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And compassionate in tone Ecology of Wisdom showcases Naess' exceptional enthusiasm wit and spiritual fascination with nature while educating each of us about the steps we must take to rescue the planet and illuminating the relevance of this important environmental advocat. Saw a good review of this in Ode Magazine He is a mentor of mine from one of his first widely read books Deep Ecology

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The Ecology of Wisdom Writings by Arne NaessA founder of the of Wisdom Kindle #216 Deep Ecology Movement Arne Naess' has produced articles on environmentalism that have provided unmatched inspiration for ecologists philosophers and activists worldwide This collection amasses a definitive group of Naess' most importa. Preface by Alan Drengson and Bill DevallAcknowledgmentsIntroduction The Life and Work of Arne Naess An Appreciative Overview by Alan Drengson Section 1 Places in the Real World An Example of a Place Tvergastein Modesty and the Conuest of Mountains Avalanches as Social Constructions The World of Concrete Contents Self Realization An Ecological Approach to Being in the World Section 2 The Long Range Deep Ecology Movement The Three Great Movements The Basics of the Deep Ecology Movement Cultural Diversity and the Deep Ecology Movement The Place of Joy in a World of Fact Beautiful Action Its Function in the Ecological Crisis Lifestyle Trends Within the Deep Ecology Movement Section 3 Methodology and Systems Reflections on Total Views The Limited Neutrality of Typologies of Systems The Methodology of Normative Systems Pluralism in Cultural Anthropology The Principle of Intensity Creativity and Gestalt Thinking Gestalt Thinking and Buddhism Section 4 Nonviolence and Gandhi Spinoza and Wholeness Nonmilitary Defense Gandhian Nonviolent Verbal Communication The Necessity of Training Spinoza and the Deep Ecology Movement Through Spinoza to Mahayana Buddhism or Through Mahayana Buddhism to Spinoza Freedom Self and Activeness According to Spinoza Section 5 Problems and Ways Forward Industrial Society Postmodernity and Ecological Sustainability Sustainability The Integral Approach Population Reduction An Ecosophical View Deep Ecology for the Twenty Second Century NotesBibliography

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Free read The Ecology of Wisdom Writings by Arne Naess ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ➱ [Read] ➬ The Ecology of Wisdom Writings by Arne Naess By Arne Næss ➼ – A founder of the Deep Ecology Movement Arne Naess' has produced articles on eNt works in which he calls for nonviolent cooperative action to protect the Earth Rich with observations insights and anecdotes Naess' writings draw from Eastern religious practices Gandhian nonviolent direct The Ecology MOBI #233 action and Spinozan unity systems Playful. As a complete newcomer to Naess Ecology of Wisdom is a deep introduction to both the man and his work Alan Drengson's introductory overview covers the life of Arne Naess as well as touching on his work and the deep ecology movement in general From there we proceed on to the first of the five sections 'Places in the Real World' The essays in this section are definitely the most accessible entryway into the essays as a whole as they are all about tangible places From there the book moves on to philosphical matters 'The Long Range Deep Ecology Movement' 'Methodology and Systems' 'Nonviolence and Gandhi Spinoza and Wholeness' and 'Problems and Ways Forward' Each of these section covers a number of philosophical issues; predominantly on our relationship to the world around us If you are a complete beginner to ecosophy or the deep ecology movement the writings of Arne Naess can be overwhelming at times but this book at least tries to make the man relatable Not for the average reader perhaps but a must for anyone interested in ecosophy and looking for a challenging read