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Histories unravelled turning fact into fiction and changing the course of the future He isn’t there to grieve the man that despised him and his stay will be short lived but lured back to face his past by the beautiful Chastity Roman is determined to take her into his bed The attraction is instant Book #2 The Kindle #208 the chemistry electric and he knows if he can get her alone there will be only one outcome Chastity Evangelista usually lives up to her name with a list in place for the ultimate prize she’s determined to secure but she doesn’t count on her dangerous and immediate response to the prodigal brother riddled with complexities and. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewRoman starts off where Lucas ended but this time the story is focused on Chastity Roman and Charlie of course We get a bigger glimpse in to the lives of all the brothers in this book We also get to see a little about how Jess Lucas and Dex are doing I love all the characters in this series They are all so different in their own way and it's amazing how effortless the Author does thisI was really excited about this book because Roman is so mysterious and I love mysterious men He is sexy as sin a bad boy in the military with striking blue eyes and he carries around a duffel bag full of guns What can a girl ask for in a bad boy Chastity was really interested in Charlie in the first book Lucas so when she comes across Roman on her way to the Hunter estate and their chemistry is off the charts it's surprising but totally hot As much as I love Charlie I was really rooting for Roman and Chastity I love that Roman brings out the softer and sexually adventurous side to Chastity Chastity is a tough girl and doesn't settle for anything less than the best but even knowing Roman will have to leave soon she disregards her rules And Chastity brings out the sweeter caring side to Roman which is unheard of But will he be able to give up his sordid lifestyle and break old bad habits for her Charlie is still interested in Chastity too and although he has his own issues has all the ualities Chastity wants in a man So how will she handle these two gorgeous Hunter brothers This story was so hot I loved Chastity and Romans bedroom games and I seriously wanted I was so upset at the ending though There is a cliffy Lucas didn't have a cliffy but my oh my does this one have one I am dying to find out what happensIt's a great book though

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Roman Book #2 The Hunter Brothers SeriesSizzling with sex appeal He’s an unknown uantity and she doesn’t do those He’s a weekend hook up and she doesn’t do those He is also Book #2 The Hunter Brothers PDF or the brother of the man with whom she hopes her future lies But when an unforeseen twist changes Charlie’s outlook irrevocably Chastity is left with a choice to make Roman is Book two Book #2 The Hunter Brothers PDF or in The Hunter Brothers series a collection of full length erotic romance novels designed to be read in order ‘Lucas’ is the first title in the series of this hot new releaseDue to strong language and sexual content this novel is recommended for readers ove. A family tragedy calls Roman home but he has no intention to see his brothers The secret his father kept weighing heavily on him and is a burden he'd rather shoulder alone His uiet contemplation is interrupted by Chas the strangest sexiest most mesmerizing woman he's ever met She needs directions to where no where other than his family homeThe chance encounter has Roman changing travel plans but his life choices has him no where for long can Chas change that Is Chas ready to sacrifice her list for the gorgeous rogue HunterHot story warning cliff hanger

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Roman Book #2 The Hunter Brothers Series Read & download Á E-book, or Kindle E-pub  [KINDLE] ✿ Roman Book #2 The Hunter Brothers Series By L.J. Dee – ROMAN Book #2 The Hunter Brothers series ‘Roman was an enigma a puzzle; wrapped in a hot hard body tormentedROMAN Book The Hunter Brothers series ‘Roman #2 The Epub #220 was an enigma a puzzle wrapped in a hot hard body tormented eyes and a soft full mouth that screamed pure sin Even here where the love for him was so palpable you could feel it he was distant Unfortunately he was also captivating compelling and impossible to ignore I was here for Charlie Roman had other ideas This was going to be one hell of a weekend’ When the mysterious Roman returns to Roman Book ePUB #9734 the family estate in the aftermath of his father’s funeral his revelations threaten the very foundations of the Hunter family shaking it to its core Secrets are revealed and. The Hunter brothers story continues where it left off in Lucas Chastity is on her way to lend her sister a hand withafter the brothers fathers funeral on route she meets a hot guy in the cemetery Unbeknown to her he's one of the brothers Up to the point where she's describing their encounter to her sister Chastity remained the character I liked so much in the first book but as the story continues she's fast became annoying Where the heck went the strong assertive decisive and like I described in the first book a hoot goThe elusive Roman has returned and truths are outed within the family and importantly between himself and his brother Charlie Prev book Chas and Charlie were close flirty friends Chas and Roman get it on and no word about it their hot together she knows it's a fling but she is gutted when he takes offNow the tricky bit what I just didn't get was that Chas had a list of what she wants in a man and kept Charlie at arms length in the first book This book she has feeling for both brothers The plot didn't move very far forward and I'm left waiting now to find out wtf is gonna happen in Charlie's book