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Bright Side Summary ¼ 102 à [Reading] ➶ Bright Side By Kim Holden – Secrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardshi Secrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than otSecrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardship and tragedy but throughout it all she. 45StarsDude I can't evenIt has been days Days I just can't but I gotta But I can't I must Numbness Feels Overload It's impossible Here I goI'm goingOkaySoMaybe it would be best if I started at the beginning It all started as a goodreads recommendationfrom Donna Donna The person I want to hug Punch in the face Hug Punch Damn you You owe me valiumand ice cream After the recommendation I read the synopsis Intriguing I also loved the fact that it only had three reviews I absolutely love new unknowns It's like a secret My secret I decided to give it a goI went There's no going back These feelings can't be unfeltI feelKate Sedgwick may be one of my favorite female characters of all time Let's face it female characters usually have the tendency to bewell they sometimes suck They're annoying I usually prefer the male characters I don't play well with others Wait Before you revoke my woman card or force me to burn my bra and roar it's kind of a common occurrence with female heroines They frustrate They annoy I'm sure the nations leading psychologists might theorize that my issues with female characters probably stem from a place of jealousy Damn straight They never deserve the guy My guy I tolerate them because without them there'd be no storyNot Kate I than tolerated Kate I adored Kate I loved Kate I was tied to everything she felt experienced Her character is unforgettable This story is unforgettable I feelThen there's Gus who I hear is getting his own book and Keller and Clayton and Stella and pretty much every character in this bookI Can't EvenThe love between Gus and Bright Side The love between her and Keller I felt everything The love was intoxicating Suffocating It hurt It healedSure the plot was predictable but nothing Nothing prepared me for the emotions I started crying during the last half sobbed my way through the final chapters but somehow I ended the book with a smile The hurt and emotions didn't cause me to break I endured I survived Each emotion was coupled with humor wit an amazing story and unforgettable characters Laugh Cry Heal Embark on this incredible journeyDO EPICMore reviews at

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Remains happy and optimistic there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side Kate is strong willed funny smart and musically gifted She’s also never believed in love So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small. First of all I get itTo all the people out there who say they don’t like these types of books books that make you hurt and feel and clutch your Kindle at 3 AM as tears blur your vision and you hope against hope that the character isn't headed towards what you think they're headed towards I get itLife is hard This world is a tough place Crappy things are happening out there things that break your heart on the evening news and sometimes it’s easier to just drift along and float above the clouds than to actually sink down deep and risk getting hurt There’s enough pain out there – why run towards rightBut Bright Side is worth the pain In Kate and Keller Kim Holden has created two remarkable characters and after you’re drawn in through their banter and connection you do start to fear for the worst You start to fear that you’ll be that person hurting and feeling and clutching your tear stained Kindle as you pray that The Almighty Worst won't happen And when it does it feels less like facing a gust of wind on a winter day than getting swamped by a frozen wave in the dead of January And that's not fun For anyoneBut that’s what makes us human right That’s what separates us from the rodents and the beasts and the swine isn't it We are elegant creatures capable of depth and empathy and heartbreak who clutch Kindles and hurt and feel – especially at 3 AM Especially in the hands of Kim HoldenEpically done Kim

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Bright SideTown of Grant Minnesota the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks They both feel it But they each have a reason to fight it They each have a secret And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you. If there was ever a book that proved I have a black heart it's this one I felt nothing I was bored