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Read & download Ç The People Could Fly Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø [Read] ➳ The People Could Fly By Virginia Hamilton – “THE PEOPLE COULD FLY” the title story in Virginia Hamilton’s prize winning American Black folktale collectioHer previously unpublished notes are includedAwards for The People Could Fly collectionA Coretta Scott King AwardA Booklist Children’s Editors’ ChoiceA School Library Journal Best Books of the YearA Horn Book FanfareAn ALA Notable BookAn NCTE Teachers’ ChoiceA New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of the Ye. For me I really loved this story Why Well after I read this folktale it taught a lesson that means a lot It taught that even though you are going through the worst conditions always have hope As we have seen the story “The People Could Fly” is a folktale due to the fact that it meets all the reuirements it must contain to be a folktale First of all a folktale needs to be passed from generation to generation like your grandparents told it to your parents and your parents told it to you In this story it clearly states it when the story mentions “They say that the children that could not fly told their children” pg 67 lines 122 123 A well developed folktale must always include supernatural powers A useful example would be as the story follows “And they flew like blackbirds over the fields” pg 63 lines 3 4 A folktale should have a theme or it could also explain why things are the way they are In the story it says “Then many people were captured for slavery” pg 63 line 6 It explains that black people were forced to slavery Last but not least a good folktale must always focus on one specific culture In this story it’s Africa “Say that long ago in Africa where some of the people knew magic” pg 63 lines 2 3 After reviewing the story “The People Could Fly” it is definitely a folktale I would definitely recommend this book so that other people can learn what I learnedGuillermo Alba

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“THE PEOPLE COULD FLY” the title story in Virginia Hamilton’s prize winning American Black folktale collection is a fantasy tale of the slaves who possessed the ancient magic words that enabled them to literally fly away to freedom And it is a moving tale of those who did not have the opportunity to “fly” away who re. The people could fly is a folktale because it has all four parts it needs for it to be one Its past from generation to generationYes because on page 67 lines 122 123 it clearly saysThey say who could not fly told about the people that could fly to their childrenPeople cant fly so that is another part of a folktale which is super natural powers are icludededOn page 65 line 62 she is flying on the air with her wings Thats not normal that people fly Thirdly for it to be a folktale it has to iclude a lesson what he wants the reader to learn is that theres always hopeOn page65 lines 58 59 it is showed At last there has to be icluded traditions and cultureOn page 63 it saysSays that long in AfricaThat means the protagonists are from Africa Also were it saysMany of the people were captured for slaveryOn page 63 line 6 it is statedThis means they are Africans during slavery time in the US For me it was a well made book that tried to tell to the people that everything is possible I do recommend this book for those who enjoy reading folktales A Wolf and Little Daughter 1st DraftA Wolf and Little Daughter to ok place in Little Daughters house and the forestal Papa who lives with Little Daughter told her not to go outside in the forest alone because there was a Wolf that could kill her bit Little Daughter didnt followed Papa's instructions When Little Daughter was picking un flowers in the forest she san the Wolf who was getting closer and closer The Wolf asked Little Daughter to sing the song she was singing before while she was picking up the flowers He told her to sing the song again and again and then when Little Daughter Pit a pat away from the Wolf she shut the door when the wolf was comino behind herThe folktale that I got is A Wolf and Little Daughter and it is a folktale because it has all the four elements for it to be one First of all it has supernatural powers when the wolf sayssing that sweetest song he is talking and that is supernatural Also folktales are past from generation to generation In the first page were it says Authors Study the author says that these story's were just told and that she found them in old manuscripts Thirdly it tells a lesson Yes it does when it says Papa didn’t want Little Daughter to run in the forest where there were wolves on the first paragraph of the first page The lesson is that you can never be alone and have to obey orders At last it includes culture and traditions but you can only infer that from the illustrations because it is not stated in the text

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The People Could FlyMained slaves with only their imaginations to set them free as they told and retold this taleLeo and Diane Dillon have created powerful new illustrations in full The People PDF or color for every page of this picture book presentation of Virginia Hamilton’s most beloved tale The author’s original historical note as well as. People could Fly is a folktale because it has the 4 things that makes it up; no author having super powers had a lesson or a message and is based on a culture No author; you may get confused in this one because in the book it says folktale by but the thing is that she re wrote the story as an folktale Having super powers; the title itself says is The super power was flying which was stated on pg 65 line 21 Had a lesson message; if you believe in yourself anything can be possible; they had hope that they could fly and had their freedom Based on a culture; in the first page it says that is written of african american culture which we know because on pg 1 line 10 talks about africans as slaves My opinion about this book is that if you like tough story and super natural powers you may like the book but I don't like neither of them that why a rated it as 3 stars In the other hand I liked the story because of the lesson; believe in yourself Maria Carolina Prida 7A