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READER õ DOC The Wrong Boy ´ 9781491530696 ☆ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY » ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Wrong Boy ➰ Author Suzy Zail – A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz desperate to save her family is chosen to play at the camp commandant's house How could Is The Wrong Kindle separated at the gates of the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp Her father's wordsand a black C sharp piano key hidden away in the folds of her dressare all that she has left to remind her of life before Before Hanna was going to be a famous concert pianist She was going to wear her yellow dress to a dance And she was going to danc I wanted to like this book so badly but I just couldn't It was supposed to be a story about how a Jewish girl falls in love for the wrong boy the German son of the camp commander Hanna a fifteen years old Jewish girl who loves than anything else to play the piano is sent along with her family to Auschwitz When they first arrived there they have been separated from their father and as her mom slowly goes insane Hanna turns to her older sister Erika for support They need each other to survive To keep on hoping Erika might as well be the only reason why Hanna keeps holding on Erika with her passion for photography with her fighting spirit is a strong young woman seeking for freedom When she first got into Auschwitz she was the strongest one in the family The one still standing not losing hope She was the strong one the wild one The one who was angry than afraid However slowly the anger started to abandon her Fear started to get to her Therefore Hanna is now trying to be the strong one With her blind optimism she’s trying to give back to her sister the hope she has lost One day Hanna is asked to start working for the commander of the camp thanks to her greatest passion music In fact she starts playing the piano for him She hates to work for the people that ruined her life and everybody else's in the camp but thanks to this new job she has food to share with her sister and warm close to get through winter with She makes new friends and new enemies Thanks to her new job she also gets the chance to meet Karl the camp commander’s son At first she thinks he hates her she thinks that he’s no better than his father But then they get the chance to spend time together and she starts to realize that she was wrong That Karl was nothing like his father And even though she knows she shouldn’t she knows it’s wrong she slowly starts to fall for the wrong boy I loved the idea of this book I loved the forbidden love element And I loved the fact that this was a new original story about Auschwitz I read a lot of stories about life if you can call it that during the World War II but never have I read about a Jewish girl that falls in love with a German son of a camp commander I really hoped this story would have been great but it rather disappointed me I was hoping for a desperate passionate heart breaking forbidden love story but even though there were all the elements it just seemed too shallow to me I found the book too plain stereotyped especially the love story I wanted I wanted to know about Erika I wanted to know about Karl I wanted details More romance A breath taking love story Not love at first sight

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E with a boy But then the Nazis came Now it is up to Hanna to do all she can to keep her mother and sister alive even if that means playing piano for the commandant and his guests Staying alive isn't supposed to include falling in love with the commandant's son But Karl Jager is beautiful and his aloofness belies a secret And war makes you do dangerous thing I feel rather deceived with that synopsis since the romance is everything but the theme of this book

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The Wrong BoyA young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz desperate to save her family is chosen to play at the camp commandant's house How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boyLook after each otherand get home safe And when you do tell everyone what you saw and what they did to usThese are Hanna's father's parting words to her and her sister when their family 'The wrong boy' is not a fitting title for this novel neither is the synopsis The story of a Jewish girl sent to Auschwitz with her family She falls in love with the wrong boy – the German son of the camp commander Yes it’s a novel about star crossed lover This time it’s between a Jewish Hungarian girl and a German boy It does seem a bit wrong in a way as if the holocaust was a tragedy rather than a great atrocity I wish the author gave a second thought about the title It does not give the book enough justice ‘The wrong boy' doesn’t solely revolve around the camp commander’s son As for the historical accuracy concerning how life was in a concentration camp in Poland it isn’t anything you couldn’t discover by simply going on Wikipedia I thought it satisfactorily conveyed the emotions of the characters but of course I can’t be the judge of that I don’t think anyone can simply understand the emotions of those unfortunate people thrown in a concentration camps in World War II “Hanna Mendel liked to know what was going to happen next She was going to be a famous concert pianist She was going to wear her yellow dress to the dance on Saturday night But she didn’t plan on her street being turned into a ghetto She didn’t plan on being rounded up and thrown in a cattle truck She didn’t plan on spending her sixteenth birthday in Auschwitz in a wooden barrack with two hundred other prisoners” Hanna is naïve but she also has a strong optimistic side to her that makes her endearing As for the love interest Karla Jaeger there was no denying he was also an endearing character and the way his compassion and sympathy was presented made him very likable Although this book does give the impression of being mainly a love story it actually very strongly focuses on Hanna’s relationship with her mother father and especially with her older sister Overall I would recommend this but it surely isn’t anything impressive for a historical fiction However it’s heart warming or as heart warming a book about the holocaust can be