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For fans of NHLa raw and revealing account of roller coaster of a season of the Peterborough Petes – the launching pad for a record number of NHL stars including Steve Yzerman Tie Domi Roger Neilson Chris Pronger and Bob GaineyBut vi. This was a strange sort of book to me; it read as a 300 page newspaper article than any sort of coherent narrative which I assume has a lot to do with Arnold's long history as a reporter I did end up feeling for the overagers on this Petes team and laughing a little to myself as I saw the London team who won the OHL play in Saskatoon as well as seeing the Halifax team who won it all As an Edmonton Oil Kings fan it gave me appreciation for Pierog and Trojanovic against whom my team played in the Memorial Cup final And overwhelmingly it drove home the point that junior teams than any other need good management These are still just boys who are growing up while playing hockey not men already committed to a career I think that often gets lost in the look at results and points and goals but this brought it to the forefront All that being said the head office during this season was a joke and my belief is someone should have realized Pelino had lost the room well before Christmas break Hindsight remains as always 2020 however

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ShowtimeCtory is never guaranteed and after a disastrousseason The Petes agreed to give Ed Arnold unrestricted access throughout theseason offering an unprecedented behind the scenes look at one of the most storied hockey franchise in Canada a. I think Ed Arnold should write a book about every OHL team The themes presented in this book aren't uniue to the Petes all of the teams have struggles and victories and amazing stories to tell I think this book was an excellent mix of stats and play by plays combined with the personal lives secrets and feelings of all the people involved in an OHL franchise It's so much than just what fans see on the ice and in the media I liked that Arnold didn't hold back details when it came to players faults and the constant reminder that yes they are just kids I'd love for Arnold to write about Kingston yikes

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Free download Ð Showtime ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ä ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Showtime Author Ed Arnold – For fans of NHL 247 a raw and revealing account of roller coaster of a season of the Peterborough Petes – the launching pad for a record number of NHL stars including SteveNd a season marked by defections firings heartbreaking losses and incredible victories In the tradition of Next Man Up and Friday Night Lights Chasing Hockey Dreams uncovers the world of hockey as rising stars fight their way to the pr. A great synopsis of the ups and downs of a Junior hockey season Ed Arnolds book covers so many issues facing the 16 20 year old hockey player the team and the staff