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READ ☆ Chasing the Sun ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Chasing the Sun Author Nikki Mathis Thompson – When Ian Radcliffe gets the opportunity to leave town to consult on the project of his career he’s doesn’t think twice He loads his dog and guitar into the back of the Jeep and flips Dallas the bi When Ian Radcliffe S fell in love with Ian in Rebound and Resilient This is his story and his chance at a love of his own It won’t come easy like he always thought it would But nothing good comes easyat least nothing worthwhileHold onto your hammocks girls your favorite nice guy is taking center stage It’s Ian’s turn to get the girlor twoChasing the Sun is a word novella and although this is a spinoff of the Rebound series it can be read as a stand alone. Did somebody say Ian Radcliffe Give me a minute while I swoonTo me there's nothing sexier than a tall dark hunk of a man who is a genuine nice guy assertive in the bedroom and ahem can play the guitar which is why Ian became a book boyfriend way back in the days of Rebound and which is also why I couldn't wait to get my paws on a copy of Chasing the Sun The story of Ian continues in Austin a uirky Texas town where Ian takes on a temporary assignment with his architecture firm He uickly meets two ladies both strong female characters both unconventional beauties who uickly spin their webs and trap him right in the middle of confusion Does he want friendship Does he want love Does he want a uickie wham bam thank you ma'am You'll have to read to find out I found myself falling and in love with Ian as I turned each page He's sensitive yet aggressive He's charming yet arrogant He's committed yet flippant He's a diverse piece of work wrapped up in a beautiful package with steely blue eyes and IcouldnotgetenoughIanMy only disappointment was that it ended I could read about Ian all day all night all year He's a 10 and this sweet novella is five giant stars My favorite so far in this series What are you waiting for Go one click now

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R twoHe wasn’t a rich businessman or a rockstarhe was just an architect He believed in love family and friendship Some might call him the ‘nice guy’ He always thought so do the right thing protect the bullied return your mom’s callsWhen two dynamic women enter his life in this new city the lines of friendship sex and love are blurred his world of black and white becomes a little grayWill the heartbroken become the heartbreakerReader. I was super excited and may have begged to be an ARC for this little novella And now in less than 24hrs I've finished and am pleased to say that Nikki Mathis Thompson has done it again If you haven't read her other books Rebound Resilient you totally should I love these little novellas taking a character from one of the ordinal books and letting us in deeper to get to know them Her characters feel like people you know they have so much depth and everything is once again laid out perfectly to give us a look at Ian Nikki my friend I love these characters of yours and can't wait to see what happens next


Chasing the SunWhen Ian Radcliffe gets the opportunity to leave town to consult on the Chasing the eBook #213 project of his career he’s doesn’t think twice He loads his dog and guitar into the back of the Jeep and flips Dallas the bird as it becomes a speck in his rearviewA change of scenery that’s just what he needs His heart isn’t broken any just sore He thought he’d found the one in Katrine MacNamara but unfortunately she thought he was numbe. 45 Dazzling Stars Arc kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review ❤️In true Nikki Mathis Thompson style this little book comes packed with pure awesomeness She never disappoints her characters are always so lively and completely relatable bringing your emotions to the surface as you read yet another incredible story I'm truly sad it was over so soon I could read her books foreverWe met Ian in the book Resilient when he starts dating Katrine but she later dumps him to be with the one she really loves Heartbroken Ian accepts a job offer in Austin he packs his beloved dog Ruby and all his sorrow in search of healing On the first night in the new city he finds a restaurant bar where he meets a sassy bartender named Trey Immediately they strike a friendship and Ian starts feeling right at home with his new friend They get along great and being that both Ian and Trey are very attractive the sexual tension is always present but Ian is scared and not feeling ready to give love another try just yet so he keeps Trey as a friend but it won't be easy to resist her and things start to get complicated between them On the midst of everything Ian starts hanging out and playing guitar with a sultry singer named Rory shes sexy and free spirited exactly what he needs Ian is an amazing guitar player and Rory is captivated by him but Ian can't stop feeling guilty about Trey His heart is confused yet feeling alive by these two beautiful women When his time in Austin is coming to an end after his project is finished will he be able to just pick up leave these two women who have helped him so much or will he make a move into the right direction towards the real love connection he's always wanted Since I've been following this series I was always of a Xander fan Katrine's sexy millionaire boyfriend and when she was dating Ian I like him a lot but I wasn't a huge fan of his Ive totally fallen for him in this book we get to learn about him and understand from his POV how things felt for him We get to know his heart and he's truly a remarkable and really handsome character I was happy to see him get his shot at happiness In this book we learn right along with Ian that those difficult times in life are the real important lessons that makes us grow into better individuals and that most times best friends make the best loversIs not a NMT book unless it comes with an amazing playlist she's just awesome like that My favorite songs from the Chasing The Sun playlist wereMississippi by TrainDust To Dust by The Civil WarsTake Me To Church by HozierComeback Story by Kings of Leon