not abandon her immediatelythey had a less than stellar first night together and 2 weeks of cautious relations before his parents caught wind of his betrothal and called him home He left but not before absently telling her that she was his wife as a bet then further anguished her by explaing her hand was not wonhis was lost ugh not a stellar beginning the story takes up 5 years later as he finally returns from war to find his run down state thriving and catching the eye of a beautiful woman in town discover she is his wifegrown up and into her own beauty However before the hero abandoned our heroine his family along with a horrid caricature deemed Caitlin a joke who was probably already pregnant he knew the truth but they made him doubt what he knew to be true so despite the fact his wife had a child 5 years ago he never acknowledged it or her in any manner he does not think it is hisSPOILERS maybeit is only when he sees his daughter remarking that she is exactly his sister in miniature that he sorta believes her his family shuns his wife and daughter and for the most part until the end he sorta accepts their behaviortechnically itr only stopped when his sister makes a grand entrance that makes all accept that the child is his warmed to the hero by the end but not until the last 3 pages did I truly find him a hero worthy of her and I did so only because she thought solol