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Andy Lembo is bent on becoming the starting catcher on a talent packed varsity baseball team in his senior year at a new high school whereas his brother Daniel still a junior is a shoo in to be the team's ace With his mile per hour fastball Daniel has Major League scouts drooling The brothers are tight and share a dream of winning the state championship They also share painful memories of child abuse But Andy carries extra burdens from panic attacks to a shaky relationship with I was interested in reading this book because I teach middle school English Fiction and Nonfiction books about sports are very popular with my male students I'm always looking for new sports related books to recommendThe story is about two teenage boys Daniel and Andy who live in a very dysfunctional family They have a poor relationship with their father and their mother is absent To make matters worse our narrator Andy has a facial deformity This causes Andy a great deal of anxiety which spreads to multiple areas of his life The one thing that the brothers live for is baseball Daniel is a prodigy and on his way to the big leagues even though he's not even sixteen yet Andy does pretty well for himself as a catcher Their dream goal is win a baseball championship and to also have a no hitter gameThe story is a roller coaster taking you from joyful to agonizing moments without any warning Throughout the hard times the brothers stick together They have a great bond in which they are always looking out for each other Daniel often seems like the older brother building Andy up and convincing others to give him a shot All in all I would recommend this book to my students I would caution them that there is some strong language and crude humor I have to preface any book that is not strictly G material I believe that my students would enjoy the baseball scenes and possibly even relate some of them to their own lives They can also benefit from the positive message that the brother's relationship brings to the story There is also a fabulous underlying theme of looking beyond appearances This book will definitely go on my bookshelf This book was an ARC

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Battery BrothersTheir father Then there's that burn scar covering half of Andy's face and the bully who won't leave Andy aloneChock full of nail biting baseball games the Panthers are inching toward the division championship But then Andy loses his biggest supporter in a freak accident and he blames himself for what happened His emotions raw Andy uits the baseball team and school while his father who favors Daniel calls him a loser Eventually a treasured memory coaxes Andy to attempt a challe There wasn't a clear destination in place but I didn't mind I'm not a big baseball fan and I enjoyed this a lot Andy and Daniel were great I loved the interaction between them and that their roles seemed reversed as siblings The unshakeable nature of their bond was tangible at all times I would be lying if I said I understood the issues with their father I was so into the games and the boys being together that I didn't really care I went through the book really uickly and hit an emotional wall at around 65% I pressed on to see how Andy did and I'm glad I did May not be a book that everyone will enjoy but I know I did I would love to have about Andy in the future

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Download Battery Brothers Book Î 226 pages ¿ Steven carman Û [EPUB] ✼ Battery Brothers ✿ Steven Carman – Andy Lembo is bent on becoming the starting catcher on a talent packed varsity baseball team in his senior year at a new high school whereas his brother Daniel sNging comeback Andy must find the strength to go the distance for himself but also for his brother and their shared dream percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Sunshine Foundation Sunshine Foundation the country's oldest wish granting charity answers the dreams of chronically ill seriously ill physically challenged and abused children ages three to eighteen whose families cannot fulfill their reuests due to the financial strain that child's illness may caus A heartbreaking storyI rarely cry when I read a bookThis book was an exception The struggles of this young man was hard to read The relationship these two brothers had was beautiful Grab a box of tissues before you start reading This book will make you stop and think about how abuse to a small child may affect the rest of their life