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review Superfluous Women Daisy Dalrymple #22 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ ➺ [Reading] ➼ Superfluous Women Daisy Dalrymple #22 By Carola Dunn ➯ – In England in the late 1920s The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher on a convalescent trip to the countryside goes to viWhat was a pleasant Sunday lunch has taken an unexpected turn Now Daisy's three friends are the most obvious suspects in a murder and her husband Alec is a witness so he can't officially take over the investigation So before the local detective Superintendent Crane can officially bring charges against her friends Daisy is determined to use all her resources Alec and skills to solve the mystery behind this perplexing locked room cri. This is a very enjoyable book and may well be the best one yet So many authors tend to dwindle away in creativity oversight and interest as their series progress However with this latest book being No 22 this series is hanging steady and even coming up I've noticed that with the last several editions It is exceptional for that and other things One baseline element is the rarity in this day and time of a current author managing interest appeal and ability without the detraction of lower order talk and behaviorThis particular edition may be the tightest one yet Her descriptions of food clothes buildings terrain and the like are incorporated well and thus most welcome along with personality nuances and variances There is a pleasant and personable flow with an interesting storyline It helps when you like the focus characters which I did here being the housemates Some of the old regulars were well woven in The supporting characters also had their varying shades of interest like the rector his wife and the doctor's wife certainly the maid at the inn and others Even the bit parts had interest when they could easily have been just black and white outlines The boot boy the inn manager even the station master all had some shading given them I would deem that an element of good writingFor me there were no annoyances or negatives I have had an issue in the past with a particular handling or two but not with this book I find it balanced and well done Another competent feature is the author keeping track of who her main characters are where they've been and bringing them along with consistency Somehow many other current authors seem to have trouble in that area as they go along perhaps too many series going There was no trouble recognizing Daisy yet she is maturing and changing in her life The meddling designation given her detecting was there but not so rampant as before And husband Alec's reactions to it are less jarring from what they have been in the past It is set in the 1920's after all and the world that was then was not exactly ready for a female with Daisy's particular penchantThis is a very good edition in what is now a remarkably solid series Thank you Ms Dunn

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In England in the late s The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple PDFEPUB #233 Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher on a convalescent trip to the countryside goes to visit three old school friends in the area The three all unmarried have recently bought a house together They are a part of the generation of superfluous women brought up expecting marriage and a family but left without any prospects after than British men were killed in the Superfluous Wom. I have long enjoyed this series and this one is no exception Daisy is a sprig of the aristocracy yet not at all an elitist married to Alec a Scotland Yard detective This time she is recovering from a serious case of bronchitis in a small town out of the nasty London air She manages to once get involved in a murder mystery through absolutely no fault of own while reuniting with an old school friendOne of Dunn's strong points is her meticulous presentation of the times It is almost painful to read of the attitudes toward women in general and single women in particular Hard to imagine a women getting fired for the mere discovery of a body in her homeThis is not really a cosy although there are some elements small town England oddball residents of same etc but is really of a straightforward mystery Thoroughly enjoyable

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Superfluous Women Daisy Dalrymple #22En PDF or Great War Daisy and her husband Alec Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard go for a Sunday lunch with Daisy’s friends where one of the women mentions a wine cellar below their house which remains curiously locked no key to be found Alec offers to pick the lock but when he opens the door what greets them is not a cache of wine but the stench of a long Women Daisy Dalrymple PDF #8608 dead body And with that. Daisy Fletcher goes to Beckensfield to recuperate from a bad case of bronchitis and finds herself involved in another murder in Superfluous Women by Carola Dunn Learning that an old school chum is living at Cherry Trees House nearby Daisy visits Willi along with Isabel and Vera three “spinsters” in their late 20s called “superfluous women” because with so many men killed in World War I women suddenly outnumbered men by than a million people who had no one to marry When Daisy’s husband Alec a chief detective inspector from Scotland Yard visits for the weekend the young women who have lived at Cherry Trees House for only two weeks mention that they can’t get into the locked cellar So Alec picks the lock for the women and unleashes the most foul odor as he finds a body that has lain in the cellar between two and four weeksRead the rest of this review and other fun geeky articles at Fangirl Nation