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E is a study in contrasts and his confident and protective nature make Jessica feel safe and adored At the same time her beauty brains and boldness fuel his passion The time he spends with her the he believes their reunion was no coincidence but she's been hurt before And Jake will need every skill at his disposal to convince her they're meant to be togeth. I have to start by saying that I am almost positive that the blurb has been revised since I initially signed up to review this book and for the better I recall thinking it sounded a bit cheesy and over the top but I thought it would make for a rather entertaining read The new blurb is a much better reflection of Hardworking Man as a serious romance – although the mechanical references certainly elicited some unexpected chuckles on my part During the summer after their high school graduation Jake and Jessica spent a week together right before she left for college Jessica was determined to make sure that she would not look back on their time together with regret and lived out her fantasies with him For Jake Jessica was the one who got away While they didn’t pine for one another they certainly remembered their time together As such Jessica wasn’t uite prepared to see Jake again when she learned that he was the tech she was going to be interviewing for the next two weeks Once they both realized that the spark between them was still there Jessica agreed to see Jake again as long as they could be discreet – being a woman working in a male dominated industry knowledge that she was sleeping with one of her interviewees despite their history could destroy her career While they were discreet they were most certainly adventurous Boy howdy does Jake know how to get a woman’s engine going The sex scenes are aplenty pertinent to the storyline and freaking HOTMs Oliver has written a sexy romance with an intelligent heroine and a Hardworking Man with callouses on his hands I actually loved that Jessica was turned on by Jake’s job and the callouses and clinging smell of gas and grease that accompanied it Not every leading man can be a business suit wearing billionaire or a bad boy biker so Jake’s profession was a nice change of pace and added a level of realism to the romance that made it that much enjoyable for me I really liked Ms Oliver’s style of writing and I look forward to reading of her work I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers

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Hardworking ManThere are few things in life enticing than a hardworking man especially when that man is heavy euipment service technician Michael Jake Jacoby With some of the best hands in the industry Jake spends his days breathing life into dead machinery When he agrees to work on a repair and maintenance manual with a corporate hired technical writer he has no idea he. Mmmmmmm there's something just so sexy about a real man's man one who's not afraid to get his hands dirtyor getting dirty with a woman Back when they were just kids Michael Jake Jacoby and Jessica Cooper shared a brief but scorching summer fling before heading off to college Seventeen years later the two are thrown back together on the job when Jess has to interview Jake for a heavy euipment manual she's working on As a freelance technical writer Jess is all about keeping her reputation spotless and that means that no matter how much she wants to jump Jake's bones he's strictly hands off Too bad Jake isn't about to take no for an answer especially when he realizes that Jess very well may be the one Convincing her to give them a real shot is going to take a lot of hard work but Jake's never shied away from doing what needs done HARDWORKING MAN started off with a salute to the Stone Temple Pilots one of my favorite bands of all time so immediately I was smiling over this story and picturing my own high school time spent making out in a car There's nothing uite like a book about a REGULAR Joe warts and all and I appreciated the real factor that Ms Oliver gave us with both Jake and Jess Jake's got Jess' 4 C's in spades compassion confidence confrontation when necessaryand hands filled with calluses He's an everyday guy who falls in love with an everyday girl Jess being a perfect fit to his rough around the edges persona She was refreshing and I loved how she was so honest and upfront about her wants and needs Speaking of wants and needs wooooWEEE I NEEDED a cold shower after some of those sex scenes Between their incredible chemistry and the fireworks that ignited whenever the two of them made love I could've sworn my ereader was about to melt HARDWORKING MAN is a good book nothing earth shattering or uniue but well written and sexy My only eye roll came with the abundance of engine or technician puns thrown out there Even so HARDWORKING MAN is a great way to spend an Indian summer weekend relaxing in the sunshine

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Hardworking Man Summary ñ 108 Ë [Read] ➫ Hardworking Man ➳ Kat Oliver – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk There are few things in life enticing than a hardworking man especially when that man is heavy euipment service technician Michael Jake Jacoby With some of the best hands in the industry Jake spends h There are few things in life enti’ll be reunited with Jessica Cooper his post high school fling A misunderstanding throws a wrench in their initial meeting but they soon pick up where they left off seventeen years ago with Jake's touch keeping Jessica running on all cylindersWhile producing enough heat to weld steel their feelings for one another uickly intensify Tender and dominant Jak. You know you’ve read a good book when you finish with a sigh hug your Kindle to your chest and bask in the afterglow That was my experience after finishing Hardworking Man by Kat OliverThis read was fun from start to finish Oliver’s writing is humorous tight and professionally edited The steamy scenes had me hot under the collar for sure and there were plenty of them to choose from The chemistry between Jake and Jessica is what every woman dreams aboutI especially love Oliver’s knack for dialog She writes reader ready dialog that sounds just like people sound Nothing stilted or overdone here Jake is a blue collar technician who works on heavy machinery—aka a grease monkey—and he talks like one Brief to the point sexy and alpha He can be tender too but only with Jessica which is probably the sexiest thing of allBoth characters have emotional baggage to provide some conflict as their relationship develops There’s also the whole no dating coworkers thing going on since Jessica is a contracted employee of Jake’s company while they’re working together on the technical manual Jessica is super career driven and she refuses to let her feelings for Jake cause potential work related problems This is a good foundation for conflictThat said I found the conflict a bit lacking toward the ¾ mark I found myself still excited about the great writing and the sex scenes but I was getting a little bored plot wise This light on conflict feeling is the reason I docked a star But otherwise this was a lovely read that made me mentally swoon time and time againJake is the perfect guy and Jessica’s the perfect woman for him Oliver compares their chemistry to a perfectly running engine and that’s part of the charm of this novel Both characters love cars and big machines In one scene Jake explains lubrication to Jessica and she is captivated—that might have a little to do with him using than just his voiceThe romance in this one is top notch and sure to rev your engine If you like speed and great mechanical analogies and don’t mind steam than conflict You Need to Read Hardworking ManThis review appears on You Gotta Read Reviews