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The Color of Law Free download Õ 5 Î [PDF / Epub] ❤ The Color of Law ✅ Mark Gimenez – A partner at a prominent law firm is forced to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing Former college football star Scott Fenney has worked his way to the top of the heap at th A partner at a Irm of Ford Stevens The Color PDFEPUB or But when Clark McCall wayward son of a Texas politician gets himself murdered after a night of booze drugs and rough sex Scott is assigned to defend the prime suspect a. Because I am a John Grisham fan I can appreciate the premise of this book Rich prominent attorney in Dallas whose identity is really based on who he works forother powerful prominent men who have much than he does Only in his early 30's Scott has been very successful monetarily has a beautiful wife in a former SMU cheerleader and has never had to make any really tough choices personally Overall he's a good dude just spends way too much time chasing after 'the dream' Scott Fenney didn't grow up rich but he grew up around the rich and he knows and understand that money can buy you any kind of life you want So he went to the best school that would afford him that life SMU AND he played football and was a star running back And in Dallas being an all star football player is akin to being governor Scott has the 'perfect' life think The Firm by John Grisham but it's all at a price He is forced to take a case defending a black prostitute hooked on drugs who was accused of killing the rich privileged son of a US Senator and Presidential candidate Scott must revisit his former life and work with a childhood lawyer friend who lives the opposite life as Scott defending those with not much money and not many choices In order to 'do right' by his poor less fortunate client he has to give it all up and loses a lot in the process I liked the book overall however the author spent WAY too much time describing the lifestyles of the rich and famous instead of really getting into the murder It took a very long time to even begin the real investigation of the murder of the son Chapter after chapter he talked way too much about country club lifestyles and neighborhoods of the rich and charity balls and the best schools He put a lot into the descriptions of the houses and shopping districts and on and on In my opinion he could have used the first few chapters to set the tone After that the rest of the book should have been about the murder The book was about 100 pages too long I can appreciate what he was trying to do but considering that the case and the murder itself was somewhat weak he should have spent time developing a complicated and compelling reason for the murder and made it a bit suspenseful Also many of the relationships were VERY stereotypical Hispanic nannymaid black servers and caddies at the country club yes suh mista Fenney poor blacks living in the 'hoodprojects typical 'big black football players' as teammates and the random characters who can't speak proper English Not a properly educated minority in the bunch and honestly I suppose that can be real life for somemaybe those in the prominent rich circles don't come in contact with educated well read minorities Why should they They really only deal with minorities as 'the help' But I do like the relationships he developed between Scott's daughter and the daughter of the accused and I am actually looking forward to reading the next chapter Scott's life Scott's daughter was not as jaded as her father or mother and accepted the prostitute's daughter like a 'sister' Overall this wasn't bad for the author's first book I just needed a bit depth

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Heroin addicted hooker named Shawanda Jones The powers that be want her convicted and Scott’s future at the firm may depend on it But unfortunately for Scott Shwanada claims she’s innocent and he believes h. I don't know where I found thisbut when I read the dedication it included to Harper Lee whose great novel inspired me to become a lawyer and to write this story I was hooked A book affected a man's life calling This author is new but very good A college football hero whose conscience has been checked out for years becomes a lawyer and catches a case that makes him choose between his lush lifestyle and doing what is right at a terrible cost on a pro bono case I love his style the reality of his characters and a story about someone who has to struggle with his choices in life I am looking forward to whatever else he writes

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The Color of LawA partner at a prominent law firm is forced to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing Former college football star Scott Fenney has worked his way to the top of the heap at the Dallas f. Color of Law is a fabulous book I couldn't put it down I think Mark Gimenez is my new favourite lawyermystery author He crafts a great story with characters you won't forget and his writing in my opinion is superb I get the feeling he is a good man with decent values; I suspect he's also as tough as he is kind They say he's the next Grisham which seems to me to be sort of demeaning Maybe what they mean is that his stories captivate as Grisham's do; they are both talented lawyers turned writers I do love John Grisham's books too But when I read Mark Gimenez's books I don't compare him with John Grisham or anyone He's just good that's all His books have taught me a great deal about US minorities and about TexasMy only regret about Color of Law is that I didn't read it FIRST before I read The Accused So I finished Color of Law sadly I didn't want it to end and read The Accused again Mark Gimenez is a wonderful writer storyteller and teacher When you read his books you'll see what I mean ps Read The Governor's Wife brilliant after you've read Color of Law and The Accused