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The Disinformation Book of ListsOnly did it lead to three direct seuels inand it also created a new genre Soon shelves were lined with The First Original Unexpurgated Authentic Canadian Book of Lists The Book of Sports Lists and Meredith's Book of Bible Lists among many others Using this popular enduring format Russ Kick's Disinformation Book of Lists delves into the murkier aspects of politics current events business history science art and literature sex drugs death and Despite such unusual subject matter This is a book of lists; there is no details behind anything no extra information Many of the chosen topics are very interesting and are great to share with friendsBut the book is short and your jolly's end uickly Because of the lack of background material provided it doesn't really help if you want to reference it for an essay or projectTen years ago this would have been a 4 star book but you can sit down to Google and have all this and much faster and in much greater depth It's a good bathroom reading book but that's about it

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Download Mobi Ø The Disinformation Book of Lists ´ 288 pages ☆ Johnscyclingdiary ï ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Disinformation Book of Lists Author Russ Kick – Can you name five military leaders who were transgenderedTwelve cases of invThis book presents hard substantiated facts with full referencesAmong the lists presentedInnocent People Freed from PrisonMembers of the Skull Bones Secret Society at YaleDrugs Pulled Off theMarket After They Killed Too Many PeopleLegal Substances that Will Get You HighScenes that Were Cut from MoviesRaunchy Songs that Were Never ReleasedMilitary Officers Government Officials Astronauts and Airline Personnel Who Say UFOs Are RealWords and Phrases No Longer Allowed in Textboo Good if you like lists without citations and dubious endorsement of the likes of chiropractic for the treatment of ear infections

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Can you name five military leaders Book of MOBI #245 who were transgenderedTwelve cases of involuntary human experimentation by the US governmentHow about the four porn novels written by famous authors books left out The Disinformation Kindle of the Bible and over side effects of NutraSweet that have been reported to the FDAIn David Wallechinsky Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace published The Book of Lists causing an Disinformation Book of PDFEPUB #187 immediate sensation Not Who doesn't like a book of strange and somewhat subversive lists It's easy to read It doesn't contain a lot of extraneous text It highlights the most important information about a topic It can be read in uick bursts like in the bathroom or during commercials It makes you interesting at parties It contains information that other people might not know It draws its material from subject experts that the reader might not otherwise encounter It relies heavily on material that is somewhat prurient sex drugs rock and roll etcThis isn't going to change your life but it would make an excellent gift