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IndiscretionWhen your father is a man of expensive tastes and schemes but very little money you soon learn to make do So when Captain Fortune a well meaning but profligate ex soldier in Regency England tells his daughter Caroline that they are ruined she automatically starts seeking employment as a governess Her father however has far grander. Books like this are the reason I read and love Regency romance They enable me to really escape to a different time and place and to lose myself completely in the story Indiscretion is so well written and well crafted together that it is than just a good Regency novel; it's a masterpiece This is the kind of book that will become a classic forever analyzed and admired by readers Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer would be proud of the wonderful characters exclaim at the witty repartee and delight in the romance Jude Morgan is definitely one extremely talented writerThe story centers on young Miss Caroline Fortune a sensible and level headed woman who has been brought up by her dissipated father and finds herself hired as companion to an old crusty lady when her father's financial situation becomes desperate Because of her upbringing moving constantly fleeing creditors being exposed to rough language and lowly behaviour and living in poorer parts of town Caroline is very worldly and very independent If it had been possible for a woman to live completely by herself in the Regency era Caroline would have done it She is smart uick witted and resourceful I was in constant amazement and admiration of her during the whole book She was so strongCaroline's world forever changes when she accepts the position of companion to Mrs Catling and is swept away in Brighton high society From then her life unwillingly becomes a series of entanglements and secrets as most of her new acuaintances are uick to bestow unwanted confidences upon her and she must bear them all and do her utmost to keep a neutral front Caroline does suffer her fair share during the course of the novel and many many times I was sure she would break down and have a good crying fit but aside from shedding a few natural tears over the death of her father not a spoiler he dies early on she never did Does that make her heartless and unfeeling Absolutely not I loved her even when she was able to control her emotions so well and bear the weight of all the accusations bestowed upon her For as uick as people were to bestow confidences upon her so were they to jump to hasty conclusions and blame her whenever their secrets became known or when things turned awry And in the midst of it all Caroline with her unfailing countenance and brave face only emerged from it all stronger in the end Sure she had her angry moments and since she had a uick tongue and a varied cursing repertoire she sometimes unleashed her frustration by saying things like Damn and blast and set fire to it all and especially bloody Brighton I swear if I hear that word once I shall scream the rafters down or I would dearly love to kick him and not from the rearCaroline was badass and fabulous and she was the best kind of heroine ever The world needs people liker her I will be honest as much as I love Jane Austen her books are very very very slowand it was so refreshing to have a similar book in tone but fast paced It had its slow moments to be sure but some parts had me reading so fast and gripping the pages frantically in suspense Maybe that has to do with the fact that I usually peek in books and this time I didn't It was an exciting read but at the same time it was serious and had many deep passages that invited to reflection and analysis If I hadn't been so lazy I would have marked them as I read but I didn't and now I don't feel like browsing the book for example ; Just go read it you won't regret itAnd the romance heavens be praised So subtle and yet so beautiful The hero is justso loveable He's teasing exasperating stuck up annoying unconventional funny and it spite of it all he's one of my top favourites and just such a PERFECT match for the heroine I love sparring couples ; And he is not handsome rich rakish a nonesuch or anything of the kind He's just him and he's perfect for this book perfect for Caroline perfect for the reader to delight in Who can resist a man opposed to marriage because he is convinced the woman of his dreams does not exist 'This fantastical creature would not mind any of my follies and inconsistencies she would be my warmest friend she would drink too much wine with me laugh at society instead of courting it never talk in the morning until at least half past ten happily stay indoors for days at a time and not seeing a soul and then on a whim go a journey of twenty miles and all this time remain naturally elegant clever and good tempered'This is not a book to be missed It is uniue charming endearing and I will definitely re read it many times I loved that it was so different from all the other Regencies I have ever read Mark my words I would say if I were the kind of intolerable person who says Mark my words ;

CHARACTERS Indiscretion

REVIEW Ñ Indiscretion ✓ [Reading] ➾ Indiscretion By Jude Morgan – When your father is a man of expensive tastes and schemes but very little money you soon learn to make do So when Captain Fortune a well meaning but profligate ex soldier in Regency England tells his When your father is a man of expensive tastes and schDesigns for Miss FortuneCaro is to become the companion of Mrs Catling the rich fierce widow of her father's old colonel As Mrs Catling amuses herself by tormenting her relatives and servants Caro resolves to make the best of the situation and soon her beauty and intelligence attract the attentions of male admirers Surrounded by pe. What an enchanting readingThis is a good choice for those who love Victorian novels and even because of its easy prose and its witty dialogues which keep you turning pare after page and with a smile playing on your lips at the end of each chapterThe heroine Miss Fortune yes that subtle irony coming from a doubtful background is a smart and strong minded but flirtatious girl who has to make her own way in Society leaving some of her acuaintances with their mouths open with her sincere waysStephen not the shinning knight we are used to in Austen's novels is an intelligent but not obliging character who exasperates Miss Fortune with his jesting who at the same time captivates the reader at once The dialogues between those two are utterly brilliantThe other characters help to create a complete and believable picture of the Victorian era providing the reader with high entertainment of such uality only comparable to that of Austen's Du Maurier's or the Brontës'I can't praise this book enough specially the second half which had me completely hooked and remember the declaration of the last pages which left such a sweet taste on my mouth that I'm sure it'll be some time until I have so much genially funI'll be definitely reading by this author

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Ople with an alarming readiness to reveal each other's confidences Caroline is exasperated to find herself implicated in their indiscretions But will Miss Fortune be able to avoid losing her reputation without losing her head And will she find at least one good man amongst the genteel set who will take her side and indeed her fancy. 25 starsWhen I want Austen or Heyer I should read Austen or Heyer If I want to read a book set roughly in the era I should choose Thackeray's Vanity Fair or the Flashman books where the author has their own voiceAs far as plotting structure goes this book gets off to a very slow start I think it could have been a interesting novel if there had been of Caroline's life with her father The book didn't really get moving till the end then Morgan introduced that tired old Regency trope the view spoilerelopement hide spoiler