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Grandfather a once brilliant lawyer is brought out of retirement and flies to Bangkok to fight a case in a city where justice is bought and sold to the highest bidder and corruption is the oil that greases the wheels in the Land of Smiles Running out of time and unable to find the only witness he searches for anot. Michael Walker an artist in Thailand is being accused of a crime he didn't commit This will take you on a crazy ride with a cliffhanger at the end Looking forward to the second book

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Lost InnocenceHer way to succeed in what seems a hopeless case Meanwhile in order to survive the most appalling conditions in jail Michael and John must make the best of a dire situation as they wait for their separate fates to be decided Will justice be served or will they see out the next ten years in that hell hole of a priso. 35 full review to followLost Innocence is the first part of a story set in Thailand We join Michael in a Bangkok prison From reading Lost Innocence I have certainly been given a lasting idea of the lives these inmates endured within the prisonWe learn that Michael is there due to a claim that he has raped and beaten an underage Thai girl Michael says that he was only sketching the girl and he remembers her leading him to his bed where he fell asleep without touching the girlMichael's options are slim he can pay a substantial amount of money to be released or he can stay in prison and await a trial Michael chooses to stay in prison and fight the charges; which leads to his father and grandfather coming out to Thailand tooCan they prove Michael's innocenceThis is my first book by Simon that I've read and the first on this subject After talking to Simon on Facebook I was intrigued and decided to try it I have enjoyed reading something so different The book was full of details and this helped me to picture the scenes in my own headSimon has done a grand job of transporting me into the heart of this story I can honestly say that I felt as though I was experiencing the hell of prison with MichaelMichael's father; Stan and Grandfather; Nigel appear to have a strained relationship but I'm unsure why; maybe this needs a little bit of a back story; unless its in part 2There is also some swapping between first and third person narrative which doesn't uite work for me personally especially as the first person tends to be Michael who is stuck in prison so isn't the main character all the way throughSimon has paid attention to detail throughout and his descriptions of some events are detailed and in depth Aside from my uncertainty over Stan and Nigel's relationship and the firstthird person narrative this is a good book and a really good place to startI have enjoyed reading Lost Innocence and I will read the next installment to see how things pan out for Michael

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summary Lost Innocence ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ù [Reading] ➸ Lost Innocence Author Simon Palmer – Michael an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn’t commit and John a self confessed heroin smuggler are brought together in the primitive and over crowded prison infamously known Michael an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn’t commit and John a self confessed heroin smuggler are brought together in the primitive and over crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON Michael fights for his freedom while John resigned to his fate wants only to regain his dignity Michael's. A truly gritty raw read on the terror and horrors of imprisonment in a different country with completely different laws This author knows how to write scenes that become complete pictures in your mind I felt every creepy crawly slithering across the floor and up the characters limbs I cringed at the terrible living and health conditions The characters were wrote in explicit detail and I could relate to them all I felt the despair and utter fatigue in Michael as he fought to survive in such conditions Michael is a honorable man and I commend him on his crusade to persevere the injustice of wrongful misdeeds I will continue on to see if these heroes will save the day and bring the downfall to the political corruption in this action packed storyThank You Simon Palmer