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Rodeo Rebel Texas Rodeo Barons #05The Barons six tight knit Texas Rodeo Kindle #213 siblings loud daring and loyal are about to discover that love can be as rough as the rodeo Bestselling author Donna Alward introduces the exciting Texas Rodeo Barons series with her charming preuel novella Rodeo Rebel Back in the ring As the first female bull rider in her circuit Megan Robertson need Rodeo Rebel by Donna Alward is a 2014 Harleuin American Romance publication The short story has the distinction of featuring a female bull rider something that as forward thinking as I would like to believe I am I don't think I would aspire to Naturally Megan takes a lot of heat from the men on the rodeo circuit for daring to ride bulls but it wasn't the disrespect of the men or the bull riding competition that has Megan distracted It was running into her old boyfriend Pax that has her struggling to maintain her focus Pax broke Megan's heart and never fully explained why He felt like under the circumstances the kindest thing to do for the woman he loved was to let her go He would only hold her back from her goals and dreams But it never occurred to him that Megan would take the break up so hard that she would still be nursing a broken heart or that his feelings for her were as strong as ever But the same problems they faced years ago are still staring them in the face But is love enough for the relationship to workThis super short story is enjoyable enough a nice afternoon diversion or lunch break read However there wasn't anything here that hasn't been done a hundred times over It was really similar to book I just finished a week or so ago in fact So while I did like the statement made that nothing is off limits for women even the male dominated sport of bull riding the story itself was just OK 3 stars

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Free eBook ↠ ePub Rodeo Rebel Texas Rodeo Barons #05 ì ☆ Donna Alward ¸ [Download] ✤ Rodeo Rebel Texas Rodeo Barons #05 By Donna Alward – The Barons six tight knit siblings loud daring and loyal are about to discover that love can be as rough as S to focus But all she can think about is her ex Pax Lantry Megan knew their paths would cross again she just wasn't prepared for the effect it would have on Rodeo Rebel ePUB #9734 her More surprising than the old heartache is the jolt of pure attraction she still feels for himEven after five years Pax has never gotten over Megan All it takes is seei Western contemporary second chances romance with a female bull rider and certified Vet Miss Megan Robertson gets a second chance with her childhood first love rancher Pax Lantry So much miscommunication that I had to stop reading for a while and then just forced myself to finish itCute fluff piece with the usual HEA but very developed well it is a short story after all62 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

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Ng her just once for him to know that their connection is as strong as ever But he's committed to his family's ranch and Meg has her own demanding career It seems as if Pax and Megan have moved on so why can't they let each other go Don't miss the first heartwarming novel in the Texas Rodeo Rebel Texas Rodeo PDFEPUB #189 Barons series The Texan's Bab If only we could only fall in love this uickly