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Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 Stories characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ➱ [Read] ➬ Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 Stories By Eoin Colfer ➼ – To celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi on to our screens as the newly regenerated Doctor this collection of Doctor WhRick Ness starring Five Peter DavidsonSomething Borrowed by Richelle Mead starring Six Colin BakerSpore by Alex Scarrow starring Eight Paul McCannThe Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson starring Nine Christopher EcclestonThe Mystery of the Haunted Cottage by Derek Landy starring Ten David TennantNothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman starring Eleven Matt SmithLights Out by Holly Black starring Twelve Peter Capal. I'm going to review each story as I read it because I think it will take me some time and I don't want to forgetFirst Doctor A Big Hand for the DoctorI'm not well versed in the First Doctor's stories but this brought him a little closer to my heart He is proper and smart and full of love for his granddaughter but he doesn't have any patience for nonsense as though he's already seen it all and he still has at least a dozen or so regenerations after this that we know of Despite being only 70 pages the story feels complete with all problems solved and no gaps with rooftop fights and aliens and technology The Doctor is a complete character and I didn't feel like I had to know anything else about him to enjoy the story I can totally imagine this as an actual episode for the First Doctor though the references to 21st century things is awesome Second Doctor The Nameless CityThe Second Doctor is described in this story as an unmade bed with his mussed hair and crooked bow tie and he's a little flaky but very endearing The story was good but then again when you basically retell HP Lovecraft you're almost guaranteed a hit The Nameless City the Necronomicon the tentacledbeaked ancient oneyep all we needed was for Lovecraft to appear to witness it all a la A Big Hand for the Doctor's ending The city itself reminded me of the Time TombsShrike Temple and the glass apes were like Shrikes themselves from the Hyperion Cantos While I appreciate getting to know the Second Doctor better the story was too unoriginal to leave a lasting impression in my mind Third Doctor The Spear of DestinyNot a bad little story tying in several famous spears as alien tech Also get to briefly see the Third Doctor in hand to hand combat I think I would have enjoyed it as a novel long story Fourth Doctor The Roots of EvilA short and tidy story; the Fourth Doctor wasn't as distinct in this one which saddens me because Tom Baker is a fan favorite for a reason I love Leeta too but the best part of this story is an appearance from Eleven and when the main character is Four that's not saying much Fifth Doctor Tip of the TongueThe story is great but the Doctor only makes three short appearances and says maybe five sentences the entire time I was excited to go on an adventure with the dashing Fifth Doctor but he wasn't really there It kind of reminded me of Blink where some random human is the main character but unlike that episode the Doctor didn't engage said random human to help solve a mystery I forget his companion's name I'm not sure he ever said it Sixth Doctor Something BorrowedThe Sixth Doctor was always too mercurial for me but I really liked him in this story He was undoubtedly 100% Colin Baker as Six the author not only understood him but made him as animated on the page as he was in the show His companion Peri narrates the story in first person which is brilliant for several reasons we get an intimate portrait of the Doctor; we can see for ourselves that this companion is intelligent well matched refreshingly sarcastic and still cares deeply about him; and because we as readers are by default his companions Peri represents us well There's also a depth of character in this Doctor that's difficult to achieve in 68 pages So far this and the First Doctor's story are the best at representing the Doctor Seventh Doctor The Ripple EffectThere wasn't much to this story but Seven and Ace were presented well and there was something deeply disturbing yet kind of magical about seeing Daleks as a kind benevolent and intelligent species If there was time or a novel length instead of short story to explore it I think it'd be fun to see this play out like the Dreamweaver episode with ElevenRoryAmy where Seven and Ace aren't sure if the nice Dalek or the bad Dalek reality is true Eighth Doctor SporeIt's true I hold Eight to a higher standard because I'm desperately in love with him so maybe Spore wouldn't be so bad as another Doctor's story but it's a huge disappointment for Eight Eight is terse and romantic charming as fck and a little bit silly At least he's supposed to be In Spore a spore thing drifts to earth and we discover it's kind of like if a Marvel Comics symbiote like Venom didn't need a host but could build itself using DNA from a liuified body There are three phases of this Spore liuify all organic matter in a set range gather all liuid to create a brain and defensive creatures then ask the most intelligent inhabitants of the planet One uestion if they answer that uestion correctly the Spore self destructs and leaves the planet alone If they don't answer correctly the planet isn't intelligent enough to live and it'll take over everything This part was actually pretty cool it's an interesting premise and it had a horror story feel to it But then the Doctor shows up alone He walks calmly to the commotion sits down with the man in charge and calmly explains the situation Then he walks calmly into the infected town finds one military team survivor and sits her down and calmly explains the situation to her Then he walks calmly out into the night to find the growing Symbiote Brain because it's ready to ask the uestion and he has to try to answer it He finds the Brain and has a lovely calm conversation with it and saves the day Then they walk calmly back to the man in charge The lady he saved looks at the stars all googly eyed and waxes poetic about how she'd love to explore the universe The Doctor tells her Oh your species will get there in a few decades you can probably explore it then Cheerio And leaves without her I suspect she shows up later as a character thought I can't remember exactly But his refusal to take her is a complete turnaround from several regenerations later where Eleven has to literally force Clara into the Tardis to travel with him Also the uestion is to explain the ratio 1812 which I first thought was clever because I misremembered it as the God Ratio or Golden Ratio but it isn't It's nothing it's made up So basically this Eight wasn't really Eight and his part of the story was boring and while the villain was terrifying it was a familiar villain Ninth Doctor The Beast of BabylonPerfectly Nine He's mad and cares too much smiles crazily and beats up bad guys The last chapter made me cry Right up there with the stories for One and Six Tenth Doctor The Mystery of the Haunted CottageThis story was better than most of the DW novels I've read It's also the most hilarious of this collection yes I'm saying that before reading Twelve's story and Derek Landy's clever and funny bio should have been a huge give away If not for the apparent awesomeness of Ten and Martha the best part would have been the nods to books Martha has read I'm going to read this aloud to my husband; it's definitely worth sharing Eleventh Doctor Nothing O'ClockI'd read this one before in Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warnings It's creepy than it is fun but the Doctor and Amy are true to character and it really is a clever story Reminds me of Coraline but that doesn't surprise me Good Eleven good story Twelfth Doctor Lights OutClara has tainted all my opinions of Twelve and his episodes as bad She's supposed to be the voice of the audience but she has to be dragged on adventures The initial mystery of her existence isn't compelling enough to compensate for her complete lack of personality and once the Doctor figures out the Impossible Girl gag me all we have left is a pretty and reluctant magician's assistant She treats the Doctor like a child and this is possibly her most unforgivable trait she's boring She doesn't have Amy's ferocity or Martha's logic or Rose's heart She's never the first to jump into something and often than not she seems downright annoyed with the Doctor So when I realized Lights Out was a story without Clara I saw it as an opportunity to actually get to know Twelve without the weight of his most useless companion And you know what He's fantastic He's cocky and sympathetic he's mature and endearingly clueless And the story itself is complete; I love that he promoted someone to temporary companion status and I love that while it seemed cute and kind it was part of his plan kept neatly hidden until the end reveal So Overall I really liked this collection One Six Nine Ten and Twelve were the best stories and now that I'm thinking about it they're so great because they're true to their Doctor I wouldn't have needed a physical description of any of them to know who they were Highly recommended for fans of DW

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To celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi on 12 Doctors eBook #8608 to our screens as the newly regenerated Doctor this collection of Doctor Who short stories each written by a different author now includes an extra brand new twelfth adventure as part of the Doctors Stories paperback anthology Offering the perfect addition to the top selling series the twelfth story Lights Out has Doctor Who PDF been penn. These were SOMUCH fun Naturally as it's a collection of short stories I loved some than others but all of them were a fun adventure even if a couple had some major writing problemsThe only story that I felt was seriously lacking was the First Doctor story The adventure was interesting but it was easy to tell that the story was originally intended to be for a later Doctor The thoughts and speech patterns sound nothing like the First Doctor Susan is MAJORLY underdeveloped and the adventure itself is nothing like a canon First Doctor story And the Doctor's viewpoints on humanity given that it takes place pre Ian and Barbara are very out of place with what is known from the show's visual canonStories that were amazing and deserving of noteThe Third Doctor Spear of Destiny Jo and Three are written WONDERFULLY And there's even a cameo appearance from the Brigadier And Master shenanigansThe Sixth Doctor Something Borrowed Richelle Mead was a surprisingly GREAT writer for Six While I enjoyed Vampire Academy I had mixed feelings about how well Mead could do with something like this But she wrote it in first person from Peri's perspective which is an INSPIRED choice And she wrote Peri and her relationship with the Doctor PERFECTLY I was SOHAPPY Cos Peri is in my top 3 favourite companions and I would be pissed if anyone messed her upThe Seventh Doctor The Ripple Effect The most pure sci fi of all the stories Alternate time lines and re written histories and Ace calling the Doctor on his prejudicial crap What's not to loveThe Ninth Doctor The Beast of Babylon An inspired choice by Charlie Higson to set the story in between the Doctor's two attempts to convince Rose to travel with him And Ali the one off companion as a totally open DoctorRose shipper stole my heart She knew the truth of it One adventure with Rose and the poor Ninth Doctor was already a hopelessly in love Time Lord The poor boy In addition to that my inner history nerd was totally jumping around in happiness over the Babylonian cultural historymythology BooyahThe Tenth Doctor The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage First it's Ten and Martha on an adventure and I can never read enough of that Also there were numerous references to the Second Doctor serial The Mind Robber which is my top 5 serials of all time And we got wonderful little nuggets about the book series that Martha obsessed over at different parts of her life And it was nerd heaven and WONDERFUL I died laughing at the Twilight bitThe Eleventh Doctor Nothing O'Clock It's Neil Gaiman and the Eleventh Doctor No one writes Eleven as well as Gaiman and this story is a prime example of why Wonderfully creepy and always reminding the reader why DW has lasted over 50 years he's always the smartest man in the room even when you think he's not God this story had some serious atmosphere

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Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 StoriesEd by self professed Doctor Who fan and best selling female sci fi writer Holly BlackStories IncludedA Big Hand For The Doctor by Eoin Colfer starring One William HartnellThe Nameless City by Michael Scott starring Two Patrick TroughtonThe Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedgwick starring Three Jon PertweeThe Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve starring Four Tom BakerTip of the Tongue by Who 12 Doctors Epub #221 Pat. Grab your fez and bow tie and sonic and curl up with this fantastic read 12 Doctors 12 Stories takes you back to the timey wimey world that the Doctor travels in and pulls the reader into the story The collection once only available as E Books features all 12 Doctors but unfortunately the War Doctor which many of us might want to know about is not included in the collection of stories This collection features an array of companions like ones from the show ex Amy Pond and ones that are not from the show ex The Ninth Doctor's story; Ali Over all I thoroughly enjoyed curling up and reading this big collection of stories and I actually learned a lot from it For example I never knew or heard about The Spear of Destiny I read the story and a week later I saw a program on it it didn't give the spear's name to surprise the audience and I jumped up and yelled It's the Spear of Destiny and I told my dad about it and he was like Oh really What do you know about it and I explained it; he was impresses and gave me a high five for explaining it in such detail It really broadens your mind and gives the reader not only a chance to read but a chance to expand their knowledge A WORD OF CAUTION DO NOT READ THE EIGHTH DOCTOR'S STORY Spore AT NIGHT