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READ ↠ One Ride ☆ ➷ [Reading] ➹ One Ride By Chelsea Camaron ➬ – Librarian's Note This is an alternate cover for ASIN B00HG15RHMDelilah “Doll” Reklinger never imagined her life with anyone that wasn’t a Hellion She never imagined there would be a Hellion that Librarian's Note This is an alternate cover fLibrarian's Note This is an alternate cover for ASIN BHGRHMDelilah “Doll” Reklinger never imagined her life with anyone that wasn’t a Hellion She never imagined there would be a Hellion that could prove himself worthy enough to her father Roundman Hellions Club President Content in living in the bubble of safety the motorcycle club family has always provided Doll never thought that danger surrounded her Roundman has kept the Hellions contained for the last thirty years by controlling the chaos surrounding their lifestyle When the dangerous side to their business comes. CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERSOh wow Where do I start with this oneFirstly I thought I'd read this awhile ago turns out I'd read the blurb and was going to read the book but the previous cover put me off it was dreadful and now having read the book the characters on the cover were nothing like Tripp and Doll so I've no idea what was going on thereAlso I have to mention there's cheating in this book but about that laterSo Delilah is the Hellions princess her father Roundman is President and co creator of the MC so she's been protected her whole life along with her best friend Savannah who's father Danza is VPLong story short Delilah or Doll as she's known is threatened along with the club so to keep her safe Roundman sends her and Savannah Sass off with Tripp and Rex They go on a month long road trip now this makes a great introduction to this series butIt means this book doesn't really have much going on the main characters are removed from the situation and while we're kept up to date with what's happening through phone calls and texts I was left feeling I was missing outThis is firstly a romance and I also have a couple of issues with that Now as a reader I obviously know these two are going to end up together they don't know that so the first time they meet and the sparks fly between them Tripp takes someone else to bed that night okay so I'm not happy but I have to let that slide but later when they are actually having sex with each other he cheats on her and she sees him it's safe to say I was less happy I struggled with this through the rest of the book I also never fully connected with these two something felt missing I know their relationship is created on the road and then built on later over the phone but I never fully bought it and Tripp seemed to change his mind from“Drunk or sober this is one man that won’t be getting married anywhere Vegas or not”“For our date last night” I stiffen under her “Doll I don’t date” I reply with all honesty The disappointment crosses her face at my response Oh” The smile she had now gone You wanna do this we do this I’m not gonna chase you I’m not gonna wine and dine you If this is what you want we do it You get me I get you I don’t share and you don’t either The distance thing we’ll figure it out Your dad babe I don’t know but we face that too You gotta know though I don’t date You get me when I’m not on the road and can work it out We gotta eat I’ll take us to eat but I’m me I’m not gonna kiss your ass buy you gifts and worry about making a good impression You get me and I get you for what we can work out”So that's clear enough they can be together exclusively but no dating and no marriageBut then the next day“It’s everything She’s everything You want me to give her my property patch done You want her to move to Catawba I’ll take care of her You want me to marry her then take me to a courthouse a church or the god damn back yard I’ll put a ring on her finger and give her a new last name All that I’ll do gladly I’ll give her my fuckin’ world”Okay wow so that turnaround was so fast it left me spinning


His head knows this but his body can’t deny the attraction She’s feisty fierce and fearless Constantly in close confines together can they deny the chemistry Will they give into the desire Can one ride turn lust into love This book contains explicit sexual material adult language and situations not suitable for readers under the age of This book contains strong language and strong sexual situations Please do not buy if any of this if any of this offends you This is not meant to be a true or exact depiction of a motorcycle club rather a work of fiction meant to entertain. It's embarrassing what a pathetic loser the heroine is The hero screws around and even IN FRONT of her and yet she's constantly chasing him Seriously She could not be of a weak willed pathetic female character They are supposed to have this big attractionlustalmost love and yet he continues to RUT around with other women being the sleazy dirtbag that he is All under the usual guise of not being good enough Yeah OK Why are these women always written with NO backbone or self worth And always just blithely accepting these losers screwing around on them Oh and I love how he gets all self righteous angry says he doesn't share when another guy hits on her and yet it's perfectly ok with him to SCREW another woman in front of her in the hallway no less and she's supposed to just accept itUrghhh This was NOT the book for me I like sassy confident female leads with backbone who don't end up with rutting morons

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One RideKnocking on his door he realizes his precious Doll isn’t safe The Hellions code may be that women and children are off limits in any altercation or dispute but that doesn’t mean their enemies follow that same moral compass His only child now in danger from the association to him and his club Roundman makes a decision He sends her away with a charter club member that he trusts in hopes that the trouble won’t follow One ride across the country One simple ride Talon “Tripp” Crews has been ordered to take Doll on one ride away and to keep her safe She’s off limits. I am a huge MC fan After all I am married to a BikerI was given the opportunity to read this book ahead of time and all I can say is THANK YOU CHELSEA MC series have become popular and I will say that Chelsea has a uniue style of writing that I truly have become fond of I have not been disappointed yet I love Tripp and Doll's storyFirst off we meet a MC princess by the name of Delilah Doll Reklinger Like most if not all MC princesses she is not allowed to date or sleep with any members of the club and well really she can not sleep nor date any man in general Her dad Roundman is a bit over protective and tends to be a bit of a hot head Doll gets herself in the middle of a confrontation with a rival boss So when Doll is threatened we get to see just how hot headed Roundman can be Once she is threatened Roundman decides to send her out of town to keep her safe with Talon Tripp CrewsTripp is a man that Doll has had her eye on for a long time but he is a straight and arrow business kind of guy and tries to ward off his feelings for Doll because in the end he feels that it will cause nothing but problems for the both of themI love Doll she has a attitude and she does not put up with no ones crap she speaks what's on her mind and she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks Badass BitchTripp is one sexy bad ass biker with tattoos long hair and a attitude that will singe your panties right off yes I have a tiny bit of a crush on him LOL but GOD who wouldn'tThe sexual chemistry between them is so damn hotThis is a must read for MC lovers This book has it all from MC family lust best friends cousins not counting a few twist and turns I hope that once you get to read this book that you enjoy it and love it as much as I didChelesa thank you for an amazing book babe Can't wait for what you have in store for us next