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Free read Chicas muertas õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Chicas muertas By Selva Almada ➩ – Tres adolescentes de provincia asesinadas en la década de 1980 tres muertes impunes ocurridas cuando todavía en nuestro país desconocíamos el término “femicidio”TreSos dan lugar a una investigación atípica e infructuosa La prosa nítida de Selva Almada plasma en negro lo invisible y las formas cotidianas de la violencia contra nenas y mujeres pasan a integrar una misma trama intensa y vívida Con este libro la autora abre nuevos rumbos a la no ficción latinoamericana. Being a woman meant being preyGod what a brutal and sad book Bolaño's 2666 is an obvious point of comparison I like how this book offers little conclusion or comfort; it's about acknowledging and delving into the three girls I really liked the narrator's empathetic perspective the way she tries to put herself in each girl's place and her recognition of all the other girls and women who are not investigated named discovered A tough read that often made me want to cry because I hate cruelty violence and injustice

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Tres adolescentes de provincia asesinadas en la década de tres muertes impunes ocurridas cuando todavía en nuestro país desconocíamos el término “femicidio”Tres asesinatos entre los cientos ue no alcanzan para titulares de tapa ni convocan a las cámaras de los canales de Buenos Aires Tres casos ue l. This is a stylishly written and translated by the excellent Annie McDermott slice of true crime masuerading as fiction Part memoir part reportage it tells the story of three girls murdered in small Argentinian towns in the 1980s crimes which all remain unsolved to this dayWhat makes them and this book extraordinary is the fact that these murders these femicides are not extraordinary This happened a lot then and continues to happen a lot forty years onAlmada has an ice cool matter of fact style that suits the weaving of these three women's stories with her own journey of investigation The subject matter is heavy but the uality of her writing and the pacing of the book helps you take it in Parts of these stories are shocking necessarily and there are mysteries to wonder at rather than solve But the overwhelming feelings she draws are of outrage and ultimately of deep sadness that any of these killings took place

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Chicas muertasLegan desordenados los anuncia la radio los conmemora un diario de pueblo alguien los recuerda en una conversación Tres crímenes ocurridos en el interior del país mientras la Argentina festejaba el regreso de la democracia Tres muertes sin culpablesConvertidos en obsesión con el paso de los años estos ca. Maybe this is your mission to gather the bones of these girls piece them together give them a voice and then let them run free and unfettered wherever they have to go Dead Girls is an interesting and uniue piece of work as it crosses non fiction journalistic fiction and crime genres and never settles on a single genre Selva Almada combines her own research about the murder of these three girls with her personal experiences growing up as a woman Dead Girls becomes much broader and bigger than just the murder of these three women though as Almada makes the reader consider much broadly violence against womenThe book itself is split between chapters that each cover different themes as Almada talks to a variety of people in Argentina about femicide or specifically about the murdered girls She then ties these broader discussions in with the deaths of the girls I would say this can make the chapters feel a little disjointed at times and it does reuire your full concentration but it's also very cleverFor example in one chapter Almada states that 23 girls' relatives visited psychics following their murders This is followed up with her own experiences of visiting a psychic for answers about the girls her childhood experience with a local healer and her experience with a local gypsie community who came to town when she was a child These experiences all chop and change at various points in the chapter so you do have to pay attention to the switch in time and experience However what Almada does with these different aspects is construct an image of how women are both treated and how women behave in Argentina In this chapter specifically her personal anecdotes serve to impress upon the reader the value and power of local healers and psychicsThe addition of Almada's personal experiences serves to ground the reader with a greater understanding of femicide and violence against women in Argentina It shows how violence against women continues to happen and how the abusers are often the justice system fails to capture or punish the perpetratorsThis book like many that focus on journalism and crime raises uestions than it answers Almada talks to the friends and relatives of the girls consults with a psychic visits the various places examines the media the crime files and to construct an understanding of what led to these girls murders However it's still clear that even with this research the answers remain aloof from Almada and it's unlikely that these women's stories will ever be knownUltimately Dead Girls serves as a voice to the countless women who have had their lives taken away by brutal acts of violence Almada uestions why these acts continue how society enables them to go along and uestions whether these people will eventually receive justice It raises a lot of uestions and provides a lot to think about A rather stark and tragic read in places this book is uite haunting but incredibly important as we think about the number of women who have violent acts perpetrated against them