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Read & Download BAMF by S.J.D. Peterson 100 ↠ ❮Download❯ ✤ BAMF ➻ Author S.J.D. Peterson – With his fauxhawk sleeve tattoos and visible piercings Ridley Corbin has the whole bad ass vibe going on in spades The image serves him well as the self proclaimed protector of the underdog and he S to himself but that doesn't save him from catching the unwanted attention of the campus bully But not all is as it seems Alex's past comes calling and it's time he becomes top d. SJD Peterson has done it again This isn't just a winner it's Olympic GoldBe prepared for some rough raunchy hungry filthy sex with dirty talking that will have your stomach flipping and two wonderfully drawn characters guaranteed to steal your heart I admit I am totally besotted with Riley and AlexReview to come

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With his fauxhawk sleeve tattoos and visible piercings Ridley Corbin has the whole bad ass vibe going on in spades The image serves him well as the self proclaimed protector of th. 15 starsThis book seems to be love it or hate it for most readers Me Yeah I'm for SURE in the second category 1 star for default plus 12 star for dirty talking I'm being generous hereI had so many issues with this one that I'm not uite sure where to start The lack of character development The telling vs showing The sub par audio narration Where do I beginI'll just jump right in Was I the only one who thought that Ridley was sort of insane And not fun insane ACTUALLY crazy First of all he stalks Alex relentlessly spending time and money that he says that Alex better appreciate to look good for him visiting the library where he works for MONTHS with no backpack or books and pretends to read while staring at him Did that strike anyone else as odd And later when things start to fall apart no spoilers here Ridley is just happy as can be to do whatever Alex says He is also extremely underdeveloped as a character Sure I know he has lots of tattoos and likes rough sex but other than a few tell y details I knew nothing about him He felt like a creepy shell of a person Alex was only marginally better It is hard to talk about him without giving away any plot spoilers but I wanted to shout This isn't a freaking 80's movie It felt as contrived as one The sex Well sure it was hot Lots of really rough sex lots of bruising and sort of BDSM y but less formal But please can we stop with all the dry fingering Having three fingers shoved up you completely dry has felt good for no one ever The plot Ugh It was muy loco I'm not a romantic suspense lover and when my hot contemporary morphed into something else with a plot that felt thrown together I was not a happy camper I also never felt the love between the MCs It was like a 80s buddy caper with biting I'm also going to spend a brief moment discussing grammar and editing When you are listening to an audiobook sometimes grammar mistakes become apparent They did to me here I'm not a grammar Nazi but hearing he when him should have been used and adverbsadjective errors irritated me Lastly the narration This narrator wasn't the worst I've heard but he was NOT good He used the same exact voice for both MCs and had a very monotone way of delivering dialogue He voice got a little gruff during the sex scenes but that was about it for his range of emotion It didn't help make a book that I was already not enjoying any enjoyable Another book for the everyone else loves it shelf Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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BAMF by S.J.D. PetersE underdog and he wants nothing than to be Alex Firestone's heroAlex a mild mannered library assistant has moved to Slater a uiet college town hoping to hide from his past He keep. Rosa really’s expectations upon reading the blurb1 Ridley is the bad ass mother fucker BAMF Here’s my proof a His name is Ridley Need I say Okay I will b Ridley is ginger haired fellow with a fauxhawk tattoos and piercings c Ridley is the self declared protector of bullied geeks everywhere2 Alex is the bullied geek aka the dude in distress a He’s a golden haired blond who wears thick framed glasses and bow ties and works in the library b Alex is being bullied by the big man on campus c Blurb states Alex's past comes calling and it's time he becomes top dog Thus implying he isn’t top dog Hmmm3 Conclusion based on 25 years of romance reading In protecting Alex from the college bully Ridley discovers that Alex is hiding from an abusive ex Through their burgeoning romance Alex finds the strength to face his ex Ridley and Alex get married retire to the suburbs where they adopt 6 children from South America and live happily ever afterWhat What So I’m a walking container of clichés There’s a good reason that plot is a cliché – readers love it and keep coming back for But SJD Peterson is beyond such clichés – she immediately starts dropping clues that things are not as they seem1 Alex has “gunmetal blue eyes” Okay if he were the dude in distress he’d have sky blue eyes or limpid pools of Caribbean blue eyes or eyes as troubled as dark navy skies Yep walking container of clichés2 Alex has absolutely no fear of the college bully or really any fear of confrontation whatsoever3 Alex is Mr Toppy Top Rough Play TopAllow me to inform you and I cannot possibly stress this enough that the sex between Alex and Ridley is haawt The second finger hurt but again it was burn than actual pain What caused his heart to pound was the way Alex’s eyes smoldered as he watched his fingers going in and out of Ridley’s ass He cried out when Alex shoved those thick fingers in hard and deep but Alex didn’t let that stop him Nope he fucked Ridley’s ass even harder until he was grunting and panting and suirming like a fucking madman Alex obviously was paying attention to the way Ridley’s cock was as hard as a rock and leaking then to his cries Alex was right Ridley liked the edge of painOkay other than that scene the only other hint I’ll give plot wise is that it’s much action oriented with less angst than the plot I described above While I enjoyed the surprising flip flop I did not enjoy that after a uite a bit of built up the climax shut it fell flat Yes what I expected would have been another cliché but I was looking forward to it and felt a bit let down afterwards However the sex Oh the sexy sex sex It made up for a uite a bit of disappointment Oh yeeah375 stars