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Read & download º Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battle for America's Soul Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú ➵ [Reading] ➷ Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and thAnd recited poetry for Theodore Dreiser Whereas lesser madams pocketed most of a harlot’s earnings and kept a “whipper” on staff to mete out discipline the Everleighs made sure their girls dined on gourmet food were examined by an honest physician and even tutored in the literature of BalzacNot everyone appreciated the sisters’ attempts to elevate the industry Rival Levee madams hatched numerous schemes to ruin the Everleighs including an attempt to frame them for the death of department store heir Marshall Field Jr But the sisters’ most daunting foes were the Progressive Era reformers who sent the entire country into a frenzy with lurid tales of “white slavery the allegedly rampant practice of kidnapping young girls and forcing. It's hard to believe that there was a time in American history where many of the major cities not only had open brothels but whole districts devoted to them Prostitution was a business and a flourishing one at that One brothel in particular the Everleigh Club in Chicago during the turn of the century is the fascinating subject of Karen Abbot's book Sin in the Second City The Everleigh sisters Minna and Ada were the famous madams of this brothel It was so well known and popular that there was a waiting list of prostitutes hoping to become one of the Everleigh girls Cultivating strong political relationships with many figures in local and federal government enforcing strict rules and regulations for both the working girls and patrons of their establishment and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for their girls the Everleigh sisters were clearly progressive thinkers and advocates for better working conditions for the ladies in the world's oldest profession Besides proper health care the Everleigh sisters also believed in education for their girls Legitimizing the brothel was not to be however due to a reform movement that swept the nation at the time Started primarily by ministers politicians and temperance minded housewives this movement began as a fear driven attempt to eradicate the white slave trade which many saw as an epidemic of our nation's young women being kidnapped raped and forced to live out the rest of their short lives as prostitutes Several famous books and even a genre of white slave trade motion pictures added fuel to an already out of control conflagration of misinformation and utter nonsense According to scientific studies the average life expectancy of a white slave a ruined young lady forced into prostitution was only five years These young women either died from untreated venereal disease suicide or murder Of course it's telling that tied into this white slavery craze was a deep rooted racism and anti immigrant sentiment as it was well known that most white slavers were Italians or Jews Brothel after brothel were shut down in highly publicized raids but relatively untouched was the charismatic and soft spoken Everleigh sisters who lived to be in their 80s and cultivated deep friendships with such famous literary figures as Theodore Dreiser and Irving Wallace Abbot's book is as entertaining as it is scandalous with a cast of colorful characters including Vic Shaw the loud mouthed big bosomed madam that hated the Everleigh sisters so much that she tried to frame them for murder twice; Big Jim Colossimo a spaghetti loving gangster who may or may not have been executed by his own bodyguard a young Alphonse Capone; the Reverand Ernest Bell a devout minister who almost single handedly led the crusade against the evil brothel owners of Chicago; and a slew of others with names like Hinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John Coughlin Sin in the Second City is a fun little foray into the red light district of American history

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Step into the Second PDFEPUB #235 the perfumed parlors of the Everleigh Club the most famous brothel in American Sin in MOBI #233 history–and the catalyst for a culture war that rocked the nation Operating in Chicago’s notorious Levee in the Second PDFEPUB #235 district at the dawn of the last century the Club’s proprietors two aristocratic sisters named Minna in the Second City Madams PDF and Ada Everleigh welcomed moguls and actors senators and athletes foreign dignitaries and literary icons into their stately double mansion where thirty stunning Everleigh “butterflies” awaited their arrival Courtesans named Doll Suzy Poon Tang and Brick Top devoured raw meat to the delight of Prince Henry of Prussia in the Second City Madams PDF. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestGet ready to clutch your pearls because this tawdry piece of history is something you didn't learn in high school SIN IN THE SECOND CITY in case its title wasn't warning enough is about prostitution in turn of the century Chicago specifically the Everleigh Club which was a brothel run by two gently bred sisters Minna and Aida EverleighOne of the criticisms of this book is that the author Karen Abbott takes a lot of liberties with the narrative It reads like one of those trashy but epic sagas from the 1970s with its purple prose sensationlist writing and scandalous content I personally like those kinds of novels so that was pure heaven for me and kept the tone from being too dry something I hate when reading nonfiction because it makes me feel like I'm being lectured at and then I get bored and inevitably lose interest but if that is a peeve for you then yes you will probably not like this bookThe saga spun these pages is too complicated to recollect completely but the gist is that the Everleigh Club was the best place to go if you wanted to sleep with a woman who was not your wife Minna and Aida wanted to be the best damn madams in Chicago and they were willing to spend money to do this They hired doctors to check out the girls and make sure they were healthy and free of disease; they fed the girls and the guests well with totally sumptuous feasts that made me drool a little just from the description; and the decor was literally out of this world think fountains that gush scented oil and entire rooms done completely in gold leaf with a gold piano to bootAlso of note is a prostitute from China named Suzy Poon Tang apparently where the slang poon tang comes from who was so good at her job that she ended up getting married to one of her clients after just a few sessions of working at the Everleigh Club There was also some brouhaha when a black boxer Jack Johnson wanted to come into the club Because segregation was still active at this time the sisters were highly reluctant but his manager basically forced them into relenting; it worked out though he was hot the prostitutes butterflies they were called in Everleigh adored him everybody had a great time and segregation got to suck itliterally one would assumeYou can probably guess how the story ends People in power decided that vice was becoming too unpopular and they began systematically cracking down on pleasure houses as tales of white slavery read middle or upper middle class girls getting tricked into the sex industry by mustache twirling con artists began saturating the papers and putting fear into decent folk Everleigh Club was one of the last to go and signified the downfall of an era Some of the names in here you will probably recognize because when some of the bigwigs lost their hand at prostitution they turned their attentions to the big booming industry of crime started by Al Capone and Jim ColosimoSIN IN THE SECOND CITY was a fun book to carry around with me in public I had a lot of people ask me what it was about and their reactions were uite priceless in some cases I enjoyed learning about an era that I didn't really know much about before this and it was cool to learn where the phrase poon tang actually came from I do feel like the book was longer than it needed to be especially towards the end it felt like the content was being stretched thin But if you like history and if you like trashy historical romance novels you and this book will get on like a house on fire3 stars

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Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battle for America's SoulThem into brothels This furor shaped America’s sexual culture and had repercussions all the way to the White House including the formation of the Federal Bureau of InvestigationWith a cast of characters that includes Jack Johnson John Barry John D Rockefeller Jr William Howard Taft “Hinky Dink” Kenna and Al Capone Sin in the Second City is Karen Abbott’s colorful nuanced portrait of the iconic Everleigh sisters their world famous Club and the perennial clash between our nation’s hedonistic impulses and Puritanical roots Culminating in a dramatic last stand between brothel keepers and crusading reformers Sin in the Second City offers a vivid snapshot of America’s journey from Victorian era propriety to twentieth century modernity. I absolutely loved this book I found it in my local library by chance and I'm glad I did I love historical books about Chicago Sin in the Second City has much in common with Devil in the White City as it takes place roughly during the same time period in Chicago around 1900 Although the subject matter may turn some people off I loved learning about the history of prostitution in Chicago It was surprising to discover that this is a true story Maybe it is naive of me but I kept having to check if this stuff was for real while reading the book The Everleigh sisters were true entrepreneurs to have created the pre eminent brothel in the US Even so I couldn't help but be shocked by the so called respectable men who freuented such placesfrom the scions of the wealthy Chicagoans like Marshall Field Jr to politicians and even princes And of course the stories of murders robberies drinking and other illicit activities were interesting After reading this book I feel like I have an understanding of what life was like in the vice district in Chicago The author cleverly set the book amidst the reform movement that ushered out the brothels and other dens of iniuity There were so many funny interesting and depressing moments in this book It's hard not to fall in love with the Everleigh sisters They did try to put a touch of class to the prostitution industry They certainly stood above the white slavers and pimps who took advantage of young rural and foreign girls coming to Chicago That's not saying much but at least they were one touch of respectability in an otherwise despicable place So if you have ever lived in Chicago or have any interest in Chicago history you'll love this story But even if you don't have a connection Chicago this book is a great opportunity to learn about the underbelly of American life in the early 1900's