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Legion and The Emperor's Soul review ↠ 103 ☆ [Reading] ➭ Legion and The Emperor's Soul ➵ Brandon Sanderson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk LEGIÓNStephen Leeds tiene una mente tan poderosa ue roza lo sobrehumano y le permite repartirse entre una multitud de personalidades entes imaginarias ue solo él ve ue despliegan uLEGIÓNStephen Leeds tiene The Emperor's PDFEPUB #232 una mente tan poderosa ue roza lo sobrehumano y le permite repartirse entre una multitud de personalidades entes imaginarias ue solo él ve ue despliegan una diversidad de habilidades especializadas Cuando contratan sus servicios para recuperar un objeto robado Leeds se lanza a la búsueda del inventor desaparecido en condiciones sospechosas El artefacto codiciado es una cámara fotográfica capaz de captar imágenes del pasado cuyas propiedades podrían cambiar nuestra forma de entender. So here is my first official Brandon Sanderson read and I will admit that I enjoyed it I wasn't so shocked to be honest as considering his popularity he must be doing something right So you have two stories here the first a science fiction thriller Stephen Leeds also know as Legion I will have to admit the idea of the character and the plot device were very clever and highly enjoyable This was a relatively short story at only 77 pages long it still had enough time to develop and good yarnThe second was an out and out fantasy but focused on a very clever idea This was considerably longer but still really only a novella I will admit that both stories are part of larger bodies of work there are two other stories about Legion and the Emperors soul is set in the same universe as Elantris so there is plenty to go and explore though sadly neither were referenced in this bookSo for my first foray in to the worlds of Brandon Sanderson I would say that not only was a success but also highly enjoyable

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La historia de la humanidad Legion and PDFEPUBLa investigación sumirá a Leeds en un conflicto ue lo llevará desde Estados Unidos hasta la antigua ciudad de Jerusalén Esta intensa aventura detectivesca aborda temas como la naturaleza del tiempo los usos potenciales de la tecnología y la complicada relación entre la política y la feEL ALMA DEL EMPERADORShai una maga Falsificadora ha sido condenada a muerte pero el consejo le ofrece su libertad a cambio de la mayor falsificación ue pueda emprenderse la del alma del emperador en estado. This is of a 475 book and it's a hard one to give either 4 or 5 stars to because there are two different novellas set within it I always tend to enjoy Sanderson's work and have nearly always rated his worlds and stories and characters as 4s or higher and that's why when I ended up giving 'Legion' 4s and 'The Emperor's Soul' 5s I couldn't go with an even split at 45 as the second novella which I LOVED was a lot longer than the first and therefore my rating is staying at 475s be it awkward or not PNow as I said this contains two novellas both are different both have a vastly distinct tone and very different ideas and flavours but both are distinctly Sanderson's work The first story is about a young man named Stephen Leeds who essentially has a very split personality disorder He has hallucinations which he sees in his mind He knows that his hallucinations are not real knows that people think him mad but his hallucinations whether they are real or not are pretty flipping awesomeEach person who he sees has their own specialities and skills and each is like a fraction of his personality which has been divided off They are all fairly amusing in their own ways and I loved this story so much because of them than Stephen himself whom a lot of the time seems only to be an interpreter There is JC the comical and gun oriented hard man who is all about destruction defence and attack He's the trouble maker of the lot the one who tests your patience but he's also fairly loveable once you get past all thatThen there's Ivy a whizz at interrogation and deducing people's intentions and emotions Tobias who is unreasonably clever and many Stephen has the ability to call new hallucinations at will for certain purposes and when he becomes mixed up in a top secret situation which went wrong he uses the help of his many 'friends' to solve what has happened and work out what to doOn the whole I loved the characters within this and the idea that it showcased a small glimpse although not genuine into the life of a schizophrenic character whilst also being wonderfully amusing highly intelligent and a good story all round I would love to see this made into a mini detective short story series as I feel it certainly has the potential for that but knowing the number of incredible magical and inventive systems Sanderson crafts for his stories I am sure something new will come along to distract from that On the whole 4s and a fun fast readThe second story The Emperor's Soul was the one I LOVED and the reason I loved it so much is that the main character besides being a rather kick ass female with intelligence and wittiness she's also set in a world with an awesome concept and a wonderful backstory to boot This is the story of Shai a forger who has been caught whilst attempting to steal and replace a priceless painting with her forgery She believes that she's destined for execution and although she's skilled at escape this time it seems impossible until she's given a chance in return for helping to create the world's biggest forgery and cover up she will be released and freedI loved this story so much because it felt so original creative and just downright fun The idea that you can craft an object or soul into something better and the idea that this comes only with much study hard work and learning I felt was a valuable lesson and a wonderful story I cannot begin to say all the reasons that I loved it but just know that this is my favourite short story in a long time and I would HIGHLY recommend reading it because I didn't guess what was going to happen and I just thoroughly enjoyed the whole time reading it A wonderful world a uniue adventure and a beautifully intelligent leading lady what could you want 5s One of the best Sanderson short stories I've ever read too If like me you haven't bought this collection yet but have been thinking about doing so for a long time I would 100% say it's SO worth paying for and that there;s no uestion in my mind that if you like other Sanderson works then you'll love these I also think they would be excellent starting places with his work if you have yet to read any so by all means please go and buy then read these novellas 475s

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Legion and The Emperor's SoulAnd The Emperor's Kindle #212 catatónico tras un atentado Al adivinar las motivaciones de sus captores Shai deduce ue no sobrevivirá ni siuiera si logra cumplir el cometido Así pues trama formas de escapar del palacio a la vez ue ue se esfuerza en comprender hasta el límite de lo posible los entresijos de la personalidad del emperador Aunue asume la necesidad de huir a Shai le atrae poderosamente la idea de crear la falsificación más extraordinaria del mundo ¿Es posible crear una copia de un alma tan convincente ue supere al origina. I've not yet read Legion this rating is only for Emperor's Soul So I just finished Emperor's Soul and I just can't form words I don't think I've ever read a Novella as amazing as this one So beautiful Bsan is just amazing and all I can say about this is that if you have the chance read it