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Ng Now Dani is falling hard for the one man she shouldn't fall for the one who can truly break her heart Although rancher Nick Kelly knows he's to blame for his string of failed relationships Dani is the only woman he e. In A Rancher’s Redemption by Ann Roth Dani Pettit and Nick Kelly have been best friends for a long time Every time that Dani goes through a breakup Nick is there to cheer her up While Dani is searching for the one Nick is always with a woman just for the time being Only this time they both happen to be going through a breakup at the same time and this leads to some unexpected things While they are at her place after having dinner of comfort food and watching a movie together they both fall asleep on the couch And this leads them to one kiss after they wake up that neither can forget nor wants to acknowledge But after one kiss they will no longer be able to remain in the friends zone making things complicated since they don’t want to risk losing their friendship over something that may not last Read More

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A Ranchers RedemptionVer trusted Nick doesn't want to be just another guy who lets her down but A Ranchers Kindle his new feelings for Dani are too strong to resist Do they dare risk their lifelong friendship for a once in a lifetime love. I am not usually drawn to cowboy and western series from Harleuin but knowing I have read several Ann Roth's books before without reading a sample simply drawn right away with the synopsis on eHarleuincomAnd as soon as I get a copy of this book ebook version I just couldn't stop but I have to put it down since it gets so late have to go to bed and go to work the next dayBut indeed I love it love the story line of how Dani and Nick's friendship gone from being friends to lovers and how they try to avoid each other because if they took the next step in their friendship it will ruin what they have together for a long timeWill look forward to Ann Roth's future books indeed


CHARACTERS Ý A Ranchers Redemption Ì [PDF / Epub] ☂ A Ranchers Redemption By Ann Roth – Mr Right There All Along Since she was a teen there's been one guy that restaurateur Dani Pettit can always count on—her best friend Nick Their relationship is purely platonicthat is until a single Mr Right There All AloMr Right There All Along Since she was a teen there's been one guy that restaurateur Dani Pettit can always count on her best friend Nick Their relationship is purely platonicthat is until a single kiss changes everythi. Dani had always been an independent female except when it came to men She fell in love fast and tried way too hard to please whoever she was withNick didn't do love period What was the point of falling for a woman when love would ruin a man's life Because sooner or later the relationship was bound to end Women were fickle and not to be trusted Dani excepted pg 19This is a pretty classic friends to lovers trope bookDani and Nick have been best friends for sixteen years ever since they were both fourteen years old And I mean very good friends Close tight tell each other everything come over to lend support during hard times type of friends Then they fall asleep watching a James Bond movie and when they wake up they start kissingI find this difficult to believe Sure friends can turn into lovers but sixteen years is a long time A LONG TIME They never fooled around before this Looked at each other with lust Decided to give dating a go It's inconceivableNow I believe you can have platonic male friends I have platonic male friends But if you have male 'friends' that you end up fucking the lust comes out WAY BEFORE sixteen years have passed let me tell youBut okay Let's pretend I accept this premiseDani has low self esteem She thinks low of herself Also she tries to change herself to please men I find this extremely sad She tries to dress to please them do whatever hobbies they like doing I find this icky And she only dates jerks apparently I mean they talk about her ex boyfriend and the way he treats her I can't believe anyone would put up with that shit I'm not talking about abuse here just assholeryANYWAY The kissing really spooks Nick and Dani so they each decide to date other people Nick dates a kind smart beautiful woman Dani dates a guy who ends up to be a rapist This is typical of the patriarchal culture we live in I mean as far as writing plots go Dani couldn't end up like Nick with a perfectly nice partner but one she wasn't sexually attracted to No He has to be a rapist Why Because a the idea that the hero has to be the only 'good man' available for the heroine and b to give Nick a chance to swoop in and save her from being raped therefore boosting his worth as a man or proving himself as a man or making him seem like he's absolutely the best choice for herWhich let me say was not needed Nick was perfectly fine as a hero The author did not need to set up a save Dani from being raped scenario in order to make Nick attractive He was already attractive I was already on board the Nick train He's a good listener a good person knows Dani very well listens to what she has to say and likesloves her for who she is That's already enough for the readers to be cheering for himSo the attempted rape incident is nothing than a clunky unnecessary plot device I can't stand when rape or attempted rape is used as a plot device It's gross The book is your typical friends to lovers plot Oh we can't sleep together it'll ruin our friendship Oh well okay we can sleep together but I will NOT fall in love with you We all know she will fall in love with him instantly Just like any other book where idiots bravely declare that they can just have sex and not develop romantic feelings for each other And they KNOW this Dani falls in love uickly with every single man piece of shit she dates Nick is allergic to long term relationships This is going to end badly But they barrel ahead SighOf course everything ends up fine This is Harleuin And some people LIVE for this stuff If you are weak for a friends to lovers novel this actually isn't bad I'm not usually on board with this trope This trope in and of itself is not sexually or romantically appealing to me I mean I don't find friends to lovers off putting or hate it but it's not something I ever seek out and it's UITE rare for me to find a book based on this trope that is sexy and excitingHOW'S THE SEX CARMENI like Nick He genuinely loves Dani and cares about her and listens to her and wants to please her I think these are good ualities to have in a sexual partner He insists on having sex on an actual bed Good He goes down on her after a lot of teasing Very good They use condoms YayThere is a cliched scene where he has her look at herself naked in a mirror and describes how beautiful she is in order to boostfix her low self esteem I think this trope is played out I don't think I can read this trope without rolling my eyes nowadaysThe sex is not very described so don't get excited It's not graphic unfortunately TL;DRPROBLEMS Rape used as a plot device unnecessarily Heroine with low self esteem Heroine who changes herself to please whatever man she's datingGOOD THINGS Not a bad book if you are into the friends to lovers trope Both MCs are good people Has a positive message about pleasing yourself instead of trying to please others Writing is fineROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern Romance Friends to LoversNon Virgin HeroineHe's a Rancher; She's a Co Owner of a DinerTakes Place In Montana USABONUS MATERIALSDANI'S INSTANT COCOA MIXMakes approximately 12 servingsNote for smaller batches mix 2 tbsp each of sugar and cocoa per cup of powdered milk then add a pinch or two of saltIngredients3 cups of instant nonfat powdered milk6 tbsp sugar6 tbsp dry unsweetened cocoa powder12 tsp saltCombine and mix thoroughly Store in an airtight container in a cool dry placeTo Prepare CocoaPut 13 cup of cocoa mix in a 12 ounce mug Stir in a little boiling water and mix until blended into a paste Fill mug with boiling water Stir or whip until blended Add marshmallows if you like themSOUNDTRACKWould You Go With Me by Josh Turner Garden Party by Rick Nelson model actually looks handsome and appealingI have no idea why this is titled A Rancher's Redemption How is he getting redeemed Redeemed from what IDKNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerDani f 5'6”Nick mFluff – cat Sly mJeter mMandy fJasmine fAshley fLana fTrudy fSeth mJamie fPalmer mClip mJerome mKenny mJewel fGumbo – dog Winston mGeorge mBlake mWally mSylvie fTim mJohanna fChristy fBecca fJanelle fDave mHank mPer mDon mTed mPaul mMarcie fCharlie mFrank mBill mSadie fColleen fShelby fMike mMelanie fJackson mCarol fBenny – horseDenise fNaomi fMike mJeff mCarl mGene mSerena fMarty mPam f hide spoiler