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The Other Harlow Girl Love Takes Root #2 free read ´ 6 ã ❰Reading❯ ➾ The Other Harlow Girl Love Takes Root #2 Author Lynn Messina – A woman in the British Horticultural Society The very idea horrifies everyone including ardent horticulturalist Lavinia Harlow whose own name hTo be fair she had insulted his writing and Vinnie older sister to the infamous Harlow Hoyden is far too sensible to rise to his ridiculous challenge Determined to head off further scandal her name has already been recorded in the betting book at Brooks's Vinnie dashes off a polite note refusing the honor which she has every intention of sending Really Only she can't help but chafe at t. This book started out as such a fun Victorian romance with all the hilarious social faux pas of Heyer's books The character were very well developedthree dimensional The research of the time period seemed pretty authentic etc I also loved the idea of a female character fighting against the system and becoming the first female accepted into an all male group But then the author ruined the sweet love story by throwing in a scene that ruined the story for me I thought I had found a fun book I could share with my friends and daughters But the author ruined a perfectly good story with too much information This all happened around 85% of the way through and I stopped Too bad because the writing was phenomenal

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A woman in the British Horticultural Society The Harlow Girl PDF #9734 very idea The Other PDFEPUBhorrifies everyone including ardent horticulturalist Lavinia Harlow whose own name has Other Harlow Girl PDF #205 been put forth for membership by the provoking Maruess of Huntly Other Harlow Girl Love Takes PDFEPUBHe does it as a joke of course to get back at her for an imagined slight well. This is the second book in Lynn Messina's Love Takes Root series Whereas the first book followed Miss Emma Harlow The Fellingham Minx follows her twin sister Miss Lavinia Harlow While Emma is confident and daring Lavinia or Vinnie is uiet and bookish She almost never acts in a way that goes against the grain but once her name is put forth for membership in the British Horticultural Society by the Maruess of Huntley And as an avid horticulturist why shouldn't she pursue it simply because she is a womanShe does indeed intend to decline the offer in order to avoid further scandal but once others start calling for her to decline she finds that she cannotI was impressed with Lavinia character while reading The Harlow Hoyden and although I still liked her in this book I found her to be less likeable here This might not be all on her character though I found Emma to be very amsuing in and I adored Lavinia as well They played off each other really well and I felt that Lavinia's personality really got to shine in that book even as a secondary character In this book Lavinia's personality seemed repressed and she didn't seem like the same young woman we got to know over the course of the last book But I did really love her awkward interactions and indignation with Huntley in the beginning of the bookI didn't really see the connection between Lavinia and Huntley and the realization of their feelings for one another felt a bit abrupt for me There was less adventure and mystery in this book and so that made it drag a bit for me I found Emma and Keswick to be my favorite characters from the book because they are just so amusing and endearingThis book is enjoyable But if you are going into this book expecting to go along for a mystery with our characters as in The Harlow Hoyden then this may not be the ideal book for you as there is not much As it is the touch of drama and intrigue at the end of the book is uite unexpected and a bit out of place Plus it is very rapidly resolvedalmost like it didn't need to be in there to begin with This is not my favorite of Lynn Messina's books but still enjoyableI read this book with my Kindle Unlimited membership

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The Other Harlow Girl Love Takes Root #2He way everyone keeps demanding that she decline at once even the maruess Oh especially the maruess whose perfection she finds intolerable Who ever heard of a gentleman being so handsome and so intelligent and so well informed about foreign flora Clearly the man needs to be taken down a peg and somehow despite all twenty four years of faultless propriety Vinnie is just the hoyden to do i. Review also available at The Smut ReportHeat Factor There’s a little space heater in thereCharacter Chemistry I don’t think soPlot Does it need to happen this wayOverall ehFollowing The Harlow Hoyden by some months this story tells of Emma’s sister Lavinia’s romance After the debacle of her engagement and it’s a doozy Lavinia Harlow has realized that marriage only for the sake of family and children is probably not the best choice for her so she throws herself into her beloved hobby horticulture She’s already written a pamphlet on drainage systems she’s a skilled cultivator of orchids and now she’s designing a non exploding hoseIn fact she’s working on the hose as the book begins and we are introduced to the hero when he arrives in the conservatory just as her current iteration explodes soaking him Lavinia who has been everything that is proper for the first book loses all of her composure and embarrasses herself in front of the Maruess who takes everything in stride and is everything that is polite so naturally Vinnie instantly dislikes him I confess I found this to be irrational which really doesn’t start us on the right foot but that’s where the author is taking us so let’s goFelix the Maruess of Huntley has been the Duke of Trent’s best friend forever which is how he ends up in the Duke’s conservatory at the wrong moment He’s just returned from nearly two years of botanical study abroad and is uite frankly full of himselfAs I have mentioned Vinnie and Felix do not get off on the right foot and they initially antagonize each other to the point that Felix tries to embarrass Vinnie by nominating her a woman for membership in the British Horticultural Society an all male institution He doesn’t think through the repercussions to Vinnie’s reputation the notoriety that will now be attached to Vinnie in society A year ago Vinnie would have done exactly as Felix expects and demurred but she’s the Harlow Hoyden’s sister and her relationship with the Duke has taught her to better value herself her knowledge and her abilities So she decides to stick it to Felix and everybody else and go all in for membership Good for her Felix is being a cocky jerkFelix is horrified by the repercussions of his actions but manages to continue to make himself seem just horrible First as he is apologizing for damaging her reputation in the first place he starts mansplaining “Hastings was not displaying faith in you but rather tweaking Mr Irby who as a member of the British Horticultural Society naturally finds the idea of a woman among our ranks repellent Hastings belongs to the Society for the Advancement of Horticultural Knowledge a rival organization and would love to see our esteemed institution brought low by the inclusion of a female” Sensing her rising anger at his frank speech he hastened to add “I seek only to clarify your understanding of the matter Miss Harlow”Bleh This guy Vinnie puts him in his place by refusing to withdraw her candidacy Then Felix seems to redeem himself by taking Vinnie to the shoe factory that owns the patent for the method for waterproofing boots from which Vinnie is attempting to draw to make her flexible hose They have an absolutely marvelous afternoon Felix is so engaging and charming and genuine they have a moment and then “Although I cannot fathom your interest in joining an organization that is ill suited to your person I respect the fact that the choice is yours to make” “Thank you my lord” she said wryly He was too intent on his purpose to observe the sarcasm “Knowing you have a multitude of interests I proposed today’s expedition in the hopes that it would provide you with an occupation sufficiently engrossing as to override your interest i