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Kindle Ï Û Sarah Drew The Feminine Mysteries Long ForgottenAn Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed wwwGaiaCodexcom Both an ancient found wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women the Priestesses of Astera Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance as well as an inspired vision of humanity's origins and of the potential we hold for conscious evolutionThe StoryLila Sophia had heard the whispered tales stories of an ancient lineage of women the Priestesses of Astera who through the rise and fall of civilizations have protected codes of cultural and planetary rejuvenation the Secrets to Life Although these women have lived in every culture few have known of their existence until now Born onto a planet in the throes of environmental and social crises Lila's life implodes when her mother Dominiue suddenly dies and Lila is left with a mysterious illuminated manuscript that reveals that Lila is both a priestess and a genetic experiment called the Metamorphosis Project a fusion of alchemy and magic designed to rebalance humanity's relationship with the Mother Earth In search of her sister priestesses and further understanding of her origins Lila journ A friend loaned me this novel I read it yesterday The prose is like a song; a lyric poem It's an ode to sisterhood and the ancient wisdom of women but the story is thin with no threat unlike the real story of women's wisdom through the ages

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Download Gaia Codex Book À 352 pages ´ Sarah drew ð [Reading] ➮ Gaia Codex ➶ Sarah Drew – The Feminine Mysteries Long ForgottenAn Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed wwwGaiaCodexcom Both an ancient found wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel Gaia Codex reveals the hidden his Eys from the mythic countryside of Glastonbury to Delphi to an ancient hidden temple in the center of Paris and finally into the heart of the jungle On her uest Lila learns how to use her mutation to benefit Life She also must decide between two passionate loves a wise and beautiful sister priestess Rhea and a mysterious man Theo who has been waiting for her for millenniaExplore More wwwGaiaCodexcomOEARLY REVIEWS Sarah Drew's Gaia Codex has the ring of truth disguised as fiction Gripping urgent in its message and rich with relatable characters Gaia Codex transported me to a world so radiant that I was disheartened to come back to reality even in my disappointment about how many of us have tragically lost touch with our divine nature and with Mother Earth I am filled with hope that one day such fiction might become real life Lissa Rankin MD New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself 
Gaia Codex is a deep journey into the past and future to discover how we can live right now Sarah Drew reveals not only the beauty of nature but the better instincts of human nature to be key Gaia Codex will deepen your love of this living planet and commitment to the great work ahead Randy Hayes founder Rainforest Action NetworkAt this critical time in hu This is a very weird book In many ways it is written deliberately to challenge perceptions of the reader and to help you get out of your comfort zone It is slightly confusing in the beginning to be fair but the story develops interesting it becomes I already want to re read it as I noticed that listening to in for the first time I got somewhat carried away and in places then a little emotional if I can be completely honest If you can allow your imagination to fly you will enjoy the wild ride this book will freely give to you How your journey will end or continue is entirely up to you

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Gaia CodexMan history an essential navigational instrument for our way forward is the renewal of our stories Gaia Codex is an exuisite novel transmitted as a long forgotten text and incantation reconnecting us to our living mother planet and feminine wisdom Transformative and beautiful Osprey Orielle Lake founder Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and award winning author of Uprisings for the EarthGaia Codex is truly a terma a sacred found text for our times Brilliant Moving Captivating Enchanting Illuminating Fabulous I laughed I cried I was transported into an altered state where every word echoed through my cells and awakened knowings and memories of the ages The world you have imagined resonated in the very fabric of my being It is not imagined It is a dream reawakened It is ten thousand lifetimes remembered and retold anew Thank you for this GiftCynthia Jurs founder Earth Treasure Vase Project and Alliance for the EarthI LOVE this book GAIA CODEX is a brilliant timeless history of the Divine Feminine and provides an empowering map to better understand where we have come from and where we are going I believe all ages and inclinations will be fed by your offering I am grateful for what you have done It is exuisite Thank youKimberly Carter Gamble Producer Director THRIVE the Movie CEO Clear Compass Med An amazingly beautiful book of truths