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Download Book Ë To Defy a Sheikh Ê 256 pages ✓ Maisey yates ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➻ To Defy a Sheikh Author Maisey Yates – The cost of defiancePrincess Samarah Al Azem knows you cannot rush revenge Having bided her time she's finally ready to bring downThe cost of defiancePrincess Samarah Al Azem knows you cannot rush revenge Having bided her time she's finally ready to bring down Ferran her kingdom's enemy and the man who took eve Heroine is an ex Princess and our hero Ferran is the Sheikh who killed her father when she was only a little girl Now 16 years later Samarah has become a warrior princess a strong and beautiful woman who wants revenge for losing her family and her home She attacks Sheikh Ferran tries to kill him but she fails He demands marriage to unite their nations or else imprisonment in a cell Samarah has no choice She accepts to marry him but soon she discovers how wrong she was about him Ferran's sad past and his reasons for killing her fatherShe falls for him hard but Ferran is a broken man haunted and tortured by guilt for killing Samarah's father Little did he know it would be Samarah's love for him that would save him and heal himMaisey Yates is one of my favorite HP authors My only problem with her is that she writes too feisty obnoxious heroines and she doesn't write good epilogues I'm glad this time she proved me wrong Heroine is strong but she is also innocent vulnerable compassionate and sensitive I loved how she stuck to her guns and stayed true to herself she fought for Ferran's love and affection and her happily ever after ending Epilogue was exactly what I wanted seeing them happy together with a cute baby boy in their arms A great Sheikh story and a keeper

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Een wielded by such a beautiful assailant Soon he has her at his mercy something he's wanted for years Now Samarah must decide imprisonment in a cellor in diamond shackles as his wif I love Yates’ writing style She never fails to drawn me in This simultaneously uniue and genre specific storyline did keep my attention throughout She develops the storyline and settings beautifully allowing readers to picture each and every aspect of itAlthough the characters in this novel were uite well developed the way in which Yates developed them made it difficult for me to really connect with and care about them At times I felt as if I were caught up in a will they won’t they situation while at others I was attempting to unravel the relationship between the main characters Their personal vendettas and pigheadedness for lack of a better word makes them stand out and stand apart from the rest of us The dialogue between the characters was uite natural and had an easy and realistic flow to it It was very well doneThis was a very well written and original novel As much as I enjoyed Yates’ writing style I had trouble connecting with the characters Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review

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To Defy a SheikhRything from her In the still of night she lies in wait in his bedchamber It isn't the first time Sheikh Ferran has found himself at the edge of an assassin's bladebut never has it b To Defy a Sheikh by Maisey Yates is clearly no ordinary sheikh story as can be easily determined by the blurb Apart from the fact that the heroine is an assassin there were many things which does not categorize this story in the ordinary Sheikh romance trope I loved this one for its unconventionality and superb character developmentFerran and Samarah are both weighed down by their kingdoms complicated past history and connection They both have been badly affected by the same and strangely their pasts are somewhat interconnected Samarah had a tough personality and was uite hardened by her circumstances and is not easily understood I loved that both of the characters had an individual personality which was not overshadowed by their romance I dont want to say any about the characters because to understand them their backstory needs to be understood The beginning was a little difficult to enjoy but as the story progressed it was difficult not to get hooked to the passionate romance