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Free eBook Ö ePub More Than a Convenient Bride Texas Cattlemans Club After the Storm #6 ç 9780373733736 ó ❮Reading❯ ➸ More Than a Convenient Bride Texas Cattlemans Club After the Storm #6 ➰ Author Michelle Celmer – Johns-cycling-diarUntil Luc's ex fiancée returns to reclaim her man and Julie uestions whether happily ever after is in the cards Good thing Luc has no intention of giving up his passionate new bride without a figh Ugh what a waste of time I really wanted to like this book The basic plot was promising But I just never cared at all about the 2 main characters They both had emotional baggage that was mentioned and brought up and compared to other situations at the oddest times and it didn't make any sense Their personalities were so dull bland one dimensional I didn't feel anything at all for them all the way through I would say that I was hoping they wouldn't stay together but I'd have to care even a little bit for that and I truly didn'tMy favourite character was Lucas' mother And thank god for the kitten At first I thought the extensively described high jinks of the kitten were unnecessary but they ended up being one of the reasons I kept reading Of course they were completely unconnected to the plot in any way I really struggled in the first half and then honestly had to force myself to continue reading past halfway All the way through I was thinking I might give it 2 stars because there were some very brief moments that were slightly enjoyable But then The last 2 chapters wtf? Where the hell did all that anger come from that was ridiculous? Seriously I wouldn't expect a tantrum that dramatic from a teenager let alone a full grown adult It was so ridiculously stupid and I immediately downgraded to 1 star It barely deserves that But I'm determined not to leave a book unfinished if at all possible This one was truly painful gotta say I'm glad that the other books in the series are written by different authors because I generally like the town and the series To add I really like the whole friends to lovers plot and I've read a ton of them But this time I didn't even get why they were such good friends never mind lovers Other than a couple of throwaway lines saying how they'd been through good and bad together there was nothing to show they had that kind of bond or connection at all

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Ield will let his best friend Julie Kingston leave because of a green card mix up The only solution is to propose marriage But what starts as a platonic arrangement uickly blooms into red hot desire Since this novel is a variation of “let’s get married for the sake of the baby” trope I breathed a sigh of relief In this modern day and age there’s not a good enough reason for people who barely know each other and shared nothing but one steamy night between the sheets to get hitched If you don’t even know whether the one you’re marrying is a day or night person there’s bound to be real trouble down the road No the couple in this novel get married because her visa work card has expired and she’s about to be booted out of the United States Marrying to get a person citizenship is a plausible tactic although you’d never know it from romance novels It makes sense it’s commonly done and it resonates with many immigrants who find themselves in the same boat of imminent expulsion Thank you Donald TrumpI was pleased to find this couple was not your traditional romantic duo Instead they were best friends people who shared common interests tastes work and their problems with each other They liked and respected one another and I liked and respected them While I was peeved at the people who congratulated them on their upcoming nuptials because they figured it was about time because there’s a natural timetable about getting married right? That’s small town minds for you I adored this pair She’s a hard working assistant and he’s a rich doctor who hates the limelight Great coupleWhat really surprised me was the secondary character of Amelia Lucas’s ex I smelled trouble the moment she appeared on the scene and she seemed to be no different from the class conscious moneyed snobbish scheming narcissistic girlfriend who’d left him in the dust for a richer man Stay classy Amelia So does she provide a frisson of tension jealousy suspicion and trouble for our newlyweds? You bet Does she break them up? Wellll I’ll let you find out about that This is a novel that cheerily surprises with its central couple and tangential plot threads including the aforementioned Amelia For a novel that proves that love can be than the smoking chemistry you’d find in a meth lab this is one to value

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More Than a Convenient Bride Texas Cattlemans Club After the Storm #6A story of friendswith marriage benefits by USA TODAY bestselling author Michelle Celmer After all they've been through following the tornado that hit their Texas town there's no way Dr Lucas Wakef SighAnother friends to lovers story bites the dustJulie Kingston's visa is about to expire and if she doesn't do something about it she will be deported Enter Dr Lucas Wakefield Julie's boss and best friend who offered a marriage of convenience so Julie could stay in the States Now here's my problem with this bookI couldn't connect with Julie or with Luc or with their relationship It seemed forced and contrived They had zero chemistry It was really sad This book had no real conflict All of it are in Julie's head It was very weak in my opinion And because there was no real conflict I felt that their relationship didn't grow and neither did the characters The prose also meandered Instead of focusing on Julie and Luc it goes on and on about cats about Luc's ex fiancee etc Overall this was a disappointment I wish the author focused on developing Luc and Julie's relationship but she didn't And the story lacked an emotional punch because of that ARC provided by Harleuin