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Come Closer kindle Á eBook 9780425210314 ´ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Come Closer Author Sara Gran – If everything in Amanda's life is so perfect then why the mood swings the obscene thoughts the urge to harm the people she loves? What are those tapping sounds in the walls? And who's that woman follo IY behind what's happening to Amanda in Come Closer is so frightening that it ought to carry a warning toreader This was not a bad read It was a nice uick change of pace It tells the story of demonic possession from the perspective of the victim It is very atmospheric in the beginning and the author selected an excellent abandoned setting with the correct number of stray dogs and empty apartments for the story The narrator’s thoughts and actions become increasingly disturbing as the plot progresses The story does become predictable fairly early on and the reader will probably guess the ending long before they finish the book The book is not intended to read like a mystery novel however The dramatic irony created by the foreshadowing and the sense of impending catastrophe and tension created by our knowing what is happening and will probably happen is what the author excels at The themes are not new; however this book has a uniue spin that makes for an entertaining but depressing read

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If everything in Amanda's life is so perfect then why the mood swings the obscene thoughts the urge to harm th HEY UARANTINERS i wrote another readalongbooklist thing for friction this book is on it The Call Is Coming From Inside Youthis is short and anything but sweet somehow managing to pack a whole lot of creepiness into just under 200 pages it’s a story of a woman’s disintegration as she is invaded by a demonic presence that insinuates itself into her body and mind slowly and irrevocably supplanting her free will causing her to engage in increasingly self destructive behaviors blowing up her life as it sinks its claws ever deeper into her mind; jeopardizing her marriage her job her reputation and her list of “never have i evers” leading her helplessly down a violent pathas much as she can recall of it it’s a truly chilling little story of a character’s descent into madness her blackouts leaving the reader to fill in some of the pieces themselves but showing enough of the gruesome aftermath to know that whatever she did it ain’t gonna win her any good citizen awards a few months back i read Freshwater which is in part about possession manifesting as mental disorderinsanity and i thought emezi did a fantastic job of writing that headspace—making it accessible and sympathetic to the reader this is just as effective but gran spins her similar situation in a different direction instead of emezi's transcendentpoeticmythological realm Come Closer shows through a tantalizingly slow psychological slippage how easy it is to give in to let it all go how freeing sometimes to let the demon tear down the whole damn house of cardsand that my friends is terrifyingSPOOKTOBER READING CONTINUEScome to my blog

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Come CloserE people she loves? What are those tapping sounds in the walls? And who's that woman following her? The myster Great literary horror is few and far between so when my friends at Goodreads started raving about a book called Come Closer I had to read itSara Gran has written than a dark fiction about demon possession she wrote a book about the female psyche about the impulse of civilized people to do harm to those we love and those we don't know and she gave her story a shot of the old turn of the screw by having a pretty confident architect inadvertently invite the spirit Naamah from Jewish lore to take over her mind and whittle the world away until there is nothing left but these twoAmanda lives in Manhattan with her husband Edward and theirs is a solid marriage Trendy restaurants and flea market weekends make up their complacent existence But the tapping in the walls of their small apartment follow them to their dream loft and one day Amanda receives a book she didn't order on how to tell if you're possessed by a demon—complete with uizzes—and she starts wondering about puzzling urges that have overtaken her daily life such as the urge to steal small items from stores or burn her husband with her cigarette or drown the young daughter of a friend At night she dreams of lying on a red beach next to a woman with crazy hair and pointy teeth who hugs her so fiercely she can barely breathe Then come the blackouts and the coming to consciousness in hotel rooms with strange men She starts scoring higher on the uizzes but is she really possessed or is it a case of a woman on a downward spiral into insanity?