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The Daughter of Time characters Í 7 ´ ❰Ebook❯ ➩ The Daughter of Time Author Josephine Tey – Confined to a hospital bed Scotland Yard's Inspector Alan Grant is bored To divert his attention from his pain a friend brings him pictures of faces He becomes engrossed with the portrait of Richard I CO one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time Who really killed the two princes in the Tower of London Tey's answer to this uestion has provoked controversy and caused this title to be ranked as the th Best Mystery of all time by the Mystery Writers of America. The author has created a skilful investigation of Richard III’s involvement in the deaths of his two nephews Laid up with injuries in a hospital Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant is utterly bored with nothing to do except look at patterns on the ceiling The Inspector has a canny knack for reading faces and as he looks upon Richard III’s portrait he doesn’t see a murderer but of a haunted man Through a great deal of research on source documents testimonies and evaluating written records Inspector Grand spends his convalescing time uncovering the ualities of Richard III Although slow in some chapters it tends to read like a history lesson but very well done would appeal to history buffs An eye opener for how history is written to the benefit of those in power while revealing how other past events actually happened not how they have been portrayed uite interesting; makes one consider what is actually true or entirely false

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Confined to a hospital bed Scotland Yard's Inspector Alan Grant The Daughter Epubis bored To divert his attention from his pain a friend brings him pictures of faces He becomes engrossed with the portrait of Richard III How is it possible that such a sensitive appe. This day was our good King Richard piteously slain and murdered; to the great heaviness of this cityIf you take the players in The War of the Roses and place them in modern times one could almost compare them to The Mob fighting for control of their territoryimage error

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The Daughter of TimeAring soul could have been portrayed as the odious villain the Wicked Uncle of history responsible for the murder of his young nephews heirs to the British throne in order to secure the line of succession for himself Grant reconsiders year old evidence pertaining t. Sin death and hell have set their marks on himAnd all their ministers attend on him William Shakespeare Richard III Act I Scene IIIRichard III is one of history’s most notorious villains Thanks in large part to Shakespeare’s play he is known as a remorseless usurper who murdered his young nephews the “princes in the tower” so that he could become King He was King for less than two years but he remains one of the memorable characters from British history This is not an open and shut case The “Ricardian” contingent still active as the Richard III Society thinks Richard got a raw deal His fame comes from a play written during the reign of the Tudor Elizabeth I based on work by Thomas More who served the Tudor Henry VIII The Tudors they argue had a vested interest in showing Richard in the worst possible light After all the first Tudor King Henry VII came to the throne after defeating Richard in battle Richard’s defenders hold that he was falsely accused of ordering the murders suffering an unfair blot on his reputation that has lasted for several hundred yearsJosephine Tey presents the pro Richard arguments in an unusual way Published in 1951 the novel is set in the first part of the 20th century Alan Grant an inspector from Scotland Yard was injured while pursuing a suspect He is laid up in the hospital for weeks recovering from his injuries Bored out of his gourd he is looking for something to occupy him It comes in the form of a picture a print of this painting of King Richard III Grant studies the painting and thinks a guy with such a lovable face just couldn’t have done those terrible things and given his background as a detective Grant knows faces With the help of a friend who acts as a research assistant he “investigates” the case ultimately finding view spoilerRichard innocent with his successor Henry VII as the real culprit hide spoiler