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The pair are lured to the grandest midnight auction of all they find themselves caught up in a frightening conspiracy At the center of the puzzle lies Marshwood the House of Many Doors But what does its owner want with Tony And why is a teenage witch with a short temper the key to unraveling the whole myste Decent coming of age fantasy but a little draggy in spots I enjoyed it

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House of Many DoorsEvery year on Halloween night villains from around the world gather to attend a House of PDF secretive event known as a midnight auction Here the wealthy the diabolical and the curious get to bid on items from the darker side of history antiue spell books knives used by famous murderers hands of glory It's n 25 starsReview pending What started out as a horror novel uickly changed into a YA fantasy type of story I have very mixed feelings on this one

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eBook Ì House of Many Doors â Paperback ↠ johnscyclingdiary ä ➽ [Reading] ➿ House of Many Doors By Ian Richards ➲ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Every year on Halloween night villains from around the world gather to attend a secretive event known as a midnight auction Here tOt the kind of place for those with a weak constitution and it's certainly not the kind of place for a twelve year old boy no matter how brave he might think he is Tony Lott lives with his uncle in a dusty antiues shop in London England Joseph Martell said uncle is an old man harboring a terrible secret When So this is my first review on a book in some time I ended up taking a lengthy hiatus from reading due to a change in job and just general life but I am back with a vengence now and my first order of protocol was 'House of Many Doors' I rememer seeing this just before my break and thinking how brilliant the synopsis was and just had to pick this up as one of my first booksThe story is based on a main character young Tony who lives with his uncle Martell in an antiue shop in London but things are about that change when they are both invited to an illegal midnight auction an annual action held for the the evil the wealthy and the curious selling various magical and historical items it is here where the story unfolds as Tony and Martell barely make it out alive close behind them two asssasins and many other antagonists to followThe characters were brilliant Tony and his uncles bond throughout was so believable and strong there were lots of interesting characters to meet throughout Vanessa was a strong minded yet soft at heart girl who brought some sass The two assassin Mr Kepler and Krooks were both cold hearted killers the kind you love to hate Even down to side characters such as the genie yes your correct in your assumptions it is a genie in a bottle and Sir Roderick the big beef of a man who at first seems cruel and cold hearted but ends up a great asset and allyThe plot runs smoothly Richard's imagery of London is perfect I am not sure if he has ever been or just did tons of research but it really comes alive the plot is faced past and barely have time to breathe at points but sewed in are some funny interactions and little side stories that will let you catch your breath Of course filled with lots of magic and fantasy fairies and genies wizards and witches you can't help but compare to the likes of Gaiman and Pullman I was never bored and only engrossed 400 pages the book was in total I believe on the kindle and it felt like half of that with the speed of which I read it even staying up extra late to finish this one offAs I say fans of Pullman and Gaiman are in for a treat I was actually rather shocked this one hadn't received reviews so just had to put my little word in for people who are wondering or hesitating about whether or not to read this one please don't you will NOT be disappointed