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Hundred years discover her knowledge and set Walker Undeadly Secrets ePUB #10003 out to fulfill their dutyThe truth will not set you fre. What can I say about this book I don't generally take the time to write a review of a book unless I really feel the need to share my opinion and in this case I doI went into this book with the misconception of it being a romance Thanks to all the fangirls who lust over Dante on a daily basis While no I did not feel that this book contained any romance there was a deeper meaning behind the persons in this book Mr Speer takes you on a journey of humanity self sacrifice and the ups and downs that is struggling to find who you are In this case some of those involved also happened to be vampiresThere are a lot of books and movies and shows and comic books and all sorts of things dedicated to the vampire storyline What I took from this book was a sense of realism and authenticity that is hard to find when it comes to paranormal The detail and the backstory was so well thought out and meticulously explained that I seriously started to wonder if Aaron is secretly a vampire telling his own family's history it felt that realOnce I got over trying to turn this suspenseful and intriguing book into romance novel I really appreciated how well it was written and how relatable the characters were You definitely felt a build up to a future romance so don't worry ladies I have a feeling you're going to get yourself a healthy dose of the elusive ly sexy Dante and I can't wait to dig into the second book in this series Day DreamerSpeaking of which what am I doing here writing a review I have a seuel to read

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Night Walker Undeadly Secrets #1A young woman named Alexandra Alex Hensley discovers Undeadly Secrets Epub #218 Sydney is hiding a very dark secret a revelation that wil. Alex is the main character and her life changes when she discovers that night walkers aka vampires do exist Not only exist but are living in Sydney Alex is a respectable school teacher with a long time boyfriend Matt; their relationship is a bit stale at the moment and Alex isn’t happy She shares a flat with the original party girl Lauren who flits from man to man without a care Right now what Lauren wants Dante a very handsome man who owns a nightclub called T A night out at T doesn’t go according to Lauren’s plan they do catch up with Dante and he is very polite to Lauren but only has eyes for Alex This annoys both Lauren and Matt no end Lauren goes off with a surfer dude to try and make Dante jealous and so the stage is set for a hair raising and life changing events for both girlsI liked Alex she was nice and deserved better than Matt Matt was ok to start with but becomes uite horrible as the story goes on I would have happily chucked him over a cliff Lauren had been a good friend of Alex and the two girls loved each other as only best friends can – but her character changes too – for uite another reason – and I had to confess I was horrified by her fate Night Walker is the first of a series and ends creating a wish in me wanting to know what happens next – always a good thingI confess my preferences are for nice vampires – the ones that like people and don’t feed off humans The vampires in Night Walker are for the most part not so nice and even the nicer ones drink human blood There are a few gory scenes – but not pages and pages of blood and guts Bad stuff happens and it happens uickly and then it’s over and on with the story And I liked thatNext time I am visiting Sydney though I will be keeping a keen out at night time – you never never know who or what you could be talking to

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Night Walker Undeadly Secrets #1 Download µ 104 · ❮Download❯ ➽ Night Walker Undeadly Secrets #1 ➸ Author Aaron L. Speer – A young woman named Alexandra Alex Hensley discovers Sydney is hiding a very dark secret a revelation that will challenge all she knows and endanger all L challenge all she Night Walker eBook #228 knows and endanger all she loves Sinister forces charged with keeping the secret for over two. The GoodI haven't read any vampire books before this however I've seen a few of the movies and there are some fresh ideas in here The 'world building' such as it is for a story set in an alternate present day is interesting and it takes place in my hometown Sydney The story is also well pacedThe BadThere is some very clunky prose in this book especially the dialogue There are also than a few mistakes missed by the editor'Friends' character the protagonist is most likeAlex is the calm amidst chaos She has a dark secret a whiny boyfriend and her besty is a psycho Alex is Monica I expect the seuel Day Dreamer will reveal a paleontologist brother named Ross