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Lethal LiesE the undercover agent who's kidnapped her to prove his innocence isn't a traitor to the FBI And to help him she must deny their intense attraction as they run from two vengeful killers Her cap I read a fair amount of romantic suspense but kidnapped heroine plots tend not to work for me There's often way too much TSTL craziness involved for me to get sucked into the tension of the story It's also hard for an author to convince me that the kidnapper and the kidnappee have a healthy relationship together Not so with Lethal Lies I'll admit that I rolled my eyes when I read the back blurb but Lara Lacombe does a nice job both of creating tension and of making readers like her charactersDr Jillian Mahoney leaves her shift at the ER but the toughest part of her day is just beginning A mysterious man snatches her out of the parking lot and throws her into the back of a car telling her that she's there to help a friend with a gunshot wound And from there it just gets stranger and strangerWe learn early on that undercover FBI agent Alex Malcom had infiltrated one of DC's dangerous gangs and that a mole on the inside had sold him out in such a way that not only did his cover get blown to the gang but his colleagues were left thinking he'd betrayed them in an operation gone bad And the injured friend? None other than a gang contact who happens to know the truth Alex may despise him but he needs to keep him alive to clear his name And that's where Jillian comes inIt's an improbable setup but in an odd way it works Part of that comes from the author handling the romance with a very subtle touch Jillian starts off scared for her life not fantasizing about how Mr Kidnapper might be in bedThis is a partial review You can find the complete text at All About Romance

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Trusting the man she loves could cost her her life Putting her faith in someone who lies for a living isn't the safest thing Dr Jillian Mahoney has ever done But to stay alive she has to believ Dr Jillian Mahoney is kidnapped by undercover FBI agent Alex Malcolm to patch up a gang member Tony who he needs alive to help him prove that Alex isn't the traitor in the FBI that led to an operation going south with several law enforcement officers ending up dead The traitor is actually Dan Pryde who blames Alex for the training accident that left him in a wheelchair Now Alex and Jillian have the 3 Star Killer gang on their tails as well as Dan who needs to cover his tracks Adding a complication to their relationship is the fact that Alex knows the truth behind the tragic death of Jillian's brother Jason Jillian is unaware he's dead she just hasn't heard from him for two yearsFor an entry in the Romantic Suspense line which are generally just a bit too long this actually has a decent mixture of romance and suspense with the plot constantly in motion and a decent conflict between the two main characters However it's let down somewhat by the fact that we know from the get go who the mole is so the plot doesn't really hold many surprises well not as much as an Intrigue romance in any case My biggest beef is the fact that Alex kidnaps Jillian The choice is taken away from her to be involved in something that brings her in harm's way I just can't find the romance in that She willingly participates in helping Alex later yes but in many ways she still doesn't have a choice She wouldn't be in this position if Alex hadn't forced it upon her by putting his own needs before hers It was an obstacle I just couldn't fully get past

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Download Book À Lethal Lies Æ 288 pages Ì ❴Read❵ ➫ Lethal Lies Author Lara Lacombe – Trusting the man she loves could cost her her life Putting her faith in someone who lies for a living isn't the safest thing Dr Jillian Mahoney has ever done But to stay alive she has to believTor Alex Malcom has lived a life of lies some worse than others Still there's one truth he's reluctant to disclose to Jillian the woman of his dreams One that could stop their relationship cold Lethal Lies is much better than your average Harleuin Romantic Suspense The heroine Dr Jillian Mahoney is an emergency room doctor who is captured by a deep undercover FBI agent Lacombe gives the reader insight into Jillian's thought processes as she makes medical decisions when faced with the challenge of saving lives outside a hospital The medical science added realism and depth to the conflict Jillian facedAlex Malcom is a good man who went deep undercover to infiltrate gangs He didn't realize how difficult it would be to hide the part of him that was a decent and good man Lacombe lets us feel his pain as his assignment unravels around him and he struggles to salvage his career and his lifeI started this book and couldn't put it down I loved the science and romance in the story I'll be sure to look for Lara's next bookDisclaimer I won a free copy of Lethal Lies from a blog contest but that has not influenced my review in any way It's a great story