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Hidden CityZens easily overlook Whitney haunts Dublin's edgelands underground rivers and sewers ghost estates and dark corners Whether he is visiting each of the twenty addresses at which James Joyce lived. Something of a curate's egg A book that I don't feel delivers on its impression of being the hidden Dublin It is excellent and excoriating when writing about the corruption of Fianna Fail or the victims of the housing boom However it is also full of chapters about playing a game with a bus ticket or going down the sewers that just seemed needlessly whimsical

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Dublin is a city much visited and deeply mythologized In Hidden City Karl Whitney who has been described as 'Dublin's best psychogeographer since James Joyce' explores the places the city's deni. A bit all over the place couldn't decide if it wanted to be a rant about cowboy property developers and the resultant urban blight or a uirky travel guide touring power plants airports bus routes etc Did a mediocre job of both Disappointed but did learn a few interesting things which saved it from a one star

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Free download Ù Hidden City É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Hidden City By Karl Whitney ⚣ – Dublin is a city much visited and deeply mythologized In Hidden City Karl Whitney who has been described as 'Dublin's best psychoIn and around the city or skulking around the Georgian estate that once belonged to Charles Haughey Karl Whitney shows us a Dublin – or a collection of Dublins – that we've never seen befor. A uirky exploration of the city particularly the underbelly Whitney has a witty touch with a sometimes comical paranoia thrown in Tracing his own idiosyncratic paths he delineates mental maps of the sewer system the hidden rivers and the peregrinations of James Joyce and his family Perhaps the addition of actual maps might have been a good idea His walk around the imagined perimeter of Tallaght was enjoyable but I know the area and at times such as his crazy bus game I was a bit disorientated Also despite his wit and the uniueness of his ideas there was a jaundiced view of Dublin which became a bit wearisome towards the end You can only spend so long looking down; a certain amount of light can help illuminate the shade There's a strange disengagement from the life of the city; the cafes bars parks and passersby Dublin is not nearly so post apocalyptic as painted here Still it's a uniue entertaining and informative read It added to my knowledge and made me want to add some