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Fear the Darkness Brigid uinn #2 characters Ú 108 ï ❮Read❯ ➹ Fear the Darkness Brigid uinn #2 ➼ Author Becky Masterman – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A breathtakingly original thriller from the most exciting new voice in American crime fictionBrigid uinn has been shot at stabbed in the spleen with a nA breathtakingly original thriller from the most Darkness Brigid eBook #184 exciting new voice in American crime fictionBrigid uinn has been shot at stabbed in the spleen with a nail file and used as serial killer bait But she’s always been able to trust her instincts a. Finally have come back to review this one This book is #2 in the Brigid uinn series and if you are thinking of reading these books I would recommend starting thereI fell so hard for Becky Masterman's debut novel that I found it unbelievable that I could like a follow up to the story as good boy was I wrong This story might have been EVEN BETTER than the first one We catch up with Brigid following the events of the previous book and life has calmed down a bit Her marriage seems to be doing well and she's made a few friends at their new local church A teenage son of a family who were formerly members of the church has died in a drowning Her friends seem to think as a former FBI agent that she could do a little investigating and bring the family some peace of mind Also Brigids beloved sister in law has just passed away and it is time for her to take ownership of a promise she made her to take in Brigid's teenage niece Gemma Kate At first all is well; but slowly odd things start to happen and Brigid is getting sick With the help of her husband Carlo and friend Mallory she begins investigating not only what really happened to the teenage boy but what is going on in her own house I was genuinely shocked by the who dun it in this one And I found myself a little sad to end the book because I felt like the characters had become old friends and I can't see them again until the next book is written All in all 2 fantastic books in this series; I'm anxious to read a third

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E she feels vulnerableWith a mass poisoning at the church a dead man in town and a grieving family convinced their son’s death wasn't an accident Brigid needs to put the pieces together – fast Because evil has entered her life once and it’s much closer than she thin. PI Brigid uinn is back but unlike in her first outing when she risked life and limb to catch a notorious killer this time the threat is a lot closer to home Nearing 60 Brigid is content with her life married to Carlo and with two Pugs life couldn't be better That will change when she agrees to let her teenage niece Gemma Kate stay with her after the death of her motherFirstly one of the Pugs will get badly sick and then after agreeing to look into death of a local boy a mass poisoning will occur at local church that kills one person Brigid is convinced Gemma Kate has not only caused her Pugs illness but is also responsible for the church incident She will also find herself getting sicker by the day as the thought comes Could her niece be the mastermind of all this unpleasantness or is the culprit someone else she just cant seeYou have to love Brigid She is a heroine who has no problems in taking down a man half her age and has a fabulously jaundiced view on life With potty mouthed one liners a plenty there is nothing she wont do to get a result Carlo is his usual loving self and Gemma Kate is brilliant as one who is trying to prove her innocence and find out what is happening While it could be argued the overall plot was a bit thin this is counteracted by solid characterisation What was trying was the slow start that took a fair while to get to the meat of the story Other than that this is a solid second outing for Becky Masterman and i hope it is not long before we are able to read adventures of Brigid's

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Fear the Darkness Brigid uinn #2Nd her FBI training to help her out of dangerNow retired from the Bureau and investigating the tragic death of a neighbour’s teenage son Brigid starts to suffer unexplained bouts of paranoia hallucination and memory loss And for the first Fear the PDFEPUBtime in her lif. In my review of Becky Masterman's first book I noted a few editorial problems It didn't bode well when I found one in the prologue of this book Brigid is in a trunk lying on her left side and on the next page her right arm has gone numb beneath me Is that anatomically possible Fortunately that was the only editorial problem I noticed in this bookI like Masterman's writing style and the voice she gives to Brigid I do like Brigid even though she's not the sharpest agent in the Bureau drawer Maybe she doesn't realize how soft she's gotten in retirement In this book I was baffled that she couldn't even figure out what was happening to her When she's off hiking having lunch or drinks at a friend's house visiting the ME's office or uestioning people I wonder what poor Carlo her husband is doing Does he wonder where she is all the timeSo now I've dipped my toe into Becky Masterman's pond Not sure I want to wade in any further Maybe I'll just assume Brigid finds the uiet happy life she's looking for