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What the Greek wants most kindle Ù eBook 9780373133000 ↠ Maya Blake ↠ [Download] ➾ What the Greek wants most Author Maya Blake – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Theo Pantelides wants revenge Theo came to Brazil with one desire—to destroy the man who once ruined his life And when the proud GThe Greek wants ePUB #8608 he knows victory will taste even sweeter with her in his bed Inez de Costa wants freedom Inez longs to escape her father's shadow and follow her own dreams not be blackmailed into becomin Well I did it I read the third book in Maya Blake's The Untamable Greeks series finishing the series out I read all three books in three days as I went on the journey with each of the Pantelides brothers and their love story I figured since I read the other two one after the other that I misewell read this once since the series was pretty fresh in my mind plus I wanted the scoop on Theo and just the demons he was facing from his past and what woman would help him heal because of said demons My feeling of the book was that it was good and an enjoyable read that I could finish in one sit through and not be bored for a single second This was a great end to a great series feature these hunky Greek brothers with this one bringing everything full circle and putting last final puzzle piece to complete the picture This story was the final piece and connected to the whole scope of the series by revealing this last puzzle piece and basically show what a bastard the brothers' old man really was and how his actions effected each one in painful ways though each brother might have experienced it in a different way it was still painful and for Theo it was probably the most painful of past of all in doing with his father So this story really connected the rest of the dots and showed how evil that man truly wasAnd with Theo having that traumatic painful experience really gut him to depths and just how he saw the world and his father which who could blame him After this said circumstance that happened to him it changed him and wounded him and made him see nothing but revenge in his eyes once he learned who was responsible for his plight which was Inez de Coasta's father who did shady dealing with Theo's father and vowed revenge on the old man by using his son in a brutal and cruel way So Theo was intent on destroying that man just like he vowed revenge on his father Theo was intent to have revenge on him by using his daughter to achieve that would allow him to destroy himRight off the bat as soon as Inez and Theo met sparks flew and they butted heads with a heady hot attraction thrown in on the side to add to conflict and tension between them Inez didn't trust him but she was attracted to him but knew Theo was out for no good and that it had to deal wit her father and she refused to have anything to do with it Not that Theo would allow her to So the setup was there The conflict established very well and the sparks a blazing for the two of them so that was very good and well done In fact the whole sizzling attraction between the two was very well written and increased the anticipation and fission between the two whenever they were in the same room together I could feel the sparks fly off of them and collide whenever they came close to one another and it was interesting to watch and see this play Also the fact that they were fighting the attraction that they had for one another even though it was very much on the forefront So that intensity was there that I so enjoyedWhile dealing with this out of control attraction they had to deal with their own issues and emotions along the way with revenge hanging over their heads Mainly Theo's revenge against her father and him basically using her in order to destroy him He blackmailed her into being his mistress for the next three months and in return he would fund her father's political campaign as well as keep the family business afloat But unbeknownst to her Theo meant to discredit her father by using her as a means in doing so He would take her out and touch and make out with her in front of all the paps to make it seem that she had less than a savory reputation and in by doing that it made people uestion whether they could trust her father to represent the people in a respectable manor Plus Theo thought she was a party socialite anyway so he didn't see the harm in doing this and thought nothing of it even whether it would hurt her or notAnd while all that was doing emotions were getting in the way and feelings were growing for both of them which just added so much to the plot and layered the story with depth She knew that Theo wanted to hurt her father because somehow he hurt Theo and was using her to do so and even though she felt hurt by it a part of her saw how much pain he was going through at her father's actions which made her want to heal Theo and make things better for him While Theo was just so focused on the hurt and the pain and just the idea of revenge that he never took into account how much it would hurt Inez in the process at first he didn't care but then as he got to know her better than he did and suddenly things didn't seem as black and white for him But he really wanted to punish father and really wanted hurt him like he hurt Theo Plus Theo was dealing with all the trauma from that past experience that still gave him nightmares and made him claustrophic and feared people touching him when he couldn't them And he showed all this side to Inez while Inez slowly putting the pieces together of what her father truly did to him and what that her father was truly capable ofBefore she learned the truth about her father she still wanted to protect the family business and her family which was the reason she succumbed to the blackmail in the first place She was just very loyal to him in the beginning Plus she wanted to be seen as the good daughter and make him proud of her because she always knew was pretty worthless to him as the spare heir and barely paid any attention to her and just doting on her brother So she thought by doing this it would make her useful not really understanding who she was really trying to protect showing her loyalty which I admired about her that she would want to do soIn fact I really enjoyed Inez as a character She was loyal to a fault She was strong She protected what she loved She cared even when people didn't necessarily deserve her care She wanted to help people and wanted to be known than a rich girl who was just living off her father's dime She wanted to do something worthwhile in her life and tried to what she could to make that happen I loved how she stood up to Theo and never really took his guff and challenged him to face the demons that he had inside him Not only that she vowed to help him with those demons by being there for him and listening even though she knew he was using her for his own ends to get revenge on her father She even forgave Theo when he set up situation where it looked like she was a slut who had no problem getting it on with Theo in public despite the fact that he did so really hurt her and damaged her self esteem a bit Plus she felt like she was in a prison because of the deal that she made with Theo But I liked her spunk as well as her loyalty and her vulnerability She was a nice character that could stand up to Theo and push and challenge him along the wayTheo I enjoyed as a character as well but so I hurt for him and what he went through when he was a teenager He had both emotional and physicals scars from that event It was understandable why he was so angry and why he spent years vowing revenge on her father I get it and I understood where he was coming from The experience hardened him as well as the fact he learned that his father was partially responsible for it increasing his anger and hate Until he met Inez though not right away he began to soften and show his tender side when it came to her It was apparent that he was beginning to care for and slowly started falling love with her Also with Inez he could let his guard down and show the brokenness of his soul without fear of being judged for his feelings His weakness in other words I loved how Inez was responsible for his breakthrough and just showed him that it was okay to have a weakness and be vulnerable and still be strong person Theo really needed a pers

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Theo Pantelides wants Greek wants Epub #223 revenge Theo came to Brazil with one desire to destroy the man who What the PDF or once ruined his life And when the proud Greek sets eyes on his enemy's stunning daughter Maya Blake has become one of my favourite Mills Boon authors and I have really enjoyed her The Untameable Greeks TrilogyI so liked book #1 Sakis Pantelides story and loved book #2 Arion Pantelides HEA so I couldn’t wait to get into Theo’s storylet’s just sayI adored it These Pantelides men are to die forTheo is tortured by his past and obsessed with revengehe will stop at nothing to destroy the man who caused him so much pain and fear when he was in his late teens Whatever it takes even if it means using his nemesis daughter The gorgeous Inez da Costai loved this character She’s so endearing and so likeableAnd I really really liked Theo Pantelides Despite the darkness in his life he’s actually incredible in the way he treats Inezhe has heart and so much in him to give Inez They are incredible and awesome couple – i really loved them togetherthe chemistry between them is totally awesome Loved the settingRio de Janeiroone of my favourite citiesFABULOUSThis is such a wonderful seriesand if you love Greek heroes yes they are my favourite heroes ever then read all about the Pantelides brothers They are just too fabulous for wordsOh before I forgetthe use of Portuguese is done really welli found only 1 mistakeand that's saying something because so often when authors use foreign wordsthey get it so wrongbut not hereWHATanother good surprise

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What the Greek wants mostG someone's mistress But it's a thin line between love and hate and soon Theo unlocks a desire virginal Inez never could have anticipated Now Theo and Inez will have to reconsider what it is they both want most of a Blake’s emotionally powerful story is based on betrayals and retribution beautifully staged in glittering Rio featuring some distinctive local flavor RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries The Untamable Greeks